Tesla Model S P100D Impressions – Video


Model S P100D

Model S P100D

International YouTube star Marques Brownlee took delivery of one of the first Tesla Model S P100Ds in late September, and files this report.

Video description:

“One of the first Tesla Model S P100D in the world. Her name’s Apollo.”

Separately, Tesla’s Facebook page issued this congratulatory post:

“Congrats! Marques Brownlee joins the Tesla family with his Model S P100D ?”

Of note is that this P100D was also updated to software 8.0, so you’ll get a look at that later on in the video.

Overall, this is an excellent overview type of video, but there’s still the driving experience yet to be shown in a series of future videos yet to come.

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when can you buy it without the letter P and ________ on it?

That will come…later!
Most likely 90-120 days later! Or maybe layer yet, at the 150 day to 180 day out mark? This means, when they have enough capacity to fill more than the current 200 P100DL’s per week, I think was the number limit for now.

I would figure between Feb. to May of 2017.

Agree. As long as Tesla’s capital raise was more dependent upon demonstrating Q3 production, and does not materially depend on Q4, they are under little pressure to release the 100D.

Thanks, that way I can go to Vegas from Newport Beach on one charge

So, I guess YouTube is paying well these days. 🙂 Good for him. I’d be buying a 100D also if I had his business going.

Congrats! Marques.
You earned it. Waiting for the arrival of my Model III to spruce up the garage.
“Lead, Follow or Get unplugged out of my way”..

Where’s MKBHD’s posts about the car going in for repairs a week after delivery ?