Watch Tesla Model S Blow Away Unsuspecting Mustang, Porsche

MAR 21 2018 BY STAFF 30

A Porsche and Mustang driver decide to duke it out, and along comes a Tesla Model S P100D to show them who’s boss.

We’ve got another video of a spontaneous street race. Thankfully, no one was hurt. This time, two ICE sports cars decided to do a bit of showing off. This is always a stupid and selfish idea when you’re driving in traffic and peoples’ safety is at stake. Nonetheless, the Tesla driver noticed the situation and silently flew by the two unsuspecting drivers.

Watch – TESLA MODEL S  vs. PORSCHE 911


It’s not hard to notice when a few gas guzzlers decide to race. Generally, things get pretty noisy. You’ve got the revving of the engines, exhaust fumes are plentiful, and usually some wildly shrieking tires off the line (depending on the driver, of course).

On the contrary, the electric car comes up to speed instantaneously, with no sound, no smell, and often very little tire spin due to the heavy weight and low center of gravity.

The Porsche was the winner before Mr. Tesla showed up. We also know that if this race went on for any length, the Porsche would have the endurance, agility, and speed to kick major butt. However, it’s also not a five- to seven-seat family sedan. Thankfully, the Porsche Mission E is coming!

Video Description via T ma on YouTube:

Mustang was racing Porsche…..I think the Tesla inadvertently ruined their fun! Lol

*Of course, we at InsideEVs don’t advise or condone street racing, since it’s unsafe and against the law. But, what’s done is done and it appears no one was hurt, so we’re sharing.

Source: Teslarati

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Sorry, but this looks like a very stupid and unsafe video.

Looks like they accelerated past two other cars who had no idea this idiot wanted to race. It proves nothing other than this Model 3 owner is a dangerous driver and an idiot.

This kind of juvenile behavior should not be encouraged with publicity.

Model S not Model 3

The Porsche did a full power acceleration if you compare it to the other cars it left behind…

This is on VA Rt 7, just leaving Tyson’s corner in Fairfax County, VA.

This is a busy road with lots of traffic, lights, and intersections. Not safe to do this kind of stunt on.

It’s clear from the video that the stretch ahead was entirely empty, had no points of entry or egress, and there was no other traffic to pose a danger. By the time the Tesla got near other traffic, it was merely traveling at a slightly higher speed than the car in the next lane that was also traveling at a high speed, with no indication that the Tesla was speeding.

It’s also abundantly clear that the Tesla stopped accelerating once up to speed, but the other vehicle continued to accelerate and was going about 20 mph faster than the Tesla. The other cars were speeding and presenting a danger. The Tesla got up to speed and joined the flow of traffic ahead.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Meh. A wannabe a drag video.

Don’t want to see any more of these.

Usually hate these types of videos, but this one was kind of funny…

yes it was.

Would have been interesting in 2012.


The difference is that if your car is silent, all you are doing is getting up to speed quickly. If your car is noisy, it’s an exhibition of speed. Police have been pretty consistent on that.

There’s no evidence that the Tesla driver did anything dangerous. The car merely accelerated on an empty road, got up to speed, and by the time it got near other traffic, its speed was reasonably close to that of other traffic and within the normal range of deviation from lane to lane.

The other two cars were clearly racing against each other, but it’s hard to argue that the Tesla was, since it was nowhere near the other cars.

You should have never showed that first the Tesla msrp is what Internet shows second the other two didn’t not even know the car wanted to race until it had passed them ,the car is a joke and most of all the driver must be stupid if he wanted to race why didn’t he pull up to race a pinto could out run a teslave if it eased up and the tesla didn’t know it . Driver of the tesla when you on side of road and need a charge see what comes it sure want be a rechargeable piece of junk car like yours

I can’t remember one time that I have seen a Tesla (or any electric car for that matter) “on the side of the road”.

I’ve seen a lot more gas cars on the side of the road. Because they tend to break down a lot more. I’ve even seen some on fire.

“This is always a stupid and selfish idea when you’re driving in traffic and peoples’ safety is at stake. “

Luckily, there are always some car enthousiasts websites that will post the video and keep the ‘sport’ going. Well done, InsideEV’s!


The only car racing in this video is the Tesla!? The other vehicles were meandering along.

That’s what it appears as when u get your doors blown off.

Do a drag at the track? Very unsafe

So many hand- wringing old ladies with their.panties in a bunch here.

Betting that some of the sheltered snowflakes here have never even put the pedal all the way to the floor.

Sniveling Babies!

Why do they keep comparing internal combustion engines vs electrical motors. Its a no win situation. Personally, ill take a stroked out big block, that sounds way better, it will not be as fast, but it sure will turn heads when coming down street at an idle. Only idiots race around other drivers endangering other peoples lives.

SRT Demon. The ice guys have responded. You can thank Tesla and cheap gas prices for a car like this coming to fruition in 2018.

Do you have Sergio is a sore loser….

Good luck launching that overzealous beast.

Yeah Sergio is a sore loser

That was no contest

It is very dangerous to race in the street, go to race track and let it out period

Douche Mode Activated in 3…2…1… Oooooooohhhhh…. hahahahaha….hahahahh….hahahahha. Most annoying driver on the planet award.

Sounds like some commenters here didn’t get the point: Tesla wasn’t racing – it was just a casual acceleration from a traffic light. That’s simply how it does it from any stop (well, maybe slightly quicker in this case). Regarding safety – it was actually safer for the guy to be in front on an empty road, than beside or behind those “racers” in RWD sports cars, prone to swerve unexpectedly during a hard launch due to the lost traction at the rear wheels.