Tesla Model S P100D Is Phenomenal, But Not The Most Practical Family Sedan – Video


It still gets the “buy” nod though.

From the countless Tesla Model S reviews we’ve seen to date, especially those of the top-line P100D variants, we’ve come to assume the electric sedan is darn near perfect.

What’s The Verdict?

Even this CarWow review largely agrees with previous assessments of the vehicle, but only on the performance front.

According to CarWow, performance and tech-wise, the Model S P100D is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, but where it falls a bit short is in practicality.

As the reviewer explains, the Model S has some drawbacks as a family sedan. For starters, rear seat headroom is very tight and the low lying seats make entry a bit difficult. Cabin quality is not nearly up to par with German rivals either.

A few other gripes includes an A-pillar that cut into outward vision too much and no storage whatsoever in the front doors.

Regardless of the negatives, the Model S still gets a “buy” verdict from CarWow because quite frankly there’s no car out there like the S and the positives far outweigh the few drawbacks.

Video description:

The Tesla Model S emphatically proves that electric cars can be exciting to drive. I try the top spec P100D model – complete with Ludicrous Mode – a car which in terms of both price and performance competes against the Porsche Panamera Turbo. So is it worth switching on to electric power, or is this Tesla a turn-off? Find out what I think in my detailed review.

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U mean a 2.5 second sedan isnt practical for a family? What!?

What does he expect? Did he ever drive a better car in his life?

Looking at the Model S in terms of practicality, the rear headroom is probably the biggest drawback for utility, and that afffects its use as a family car.

The back seat has too much headroom. No clue what these fools are talking about.

Its all about that sexy slick roofline and there’s plenty of room back there.

The Fisker Karma has a low roofline in the back but is still manageable.

After watching the video I don’t understand why OP’s article title is:

“Tesla Model S P100D Is Phenomenal, But Not The Most Practical Family Sedan”

A much more accurate title would have been:

Tesla Model S P100D Is Phenomenal, and a Practical Family Sedan

The Model S is wide and low because of the compromises needed to manage terrible lion energy density. The X is even wider, but at least not as low. X > S for families that don’t need the ultimate in range. Most other famiky sedans are also better at being family sedans than the S. The S is for dads in denial about being dads.

Model S and X use the –SAME– exterior battery pack design and dimensions, so your statements regarding their chassis width and heights, are utterly false.

And lithium energy density is one of the highest among available mainstream batteries. What mythological technology are you comparing it to?

I think he meant compared to petrol.

I think he meant ‘apples-v-turnips’

@Four Electric said: “…Most other famiky sedans are also better at being family sedans than the S..”

I’ve owned 5 family sedans and my current family sedan, Model S, is the most practical (initial cost aside) family sedan I’ve ever owned. The ability to load up the Model S with stuff (think Costco or HomeDepot run) is amazing…like having the storage capacity of a large SUV. Only complaint I have is getting in/out of the car is a tad more work because of the car ridding low…like getting into a 2 door sports car.

I have three kids in car seats and their three diono car seats fit in the back of my model S just as well as in our gas guzzling hybrid SUV. Just as much leg room too with front seats in comfy position. Head room doesnt matter much for the kids until puberty.

CarWow extends some hype, here.
-plenty of rear headroom, at 6′ in both our sroof and non-SR cars.
-A-pillar isn’t thick relative to GM, Besides, it is off to the left, in the first place.
-Unless you spend $100,000 on a German car, the hide quality is worse. Admittedly, a $150,000 Model S isnt a match above that price.

He says “Family Sedan”, and then stuffs 3 Middle-Aged Adult Males with winter jackets in the back seats to demonstrate space.

I guess if you are still tugging around 3 middle-aged adult male members of your family, this isn’t the “Family car” for you.

But it really doesn’t tell us much about actual families with kids 0-18 years old.

The door storage thing reminds me of when US car magazines would go after the European car makers for not having cup holders.

+ 10

“a car which in terms of both price and performance competes against the Porsche Panamera Turbo.”

So if they are comparing those two how practical is the Panamera? It’s has only 4 seats and 2″ less legroom in the back compared to the Model S. Also has much less cargo room.

The Model S back seat is roughly the same as the tried and true Camry, although headroom is surprisingly limited.

Numbers for headroom/shoulder room/hip room (inches), from the respective companies’ sites
Tesla Model S: 35.3 / 55 / 54.7
Toyota Camry: 38.1 / 56.6 / 54.5

As far as “seating for three adults” in the back seat: there isn’t a car around that doesn’t feel cramped if you are one of three grownups. Definitely not fair to the Model X or any other car.

I think people who are disappointed in the S back seat are impressed by the width of the car and they expect the seat to be bigger. And, yes, rear headroom is not so great (even the Corolla is better, FWIW), but the sleek look and the low Cd gotta come from someplace.

Ain’t nobody sitting in the back of my Model S. All the back seats do is collect dust. And when I sit back there for fun I have no problems getting in and out and im 5’11

People complain and moan about the stupidest things.

You see that super sleek sexy roofline? And there’s still headroom!

You want headroom? Then get a Honda Element. That thing has way too much headroom.

At 35.3 inches, Model S has the least amount of rear seat headroom of any four door car in production now.

The MS is a great family car; however, Tesla did overlook some basic stuff like a place to throw your trash, a hook to hang your dry cleaning, or a place to put some coins for the meter… but everything else is so awesome you’ll forgive Tesla