Tesla Model S P100D Sets New 1/4-Mile Record At 10.723 Seconds – Video


It’s only a few thousandths of a second quicker than the previous record, but still it’s a new quarter-mile record, nonetheless.

Dan Ringdahl, along with Brooks Wiesblat of DragTimes, headed out to Palm Beach International Raceway this past Friday.

Quarter-Mile Record

It was Dan who put down the record-setting run (second run in the video starting at the 1:50-second mark) in a slightly modified Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Plus. Modifications include lightweight TSW wheels and wider rubber (245-20 front, 275-20 rear).

Of note: Tesla, just began shipping out its own lightweight forged aluminum Arachnid Wheels (21″) a week ago (details).

Update (March 20th):  DragTimes record appears to have only stood for just under 24 hours, as Chris Bergemann just put down a newer, new world record time of 10.638 .

It’s worth noting that the record-setting Model S is one of the lighter Ss since it lacks the Pano roof and doesn’t have seating for 7. But it does have some 20,000 miles on the odo, yet it seems all the pack power is still available.

The record-setting run took just 10.723 seconds with a top speed of 121.49 MPH. That beats out the old record by only three-one-thousandths of a second and by just over 1 MPH.

Teslarati points out:

“It’s worth noting that Dan’s time was registered in an official track setting, and without the use of the one-foot rollout methodology that MotorTrend and Car and Driver favor.”

via Teslarati

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The acceleration is fine, but they must center the efforts in introduce the new 2170 batterys in the models S and X and add more range to the cars.

“…without the use of the one-foot rollout methodology that MotorTrend and Car and Driver favor.”

Uh, it’s the way the lights work at the strip that creates the one-foot rollout. Are they saying this strip’s lights don’t work like this?

Unless they are “deep” staging the car. Deep staging is lighting just the second set of staging beams and results in a better reaction time but usually a lower et.

I meant to say slower et. Not lower et. But i doubt they were deep staging anyway. Teslarati is just confused about where the one foot rollout originally came from – the dragstrip.

You are correct, the 1 foot roll out setting on the magazine test equipment is to replicate the way drag strips are set up. Interestingly enough, it is not standard for 0-60mph times to be recorded at drag strips.

Not very interesting since the strip has no idea how fast a car is going along the way; only the terminal speed and ET.

at 1/8 m and 1/4 m speed is recorded.

Looks like Drag Times also is pioneering the allowable differences in diameter, using 245/20 and 275/20 means the rear was about a full 2% larger (getting ~12mm). If Tesla’s TC system tolerates that, it means a greater variety of tires can be put on the car.

Without the aspect ratio of the tires stated, or for more accuracy the exact model of tires, we can’t be sure of the diameters employed there.
It looks as if like these owners frequenting drag strips and making changes to their cars are having fun. That is attractive even to buyers who won’t get near a drag strip.

Ugly rims on the blue one

The current electric drag racing record is 6.940 seconds at 201.37 mph for a quarter mile.
Specs: 355 volts, 14.2 kW 1340 HP lithium pack by Derek Berger, Zilla 4000 amp controller built by Otmar Ebenhoech, 13-inch GE Motor built by Dennis Berube. Bike constructed by Orange County Choppers as featured in the Lawless Bike Episode.