Tesla Model S P100D Races 1,000-HP Cadillac CTS-V – Video


Check out the Tesla Model S P100D as it takes on a 1,000-HP Cadillac CTS-V and a wimpy 700-HP Ford Mustang too.

When will they learn that the Model S P100D can’t be beat?

This highly modded Cadillac CTS-V stands no chance and neither does the much less powerful Ford Mustang, yet cars of all types continue to try to challenge the king of stoplight-to-stoplight races, the Model S P100D.

Video description:

“Watch one of the most advanced and quickest cars on the road, the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous take on a 1,000HP Cadillac CTS-V and a 700HP Ford Mustang.”

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I have owned Cadillacs and I have had a nice Cadillac go due to it having a oil leak in a oil plan and the transmission going.

The CTS would have done better if the guy knew how to drive it……slow reaction time and slow shifts

Slow shifts? It has an 8-speed automatic transmission.

or did I miss /sarc?

OK Nix,
Since I respect your comments I went back and watched the video again. I could shift faster than that guy.

It was an AUTOMATIC George!

“Slow shifts? It has an 8-speed automatic transmission”

It doesn’t have 8-speed.

The CTS-V in the video is a Coupe which means previous generation CTS-V (current generation is only sedan). The last generation has 6 speed manual and 6 speed automatic.

The shift sounds slow for sure. And CTS-V transmission is known to shift slow for both the 8 speed and 6 speed since it isn’t dual clutch.

It isn’t taking away anything from how quick P100D is. But let us not mixing up the transmission.

To look at the video ago, drag times “displayed” that CTS-V has a 8 speed automatic transmission somehow. But maybe it is aftermarket. Either way, it wasn’t offered in the 2013 CTS-V.

Drag Times has been known to mistaken some minor details…

What a smack-down. Once again demonstrating the superiority of the ev.

Lightning Lap
Model S as fast as 5317-pound 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.
What a smack-down

What’s up with the random link? This is a drag race, and it isn’t a P85D. Also, for Europeans, Cadillac makes some very ugly cars. The CTS-V in the video is uglier than a Prius. Who the hell pays money for that thing to be tuned?

Man, who are you? Do u live in America I guess not because trust me does cars many people wish they could have them.

What superiority? They are one trick ponies. On a rolling start the Caddy blew it’s doors. The only advantage the EVs have is torque at zero rpm. Let’s see what they can do on a longer race

One trick. Heheh… good one.

Don’t forget all those other “tricks” like nearly zero maintenance, no engine noise, no gear shifting, no “warming up” to work well, ample seating, extra cargo space.

…oh and using something like 1/5 or less than the energy to do all the same things as a gasoline car, and do them better than almost any other car.

Let’s do a real comparison and see just how well tesla does on an indy track for 500 miles. My money is on the V.

lol, you think a CTS-V engine won’t melt when run at full speed for 500 miles? It’d burn out so fast they’d need to put sprinklers on the track, and fire hoses in the pits. Look at the huge, multliple radiators on a 1,000 hp Bugatti Veyron. That’s the kind of cooling required to reject 500 KW of heat. And no, a Veyron can’t run for hours without melting, either. Maybe 30 miles, then the computer shuts down all the fun. Back to the CTS-V: since Indy is a circle track, and the CTS-V won’t run 500 miles on a single tank, multiple pitstops are required. So then, the Model S gets a battery swap station in its pit, fair-is-fair. BTW, the S is engineered to allow battery swaps, which can be as fast as adding 20 gal of gas with a conventional filler. But the new cooling system in the 100 KW-hr battery allows the Model S to run at full speed continuously, which your CTS-V can not. So yeah, so I’d put big $$$ on the Model S over your stinking caddy. And each year, the battery in the Model S gets 5-7% better. How long before it… Read more »
First off, regarding #DOTHEMATH: 500KW of power is equivalent to ~670 HP, not the +1000 HP figure that you quoted for the Bugatti. Regarding heat – it needs to be rejected regardless of if it’s an ICE or an EV. The efficiency of an EV (due to the electric motor) is roughly 60% (double what a good engine can pump out) – meaning the rest is converted to heat. Regarding comparing these cars to an IndyCar, I am not even sure where to start. First off, you are comparing an AVERAGE SPEED of 187 MPH (including yellow/red flags, pit stops, etc.) – if you take one lap of the Indy 500, we are looking at 230-240 MPH average speed for each lap… Only if the CTS-V truly has/had 1000 HP as claimed in the video would a speed like this even be possible. In the Tesla, it’s not even possible – as it simply doesn’t have enough power (or cooling) to obtain these speeds (much less for periods of time). It has nothing to do with Tesla’s gearing, or cameras, or whatever you mean by “primary cells”… Lithium Ion batteries have the highest energy density out of the batteries currently… Read more »

