Tesla Model S P100D With All-Glass Roof & Ultra White Seats – Video


Got Glass?

Got Glass?

The $1,500 all-glass roof option for the Tesla Model S is described by CEO Elon Musk as being one option that every buyer should steer towards.

The glass roof provides the S with an open, expansive feel within and looks sleek from the outside.

We’ve seen the all-glass roof a couple of times now (Quick Videos + Images Of All-Glass Roof and Tesla Model S With New Glass Roof Driven), but this video here provides the most in-depth look at the roof from inside and out.

Video description:

“First look at the Tesla Model S P100D, with All Glass Roof, Ultra White Seats, and more. Includes comparisons to P85D and Model X.”

As an added bonus, we get a rare look at Ultra White seats in the Model S too.

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Here’s another picture of the glass roof, from some reddit user:

Tesla Model S Glass Roof

The reflection of the headrests in the all-glass roof kind of look like stalactites hanging down from the ceiling.

Too hot in the summer for me. I prefer what I got in my 70D, no sun roof.

I have had my Model S with the pano roof on sweltering hot days here in the south with no noticeable difference. I considered tinting it but there has not been a need to do so yet.

Indeed. For me, the main purpose of a car’s roof is to provide shade from the sun. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to replace that with glass. But then, some people actually prefer driving a convertible. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks.

And since different people do want different things, there’s nothing wrong with Tesla offering a glass roof as an option. I do find questionable, however, Tesla’s decision to make the “panoramic windshield”, which means combo windshield/glass roof, the only option for the Model X. I wonder how many more orders they would get if there was an option for a full roof?

They can spend all that development time and money on an entirely glass roof, but still can’t seem to add a retractable sun shade for it LOL.

They will probably offer something like this soon enough

I, personally, would rather see them invest more time and money in the glass tech, perfecting it to the point of shades being rendered useless.

This could also be a possibility

about $1200 for 20sqf of the stuff