Tesla Model S P100D Smokes Modded Shelby GT 500 – Video


GT 500 Never Stood A Chance

GT 500 Never Stood A Chance

With the Tesla Model S P100DL being the newest and the quickest electric car out there, there’s certainly no shortage of fresh P100D versus … drag race videos starting to pop up.

Today’s example features the Model S P100DL pitted against a modded Shelby GT500. Even with the mods, which include drag radials, the GT500 has no chance.

Video description:

“Drag race between the newly released most powerful Tesla ever, the 2017 Tesla P 100D, and a 2014 Shelby GT500 with its supercharged 5.8L V8 that is rated at 662 Horsepower. The Tesla is all electric and all wheel drive and has a base MSRP of $134,5000 USD. The Shelby’s mods include Drag Radials whereas the the Tesla is stock. Tell us which car you rather own and why ???”

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looks like the Shelby missed a beat at start

If you pause the video and advance frame-by-frame (using “,” and “.”) you’ll confirm the Shelby started moving well before the Tesla.

Perhaps, but I couldn’t help but notice that the Shelby didn’t have its engine going at peak RPM before dropping the clutch either. A gas engine needs to operate in a very narrow RPM range for maximum horsepower and torque, and thus acceleration. That RPM range is shortly before redline. This guy pretty much started from idle, making his launch terrible, starting with the least amount of torque.


Thanks for detailing the inherent mechanical disadvantages of ICE vehicles compared with an AWD electric drivetrain.

Well, that really stresses the fact that you should not use a typewriter when you can use a laptop instead. The future is electric.

Given that he didn’t know how to launch ICE car, I doubt he’d do much better even if he did rev the engine at start. It takes skill, luck, and total abuse of the car to push ICE car to the max, and I doubt he has neither the skills, guts, or the money to do it.

If he did, he could’ve beaten Tesla on rare, lucky moment if his car didn’t break down from abuse; after all, he did have racing slicks which could’ve provided better traction than Tesla.

If he did, he could’ve beaten Tesla on rare.
So say you.

If you don’t believe me, do the math. Here’s an example I did with Corvette.


With infinitely sticky tires, GT500 would pull about 2G (0-60 in about 1.5 seconds) in first gear. Each gear change could be done with open throttle, making gear change lag non-issue due to flywheel stored energy release (skill needed to time it just right).

Of course, if you did that, car may not survive, so that’s why you need skills + luck and many destroyed cars in the process. But in that rare convergence of luck and mod, it would be quicker than Tesla on stock tires.

i think the Shelby would have smoked the tires and the Tesla would have hole-shotted him even worse. It might have been even if the the Shelby had slicks and had heated them up. Otherwise AWD Tesla wins every time.

The Model S is not even idling! It is simply stopped, but can reach all its torque instantly. The Gas engine can never do that!

Love the way the Tesla just quietly goes to the start line with no wheel spin or fanfare and then kicks butt.

Not to mention the Tesla kicks butt while still getting 40 to 60 MPGe. The Shelby probably in the 4 MPG range.

I wonder how many petrol heads have to be beaten before they start demanding electric drivetrains.

My Shelby gets 23 mpg. Your 4 is way off.

The Tesla gets around 95 mph equivalent. The Ford gets about 20, but when racing it’d get around 1 mpg I would think. I have no idea how hard acceleration affects the electric vehicle’s efficiency/mph equivalent, but I’m confident they’re less diminished under high demand/acceleration conditions.

Charge it with your own solar panels and for get the mpg equivalent.

Not in that race. That Ford Shaelby wasted gallons of gasoline just rolling up to the starting line and waiting for the green light.

So the Tesla gets 40 to 60 miles per gallon? LOL

Realize how much sense that makes

MPGe makes ZERO sense. Do not ever use that again.

