Tesla Model S P100D With New Glass Roof Driven At LA Auto Show – Video


Outside the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show sits a Tesla Model S P100DL with the all-new glass roof option.

CNET Roadshow had the opportunity to take this Tesla for a test drive.

Tesla Model S With New Glass Roof

Tesla Model S With New Glass Roof

A Model S P100DL review is nothing new to us, so we wouldn’t show interest in this were it not for that glass roof, which up until now has rarely been seen in the wild.

It’s a rather typical review, but if you’d like to check out that glass roof, then flip forward to 1 minute, 35 seconds, where it’s shown and discussed briefly.

The glass roof option costs $1,500 (sunroof will set one back @$2,000) and likely saps a little bit of range due to the increased weight of glass compared to metal, but Elon Musk “highly recommends” it as it “makes the interior feel amazing.”

Elon Musk Recommends The New Roof

Elon Musk Recommends The New Roof

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Why does he keep wasting his time on things like this and falcon doors that onlyadd weight to the car? They should focus on Model 3.

Because “wasting time” on things like this is how you innovate and develop new products. Putting out a solid glass roof now will lecrease the learning curve when the Model 3 comes out later.

“lecrease”, which is of course French for “to make smaller”, or diminish.

Huh? I always put a lecrease in my French pants.

Je dirais que le bon mot serait: réduire.

Lecrease est inconnu en français et bien d’autres langues.
Go for decrease!

Tesla doesn’t advertise in a traditional way…Ever changing standards/features/configurations is their main form of advertising which always gets plenty of FREE media coverage…

If you want the TM3 to come out with minimal delays and cost overruns, you should route for Tesla keeping the demand up for the Model S/X…

Route? Was that a pun

Pencils down on Model 3 design was nearly 4 months ago.


That means that people with pencils like those who work in Franz von Holzhausen’s Design group went on to work on other stuff. While VP of Production, Peter Hochholdinger, now owns actually bringing the Model 3 into production. Totally different group, with totally different responsibilities.

There is no reason for the entire company to halt their work while Peter Hochholdinger’s Production group puts the Model 3 into production.

This isn’t a pencil exercise. It’s not just design, it is bringing something to production.

Why Tesla is spending time on getting this produced is beyond me. Why Tesla has a new Roadster on the map in the time when they will have to be ramping up Model 3 production is beyond me.

Eyes on the prize, Mr. Musk. You’ve got tens of thousands (or more) customers ready to pay you after you complete the difficult task of ramping up further than before and on a cheaper car than before. So spend your time on that.

You’re completely ignoring Nix’s very valid points.

A large auto maker needs to be able to do more than one thing at a time. According to what I’ve read, large auto makers may have up to four completely new models in development at any one time.

Tesla is growing in size, and that includes increasing its ability to do more than one difficult thing at once.

this design change has broader consequences. glass is not a structural element, so they would have had to redesign the structure of the car. but it’s not as though tesla would have had to have broken new ground to get this done. the all glass top effectively makes the model S a convertible, and car companies know how to make convertibles.

John M said: “Why does he keep wasting his time on things like this and falcon doors that only add weight to the car? They should focus on Model 3.” Hmmm, this is just speculation, but adding a glass roof may have more to do with developing the Model ≡ than you realize. Perhaps a lot more. Randy Carlson, in his “Tesla: Big Hole In Model 3 Design” blog post at Seeking Alpha, speculates that the main reason the M≡ has a huge rear window is so manufacturing robots can easily reach inside the car to place interior components and finishing touches. According to Randy, these interior parts are usually installed by human labor because robots have a hard time working in the confined space of a car’s interior. Randy speculates that the enormous “hole” of that huge rear window gives robots much more freedom to work inside the car. I found it an interesting read. Caveat lector; this is a Tesla “long” investor’s blog post at Seeking Alpha, so put your skeptic hat on when reading it. But for those interested in Tesla’s manufacturing process, and it actually makes sense of some of the apparently nonsensical things Elon has… Read more »

“Randy Carlson, in his “Tesla: Big Hole In Model 3 Design” blog post at Seeking Alpha, speculates that the main reason the M≡ has a huge rear window is so manufacturing robots can easily reach inside the car to place interior components and finishing touches.”

Definitely an interesting idea.

Because he wants it to look as similar as possible to a spaceship cockpit i guess ..

.. not quite there yet but a step in the right direction 😉

I really hate idiotic comments like yours because they imply that time spent improving their existing portfolio somehow detracts from developing new products. NONSENSE. Do you honestly think Tesla is a tiny team, capable of working on only one project at a time?

Should they forget about their current products, for which there is still a growing market and just say “meh, we don’t care about you anymore, we only care about the Model 3?” No. Of course they shouldn’t.

Tesla isn’t a one-man band. They CAN, believe it or not, assign different people to different projects. I’m sorry I’m coming across as super passive-aggressive here, but your comment, it’s just UNFATHOMABLY stupid and naive.

