Tesla Model S P100D With Four Passengers Versus Superbike – Video

Tesla Model S


How does a Tesla Model S P100D fare against a Superbike?

If you haven’t had the “pleasure” of watching any of Hat Films’ work, it’s interesting, to say the least. Whether or not it’s up your alley will depend on how you feel about shows like the old Top Gear, or British comedy in general. There’s no doubt it’s spot on Top Gear B-Roll editing, and these guys do it well.

Tesla Model S

Apparently, too many Jaffa Cakes hinders the success of the Model S

Anyhow, this Tesla Model S P100D is loaded up with four passengers and weighs in at about 4,500 pounds (~2,040 kg) heavier than the 1,000cc Ducati Superbike. Not to mention that the bike is piloted by a championship rider.

In the quarter-mile standoff, the Model S has no problem beating the superbike off the line, but the bike overtakes with ease. Hat Films’ Mark attributes the loss to the fact that he ate too many Jaffa Cakes. C’mon, he’s wearing a “Dad Bod” shirt.

The group decides to run the race again with only Trott, their lightest member, driving the Model S with no passengers. It turns out that shaving some 500 pounds off yields a different result, but only after the car is taken out of PARK. The video doesn’t end there, however. Check it out for yourself!

Video courtesy of Hat Films on YouTube

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Bike popped a wheelie every time. That adds few tenths of a second. If done by pro drag rider, bike would beat Tesla each time. But for fun, bike wins every time regardless of speed.


“Not to mention that the bike is piloted by a championship rider.”


Roadracing rider is very different from drag racing rider. You can tell from the wheelies that took time off from optimal run.

For those of you old enough to remember Jay Gleason, his suggestion was to almost sit on the gas tank when testing for acceleration. You’d never do that on a road racing bike. He ran 9.5 sec quarter mile on almost stock bike back in 2009. Pee Wee, you will be missed.



Yeah, I would be more than willing to take that race. With a proper rider and real lights to start. The Tesla wouldn’t stand a chance.
I watched a video of a Ludicrous P100 go against a Hayabusa with a smaller woman ride. No contest, she disappeared into the distance immediately. No contest. When I test drove the Tesla we had a Ludicrous version and it was enabled. The sales person said go ahead so we stopped getting onto the freeway and from a dead stop I hit it. It was impressive, my wife was seriously impressed. The sales person was surprised that I wasn’t over the moon. I told her my TL1000 road racer kind of made me immune to feeling any cars acceleration as exciting.

having said all that for a 4 wheeled vehicle it was pretty dang good.


Interesting, but predictable outcome.


If only someone ate Tesla would “leak” a video of the new Roadster drag racing.
Or “leak” a top speed run test.

John Doe

Bikes are insane anyway.

When I bought a Kawasaki Ninja 15 years ago, I was told that if I could not reach 300km/h I could get the money back.

Now Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and others had faster bikes, some are close to reaching 400km/h, and some reach it with some “adjustments”.

Mike X

Ducati would have wheelie control do very little time would have been lost. It’s tall first gear would have been more of an issue.