300 miles of range

MPGe makes all the sense in the world, for those people who bother to understand it. Just like the metric system. Measuring MPGe for EV’s is simple. You put 33.7 kilowatt-hours of electricity into an EV and see how many miles it will go. If it goes 100 miles on 33.7 kWh of electricity, the MPGe == 100 If it goes 120 miles on 33.7 kWh, MPGe == 120. Simple. Since this eliminates the size of the battery from the equation, it provides an apples to apples comparison of “fuel efficiency” (in ICE car terms) between different EV’s. It also shows how a 120 MPGe vehicle is 3 times more efficient at converting energy into distance of motion than a 40 MPG vehicle. Sure, some people may not want to spend the time to learn this, and others may pedantically complain that some other units of measure are scientifically better. But that’s no different than the metric system, since we still haven’t even managed to drop the “Miles” out of the MPGe and MPG and replace it with “Kilometers”. So MPGe will always be way to placate people stuck demanding out of date units of measure in the first place,… Read more »

Problem with MPGe is that it doesn’t correlate with EPA range. SparkEV is 119 MPGe, 82 miles EPA, about 19 kWh battery (actually 18 usable). Using 33.7 kWh = 119 miles, 18 kWh would result in 64 miles range. Where’s 82 come from?

Now if we account for charging loss of 20% (80% efficient charging), we get 79 miles, still not 82.

Meanwhile, real world testing by me result in 5.3 mi/kWh after 13K miles of mixed driving; if you assume 33.7 kWh/gal, it should be 179 MPGe, or 143 MPGe after 20% charger loss. One could argue EPA driving is different, but _that_ much worse than real world?

MPGe compares efficiency against the lower heating value of gasoline, i.e. thermal energy not electrical energy (33.7 kWh). It also includes charging losses. It measures only energy input against miles driven, i.e. battery size is not a factor.

119 miles / 33.7 kWh = 3.53 miles / kWh or flipped around, 28.3 kWh / 100 miles.

You’ll note this matches the EPA sticker.

More importantly I hope all model S drivers know the correct way to leave cars and coffe unlike your average Mustang driver…

Jalopnik was even kind enough to make an instructional video for Mustang drivers…

That was a good, very close race. The Tesla harldy “smoked” the GT500. It’s interesting to see Tesla’s sedan pitted against super fast sports cars, muscle cars, and even drag cars. Imagine if Tesla actually tried to make a sports car!

Now what I really would like to see the Tesla Model S pitted against its actual competitors like the BMW M6, Mercedes E63 AMG S, Audi RS7, Jaguar XJR, Porsche Panamra Turbo S and the like – big, four-door sedans like the Model S.

You been sleeping? The races were held, Tesla smoked them all. Only ones Tesla lost to were Ferrari LaFerrari and a McLaren. But that was before the new P100D

yes but LaFerrari was smoked by another BEV, the Rimac! And that on several ocasions.

The Tesla P100D is the quickest accelerating production car currently available, and one of the quickest ever. None of those other cars would have a chance, period

I think the Tesla won by a second. Hardly a close race.

New GT500 will have 800+ HP should be very interesting.

Zzzzz. No, it won’t.

Guys. A Tesla is only good for 1/2 mile or less. After that you sports sedan will smoke the Tesla like there is no tommorow. Look at the trap speed the gt500 is at 125mph while the Tesla is at 121. Go a bit longer than say goodbye.

Tesla wasn’t designed for 200+ mph. But there is another BEV which was designed for it and that is the Rimac.
Tesla should actually race the Mercedes S-Class and Co, but because they don’t stand a chance it has to put up with some real super sport cars. They are at least a small chalenge for the Tesla!

Even if Gt got off first, it clearly missed a gear. Secondly did the driver of the GT even know how to drive that thing? By looking at the times, the GT is capable of the high 10’s with someone who knows how to drive it and good traction.

There are alot of Hellcats running low 10’s out there, but Ive seen the model S beat a Hellcat with a lousy driver and no traction. Point is nothing taken away from an awesome electric car, but let’s stop trying to compare em to a car that is in a complete different category.

People don’t buy muscle cars for mpg, or for being quite. It’s the exact opposite which is why they put obnoxious exhaust systems and don’t care about the mpg.

I’d take the GT anyday over the model S if it just between those 2. I’d rather have a Hellcat though lol

Very good point, but anyone with just one leg can drive a Tesla, and you will get the same result every time.

They may do all the things you say but they also race to win and it didn’t happen here did it??

First you’re drag racing a all wheel drive tesla against a rear wheel drive shelby so just based on that the shelby is at a distinct disadvantage, beyond that why is it that I never see the tesla in anything accept a drag race, could it be posaably that drag races are the only kind of race a tesla can win against an internal combustion engine car.

Obviously the tesla’s advantage is the all wheel drive. Any drag racer knows you win the race 99% of the time from the launch. The Mustang was chasing the tesla down but ran out of track. Oh, and you could buy two Shelby mustangs for the price of one tesla.