NO CONTEST!…. R O T F L M A O …Now That is Comedy at it’s best ! BTW…Guy Does know hoe to drive…Cadillac is a JOKE!

Who’s driving the cts? A tesla rep? My cts-v is only 752 hp. I run 9.7 at 143 in the 1/4 mile consistently. And 60 ft in 1.4 seconds. How is a 1000 hp car so slow? Tesla is a mid 10 sec car. It should get him at the launch then get passed well before the 1/4 mile mark. Another media propaganda video.

Exactly…these are idiot drivers! I have a cts v as well with the inly mods being the corsa exhaust option and the lingenfelter pulley kit making 735/735 and have yet to get beat by any tesla… ludicrous app or not!

@#Ron @Raul,
Did you watch and listen to the race? It’s clear the guy can’t drive. I stick with my comment above.


Can anyone tell me how much battery life the Tesla would have left after making multiple runs like this if it had a full battery to start? Thanks in advance!

“When will they learn that the Model S P100D can’t be beat?”

Can we stop using statements like the above?

Of course the P100D can be beaten by a very fast car – and in fact, is fairly quickly passed by the CTS in the 40 mph roll later in the video. Even the supercharged mustang eventually catches up from a 30 mph roll.

The P100D has strengths and weaknesses, and hyperbole simply looks foolish when it can be easily disproven.

“Very few cars, stock or otherwise, can match the P100D’s initial acceleration” is more reasonable.

A Ford Mustang P100D would be nice.

These idiots really do this on public roads?

The Tesla is just a large golf cart. It has instant max full torque and horse power at the push of the pedal, but then the gasoline engines catch up and easily surpass it. The only advantage the Tesla has is at the start of the race. I’ll take the Caddy any day of the week. The Tesla looks like a refrigerator with wheels.

Yea ,I’ll take that Primitive Clunker Tech. ICE car…,with lotsa Vibration , Noise , & Harshness..With an exploding Piston Engine that needs an electric motor to get it going, Yep that’s for me ! any time …l m a o….

Lol it’s amazing how the government stold and used Tesla and used Tesla to this day as they did howard. Tesla died busted broke and as soon as he died the gov ran into the room and took all his secret files as the gov took the money of howard
Lol now they sell a car horing him? Lol there is no gov it’s families running this country. What a joke

Id say the caddy passed it at like 52mph on the roll.

My guess is that the Cadillac CTS-V passed the P100D at 115 MPH in the roll race from 40 MPH.

Just realized this video was taken from dragtimes, and the shirt isn’t being gifted from this website…

I am also very doubtful that this car has 1000 HP based on the following technical data for a stock CTS-V (0-100 MPH in 7.5s): http://www.automobile-catalog.com/performance/2017/2094365/cadillac_cts-v.html

Here’s what a supposed 1200 HP CTS-V looks like on a track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZtmYRtxJoo

Assuming the stock figures are accurate, the CTS-V would be traveling (full throttle for 10 seconds in the video from the 40 MPH roll) insane speeds, not EV speeds.

I’m guessing it was 88 MPH. The question seems like there is something up… I also don’t think it’s worth arguing over, both are interesting cars but it makes sense the EV gets ahead quick. Max torque available immediately to all 4 wheels. And the V didn’t warm up the tires either. He has the option for manual shift in the auto too, it’s what the buttons are on the wheel. As a V owner I still love the soundof supercharged V8.

1000hp CTS should be able to run a 9 second 1/4 run. Tesla cant touch that. i call bs

both are great cars. I hope Cadillac has a CTS EV-V in the future 🙂