Tesla Model S P100D Spanks P90D On Four 1/8-Mile Passes – Video


Tesla Racing Channel (TRC) is quickly becoming one of the most popular Tesla-related YouTube channels out there and for good reason. TRC now has both a Model S P100DL and a Model S P90DL, so it’s one of the few channel with access to the two quickest Teslas and perhaps the first to put them in a shootout.

Video description:

“First time at Shady Side Dragway and first time racing our brand new 50 miles on the car Tesla Model S P100D. Drag racing it against our newest refreshed P90D ludicrous, which is currently the fastest P90D, running 10.80s in the 1/4 mile. We battle these two to get an idea what the P100D will run in the 1/4. Sadly this is an 1/8th mile track but 1/4 coming soon!

P100D Wins Every Time!

P100D Wins Every Time!

From the video, you’ll see that the P100D beats the 90D time and time again. Though the margin of victory isn’t huge, it’s substantial enough to say that the P100D is in a league of its own.

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Very entertaining and humble narrator/driver quickly dispatches gas guzzlers with a smile and southern charm.

I watched this video before, and I seem to remember that by the 3rd run, the P90D is lining up with the back wheel at the line, effectively giving it a wheelbase length advantage. And it still gets crushed.

Can’t get the video to play on my device right now, so I might be talking about a different video?