I would choose the shelby any day., tesla is amazing but… Boring, too quiet.

I used to like cars with loud noises, but seeing an ICE car showing off and trying to make a statement that it has a powerful engine sound (Vroom Vroom), but lost to an EV with grace gliding through the race way.
It’s just embarrassing if I’m a ICE car.

My music collection sounds better than any exhaust note LOL

That Shelby sounds atrocious. You must be 14 if you like how that sounds.

No exhaust note sounds better than the smooth silent electric drivetrain

Must be 14? Is that because you say so? I have to like what you like or I am 14?

if u don’t like it quite, u can shout out loud:
– Vroom, vroom, vroooooooooooommmmmmm….

Put the Tesla on an actual race track and try to run it full out for 20 laps … The battery overheats and it’s toast.

Put a Tesla on an actual highway, and try to run it full out for 50 miles…

There’s only one place I know of where that’s remotely legal. If you don’t live there, and if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll get you some hefty fines.

It’s not remotely useful in the real world, is it?

When does anyone drive the track ever?

Fictitious gas wasting track LOL

when are you going to post a drag racing video between a tesla model s and a bugatti chiron? talk about a gas hog, when wide open, the chiron consumes over 3 gallons/minute (about 1.5 mpg).

The fossil fuel transportation age is over.
Electrics are much more fun in everyday driving than any gas car.

Even the low-end electrics (Kia Soul EV) have 200 equivalent horsepower at zero rpm, are absolutely quiet and feel as smooth on the road as a skateboard.

The Tesla is the gold standard in electrics and these drag videos just underscore that electrics are far superior with zero pollution emissions to boot.

100% right Jim. Almost everyone I know that drives an EV will not go back to gas. I have a Leaf and 2 gassers at home and we all go to the leaf first. I have already told everyone the Model 3 is MINE — I’ll replace one of the other gassers with another EV — just keep one gasser for longer road trips.

need to make a technical explanation here:
At zero rpm the output power( mechanical power) is zero, thus power is torque by speed (angular velocity).
But the torque is maximum at zero speed.
That’s why it can shoot like a bullet

Rick (no, not that Rick)

With ICE at more than 99% of the worldwide automotive fleet, I’d hardly say the fossil fuel age is over.

Just watch this space!
Obviously all the negative comments here are from trolls since this is an EV rich site. Why else would they frequent a site they have no interest in other than to trash the electric movement.
A little word of advice just check out the millions being spent by virtually every major manufacturer towards an electric car future and you might realise its inevitable.
Time does not stand still!

I guess I fall into your category of “troll,” so just to be clear hear, I have a smartphone that sends me recommendations of videos I might like, which is how I got to this one. I’m just a musclecar guy who likes drag race vids. I only felt compelled to comment because it is pointless to try and compare the Model S to this musclecar. First off, based on the 1/4 time, there is only a handful of musclecars capable of beating the tesla and I pointed out this video is a poor comparison when the driver of the shelby clearly missed a gear. However doesn’t matter anyway as any car turning sub 11 sec quarters that is street legal is awesome. There are some muscle cars with little mods capable of sub 10’s like the Hellcat which will actually get low 10’s. Yes I have seen the video of the Tesla that also beat the Hellcat, but again, poor driving, as the time was much slower than what that car was capable of. Biggest difference hear is when dealing with a high HP musclecar, the driver needs alittle bit of skill to get the car to perform the… Read more »

ICE cars are inferior and EV’s are superior.

Engines are a thing of the past in this day and age.

Back in the days where dinosaurs roamed the Earth thats kind of like how it is now. Bunch of dinosaurs driving around on the roads.

They’ll go extinct some day.


Should be titled Inferior vs. Superior

Your HP computed from your vehicle ET is 700.19 rear wheel HP and 777.99 flywheel HP.

Your HP computed from your vehicle MPH is 654.38 rear wheel HP and 727.09 flywheel HP.

Source: http://www.wallaceracing.com/hpcalculatorquarter.php

That’s just pathetic! Guess its all over for gasoline powered cars. The Tesla humiliated it, how embarrassing is that!

I would take the tesla over this gas burner anyday, most races are from stoplight to stoplight anyway, the shelby should have had the balls to destroy the Tesla, but apparently the Tesla creamed it with sheer horsepower.

all that noise only to get your a** handed to you, pathetic!