Overall pretty cool, note there are TWO all glass roofs, fixed for $1500 and sunroof $2000 which states: “Required for roof rack and satellite radio compatibility”

How does the 2000$ option with glass roof plus sun roof differ from the old pano roof, sun roof combo.

It costs $500 more.

Boom. I think it is thicker glass too, requiring more Windex.

Coatings can do many things, besides make glass thicker. For example, 3M worked with Telsa on a Solar Film. Maybe it won’t end up just on your Home’s Roof?

@ jello
JRMW says the new config looses the cross bar so seems like it’s worth some xtra money over the old configuration of rear pano+ clear sun roof.

What an annoying driver. That look like an unsafe street for ludicrous mode, too.

I was going to mention the nose ring but decided not to….oops too late

Hipster Mom.

Those are two words that should not go together.

California is full of them… Pretty sure she has tats, too.

Hipster mom beats the alternative:

Ok… But still no sunshade…

I have the pano roof in my Model S and I have never said “I wish I had a sunshade”.

I tend to agree jello. It seems like more heat comes in thru the sloped windshield and the rear deck lid. I’m sure the pano roof adds some to the cabin heat but it’s the sloping clear glass that lets in the majority of heat.

I’m probably going with the fixed glass roof on my Model 3. I get the openness benefit without the possibility of water leaks / mechanical issues that sunroofs sometimes have.

I hope Model ≡ has a regular roof.
Not a fan of the pano / all glass roof.

Thank God for Insideevs.com!

I just tested drove the Model S yesterday.

I drove the panoramic roof and the Body color roof.

I felt cramped and claustrophobic in the back seat of the body color roof. I liked the open feel of the panoramic roof.

But some people have had issues with their panoramic roof, and I would NEVER open the panoramicruise roof. (I havent opened my sunroof in over 10 years)

So I went with a Model S. 60D. All glass roof.

But it was sight unseen.

How pleased am I to see a video of the glass roof today!

“I felt cramped and claustrophobic in the back seat of the body color roof’

Yes the pano roof adds head room in the back seat of the Model S….and obviously that is why it is in the Model 3.


I rarely speculate wildly without any facts to back me up. But there are two things out there that have been unanswered that might (just maybe) fit in with this story. Let’s start with the facts:

1) People complained about the small trunk entry for the M3. Then Elon tweeted that it had been fixed, without any further explanation of what was done to fix it.

2) The explanation that Tesla gave for why there wasn’t liftback/hatchback was because it would get in the way of rear passenger headroom.

So now the wild speculation. Maybe the glass roof somehow might make it possible for there to be a rear hatch instead of a trunk?

I haven’t seen the M3 in person, so I really have no idea here, just connecting dots.


Great news on the order. Dumb me I didn’t know one could get it in the 60. I see quite a few new 60’s at the super chargers.

Good auto pilot story from one guy.

He pulled up next to me and I noticed his 21″ turbine wheel had really bad road rash. I said ouch how did that happen and he said.:

I flipped it into AP and was working on my lap top but I goofed and it didn’t go into AP. I figured it out when I ran up against the curb.”

No problem a reconditioned wheel is only 750$….I know, I had to buy one:)

I didn’t want to spend so much on a car, but in the end it was the right choice for me..

I liked Auto Pilot more than I thought I would, but I don’t think it’s worth $5k to me, and I don’t trust it enough to let it drive without me, but feel I’d be lulled to complacency when it is running

Maybe I’ll upgrade later.

But it was definitely nice with the pano glass… and I think all glass will be better as it loses a cross bar

Elon also said the glass roof may be safer as they reinforced the frame.

We will see.

“and I think all glass will be better as it loses a cross bar”

I have the old pano roof plus sun roof configuration. There is a cross bar between the sun roof and the back pano roof but I’m not sure if it is structural. If that “cross bar” went away it would definitely be better.

If I recall correctly, it was a critical structural element. Also located there, were antennas. Elon has commented on having to redesign the entire top structure of the vehicle to make this not only rigidly hold a huge, solid sheet of glas– but also for meeting / exceeding crash safety requirements.

I hope this is another example of Tesla “Cross Pollination” between vehicles: specifically the Model S implementing and validating the larger Model 3 Sedan Open Roof design.

We’ll find out in early January if Model 3 keeps the #TinyTrunk or gets a far more utilitarian hatchback like the Model S.

Bolt is hatchback.

S is not.

The Model S is a hatchback. So is the Volt.

The Model S is a liftback.
The Volt is a liftback.
The Bolt is a hatchback.

Not that hard guys.

A Liftback just is a slopped hatch? They are essentially the same thing. Even Dictionary.Com says:

Liftback, see Hatcback.

At what universally recognized angle does a mere hatch become elevated to a liftback? And apparently, this marketing term is not used in the UK…

Congrats on the order.

Make sure to report back after you have it.

I’m tall and dont feel cramped in the back with the solid roof.