Tesla Model S Owners Rally Up In Saint Joseph, Michigan (Photos & Videos)


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Tesla Rally In Michigan – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Similar to the Des Moines, Iowa renegade, Tesla owners (mainly from Minnesota) rally up to provide info & test drives for Michigan residents.

Why Michigan? Well, in case you are not aware, the sales of Tesla vehicles have been banned there.

So, since Michiganders are not able to go to a Tesla store to see the cars, Tesla owners decided to bring their own Model S sedans to them!

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Tesla Rally In Michigan – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

Sharing that same enthusiasm as the Model S owners, a friend of InsideEVs, Calvin Klesmith and I decided to check out the event. (Original invitation here.)

Tesla Rally In Michigan

Tesla Rally In Michigan – Image Credit: InsideEVs / Mike Anthony

The video below is Calvin Klesmith’s coverage of the event, which includes driving to the event in a white 60 kWh Model S:

Below is my coverage of this event. Along with the photos you see here, the rest of the images can be found towards the end of my video below:

Hat tip to Calvin Klesmith for an incredible video!

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Michigan: One if the most car-rupted states in the union…

Other than the fact Ford & GM sell more plug-ins combined in the US than anyone else.

Irrelevant. Neither makes compelling BEVs. GM in particular, lobbies for anti-Tesla Legislation to ban sales in the state, and nationally– among it’s other sleazy activities (like covering up design flaws that were known kill customers for years).

Who goes into a Tesla store to purchase their Tesla anyway? Hardly no one. Tesla stores are designed to *sell* someone a car. The refreshing thing about Tesla is they are a company that doesn’t have to *sell* you a car. Almost everyone buys their car online, from the comfort of their living room if they want.

This is the new car buying process. Anyone in Michigan can still hop on the Internet and buy a car for delivery to Michigan. They can register it in Michigan. They can pay tax on the car in Michigan. They can drive it on Michigan roads. Nothing is prohibiting you from *buying* a car in Michigan. You just can’t be *sold* a car in Michigan.

I think the “direct sales is banned” issue is receiving too much attention. Would I care if Michigan banned Amazon from direct sales in Michigan? No. Why? Because I’m making my purchase in Washington. Product is shipped from a warehouse in another state and arrives on my front porch.

Direct buying is still legal in Michigan. Direct sales are the only thing that’s banned. And really, it doesn’t bother me that much.

Problem is that a lot of people automatically equate “direct sales” to “direct buying”. Or at least that’s how Tesla is painting it, rightfully or not.

As far as some people are concerned, Michigan banning their residents from “direct sales” is saying “no you can’t buy Tesla cars in Michigan, because we said so!”

And this being the home of many automakers, a lot of people also can’t help but feel “NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association, aka “stealership”) is trying to suppress Tesla because they know they can’t compete on equal footing!”