Hear From Eleven Tesla Model S Owners – Video


Don’t just take my word on why the Tesla Model S is so breathtaking. Let’s hear what 11 Model S owners have to say about it instead.

In the 56-minute video above, you will hear from 11 Model S owners. Each of them will talk about their Model S, including how they heard about the company, ordering & receiving, ownership experience, going from gas to electric, thoughts on the company and so much more.

Tesla Rally In Michigan

Tesla Rally In Michigan – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

What is the point of all this? Well, to be honest, I have never been so passionate about a vehicle and company before. I wanted to make an effort to hear from Model S owners, so they can share why this vehicle is out of this world!

I had this opportunity because of a Tesla Model S rally held up in Saint Joseph, Michigan. Click here for further info on that, which includes two videos and additional images from the event.

For those who are not aware, I have done this (talking to Model S owners) twice before:

Hear What Tesla Model S Owners Have To Say – Video

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5 responses to "Hear From Eleven Tesla Model S Owners – Video"
  1. Anon says:

    Great series Mike. 🙂

    Got a real sense of owner loyalty from these interviews. I think a high percentage of present Tesla owners, will likely also order a Model 3, from the sounds of it.

    Can’t wait for the Model X reveal, in the meantime…

  2. ja says:

    Can’t wait to see Something, Anything! on the model-3 …I love Everything Musk Is doing! He’s A Great Visionary with the Smarts & the Resources To Get It Done Right! I love the S , It’s Just A little too big for my liking (size is Important)…l o l .
    ..in this case I like Smaller (Mercedes C class) Size., I’m so Used to it & it Just Feels right!.(To Me) …So Come on Guys ,Put out Some Sketches ! Give Us Some Idea of what This Model-3 is gonna Look Like. I am “SUPER PUMPED” About this Car!

  3. Bill Howland says:

    I liked hearing the owners talk about their experiences and their motivations for buying.

    It was a little difficult understanding the Roadster owner’s motivation, since his model Roadster was noisier than mine, and I wouldn’t particularly call the one I owned all that quiet, and I was also curious about the no maintenance comment since every Roadster owner has to go through yearly $750 plus tax maintenance, plus tie rod replacements every 30,000 miles. Plus if you use Tesla Tires, rear replacements every 4-6000 miles.

    1. Mike Anthony says:

      Hi Bill, the owner of the Roadster also owned a Tesla Model S. He just happened to have his Roadster with him. I also assume the open roof did not help much with the noise issue either lol. Still, glad he came, and glad he brought a Roadster to the event. That was my first time in one, and my first ride in one too. Such a fun car!

      Thank you for watching the video!

      P.S. You can check out more video shots of the Roadster here if you wanted. Nothing crazy. A few acceleration shots, and a few interior and exterior shots:

  4. Mike Anthony says:

    Thank you Anon & ja for commenting & checking out my video!!!