Tesla Model S – What The Owners Have To Say (Part 2)


Tesla Owners In Iowa

Tesla Owners In Iowa

With last-minute notification, I ventured out to Iowa, to cover a recent Tesla test drive event (Check it out here).There was one other reason why I went to Iowa though… As you’ll see in the video above.

I have spoken with Model S owners on camera once before, & I truly wanted the opportunity to do it again.  I had the chance, so I jumped on it.

I asked a number of questions to each of the Tesla owner I spoke to on camera… Some even provided their own statements/story(ies) without me asking a single thing. I feel that it is more credible to hear directly from actual Model S owners.

Why? Long story short, the owners have the most knowledgeable insight into the car. Additionally,  Tesla’s advertising is mainly word-of-mouth… Who’s better word-of-mouth then the owners?

Sure enough, I got exactly what I was seeking. The pieces fell into place & the Tesla owners were talking like the camera was not even there.

You can sense the true passion from each and every Tesla owner in the 49-minute video above.

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Nice video. Their excitement and customer satisfaction toward Tesla and the Model S really comes through. Makes me want to go buy one. Multiple testimonials motivate well.

I like the first guy. He’s pretty passionate (and a Chemical engineer). I like his argument about the naysayers. You know, the denialists. Problems with GHG emissions are a figment of 97 of 100 scientists imaginations.

How could 97 out of 100 scientists possibly be correct when all you need to do is consult your local politician for the truth of the matter.

Yes folks the world IS flat and don’t let any of these scientists tell you otherwise.

The general decline and senility of the Republican party goes hand in hand with the leading edge of the Baby Boomer Generation, as it to goes senile.

Divide and conquer, that’s the crap the militaro-industrials made you believe.
Baby boomers were victims of propaganda as every young generation. Baby boomers are your parents, and parents love their children.

Me too, George. The first guy hit all the marks.

Tesla should aquire this video, or at least convince Mark Anthony to edit it into bite-size clips of the most solid points made by each owner. Long vids like this bore even ME – and I’m very patient. Since I’m a geek and an EV geek at that, I soldiered through all 49 minutes. Since I have a life I have to go get behind a leaf blower now and do my homeowner thing.

I’d edit one cut for 20 seconds with the woman ( women buy more new cars than men ), and 20 seconds with each of the guy’s best points – especially about poor service with other dealers and Tesla’s unique, non-gouging approach.

* Mike – not Mark, my bad.

Of course the 97 out of 100 scientists number is itself a lie. The majority of scientist who actually work in the field understand that global warming hysteria is politically motivated junk science. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamestaylor/2013/02/13/peer-reviewed-survey-finds-majority-of-scientists-skeptical-of-global-warming-crisis/?optimizely=a

Doesn’t change the fact that we should all be driving EVS for many other reasons

Did you actually read the referenced paper? I suspect not, since the survey participants were not climate scientists, but Canadian engineers and related scientists from Alberta whom where chosen for their high amount of participation in the oil industry.

Wow, how you dupe smart people 101.

You’d think people could just look around at the global glacier melt, the Iceland-Greenland ice loss, the arctic ice loss, the US drought, the drought in China, and the drought in Europe and put 100 + 1 = Global Warming together.

If Republicans can’t get global warming right, what else are they getting wrong. Then I find out that it’s well known that austerity budgets during a recession only make thinks worse, and economics knew this.

The party is a sham.

Not to mention, Canadian science has some serious credibility issues right now due to the Canadian government’s interference.

Enjoyed the video but was disappointed that I wasn’t interviewed for it. Oh yeah, I don’t own a Tesla….YET. Will be sharing this video with lots of people.

I’m shocked at the service level of the premium brands, that this video reveals. Losing the paper work, being billed for continuous electronic part failures. Shocking.

No wonder people are jumping to Tesla.

The classic carbon on the valves problem:

“… I wonder what he does to it, that bastard…”


Sorry, I dozed off 3 minutes in to the first guy’s comments. This should be called “How to bore potential buyers in 10 minutes”…