Tesla Model S P100D Extensively Reviewed By Autogefühl Not To Be Missed – Video

AUG 31 2017 BY MARK KANE 2

When it comes to reviewing electric vehicles, Autogefühl has no equal…and it leaves no stone un-turned, or the stones found under that stone.

The latest recap, centered around the Tesla Model S P100D, includes a thorough once-over and test drive of the offering, and spans nearly a full hour; but it’s certainly worth it – especially if you like detailed walk-throughs.

Autogefühl tests Tesla Model S P100D

The review includes full coverage of the exterior and interior features of the S, as well as the driving experience with Ludicrous acceleration employed and also Autopilot.

Autogefühl considers the Tesla a visionary car, even some four years after its launch in Europe.

The features, acceleration and capabilities of the Model S puts it well ahead of luxury cars according to Autogefühl (and anyone else who has had the chance to drive the top of the line Tesla).

However the outfit explains that Tesla’s German competitors still have edge over Tesla in build quality, and when it comes to less road noise at higher speeds, but those shortfalls are still not near enough to stop Tesla’s momentum in the segment.

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The reviewer considers the Model S P100D “The Best” car available at this time. Though it doesn’t match Mercedes and other top brands in terms of fit and absence of squeaks, there are many other areas of the driving and riding experience that are way ahead of them so that this is the uniquely a car that he wanted to keep.

Model S did not match the absence of noise in comparably priced German cars at over 100 mph. Because it doesn’t have the white noise of an ICE powertrain. He also said panel gaps in the interior are not as tight in the Model S.

Thomas said the plusses outweigh the minuses.

That is how one achieves the status of best car. Since there is no such thing as perfect. Since there is always compromises to be made when setting a budget.