Tesla Model S P100D Smokes Ferrari FF – Race Video



It’s an all-wheel drive, launch control battle between these heavyweights, and unusually, this Tesla competitor seats four passengers.

Generally, when we see these races, it’s to prove that a sporty, electric family sedan can outclass a two-seat supercar. However, the Ferrari FF is a hatchback that weighs in at ~4,200 pounds and has room in back for a few passengers. Additionally, it only costs a mere $400,000 or more.


Not even a chance …

The Ferrari FF is powered by a 651-horsepower 6.5-liter V12 engine mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, although this particular model also has a modified exhaust. It produces 540 pound-feet of torque. Ringing it at 800 pounds lighter than the Tesla Model S P100D, and with that amount of power, this Ferrari should be a pretty solid competitor, and perhaps even dominate.

The ~$150,000 Model S P100D with its dual motors and Ludicrous Mode delivers 580 horsepower to the wheels and cranks out a whopping 920 pound-feet of torque.

Drag Times takes the cars out for a little drag racing and roll racing to see how they stack up. Needless to say, the FF doesn’t stand a chance in any of the races.

Video Description via Drag Times on YouTube:

We have some test results from the all wheel drive Ferrari FF making 651 horsepower from it’s naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 racing heads up against a Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Plus.

Both cars are making big power, both cars have all wheel drive and both seat 4 or more. Watch and see how they compare in the real world in some heads up drag racing.

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Let’s just end it here. Tesla’s will beat any ICE production vehicle in a drag race. It’s in the spec sheet why waste the time testing it and reporting it over and over?

Agreed, kinda defeats the sustainability purpose when you drag race a V12 fossil car that burns 20 litres per 100 km…

And by the way it doesn’t smoke.

Not any. It got destroyed by McLaren 720S.

Because there are still petrol-heads who say “it may be quicker off the line, but the ICE car quickly catches up and goes faster.”

It needs to continue until we hear no more of that.

FF exhaust sounds like sh**t.

I wonder what the guy in the pick em up truck was thinking.

I would imagine that the FF will catch up and smoke the Tesla after 130mph. Chris Harris of Top Gear proves that when a Porsche 911R not only catches up, it smokes it and continues on to 170mph. Sounds useless to point that out? The 0-60 comparison is also useless. The Ferrari is a luxury Gran Turismo. People who buy the Ferrari have zero interest in Tesla.

Folks who buy a Tesla have zero interest in a Ferrari.

The Tesla Model S P100D has the same 155 speed limiter that most German luxury cars have. It is a “gentleman’s agreement”. So most certainly any car without the 155 mph limiter will “smoke” the Model S past 155 mph. That is what limiters do, by definition.

They actually mentioned this in the video itself, if you payed attention.

Oh, and the only way you are going to beat the Model S P100D to 135 is if you have Chris’s skills and history of being a professional race car driver in order to get the launch and manual transmission shifts dead on. Otherwise any mere mortal driving a 911R will still be behind until after the Tesla hits the 155 mph limiter. Which is what happened in the first run.

You can usually buy extra and get a German car without the limiter. An Idiot Package or something.

I can utilize the 0-60 speeds while getting onto a freeway. I cannot utilize the 170+ MPH speeds anywhere but a racetrack.

Did I see the video wrong?

Most high performance race cars are beaten by the Tesla on the 1/4 mile race but near the end of the run you see the ICE car starting to catch up and the fans for the ICE cars say that is the race was i/2 mile or longer the Tesla would have lost the race

However, unless I am seeing it wrong, it appears that this car does not even start to catch up until after the 1/2 mile mark, and very slowly at that.

It make me wonder if the Tesla could still win if this was a one mile race.

Am I wrong?

It depends on when the Tesla hits the 155 mph limiter it has. Once the Tesla hits 155 it will just stay at 155 the rest of the run, while the other car doesn’t have a limiter and will continue on faster and pass the Tesla.

Keep the videos coming. Love the camera angles. If you don’t like them don’t watch them!