Tesla Model S Owners Place Ad In Newspaper – CEO Elon Musk Responds


The ad seen above (actually an open letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk) originally appeared in the Palo Alto Daily newspaper.

It drew the attention of Elon Musk, who responded with the Tweet posted above.

The Tesla Model S has been criticized for its lack of active-safety features.  Tesla is aware of this and, as such, has promised to soon make at least some of these features standard, as well as additional active-safety features not mentioned in the letter.  Basically then, Musk is confirming (via his Tweet) what Tesla has stated in the past.

As for those other non-safety features asked for in this letter, we’re not sure which ones (if any) Tesla is currently working on implementing.  We suspect that adding those safety features comes first, with the other less important changes/additions to come well after the active-safety of the Model S is at least put on par with the luxury competition.

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Tesla is planning to get rid of side mirrors, so this will probably also eliminate the blind spot problem. I guess that technology is at that point that it will not take many years.

At this point we need demonstration prototypes from various car manufacturers that does not have side mirros so that the technology can be sertified and approved in the traffic.

The technology is ready now. The regulatory agencies, not so much.

..many changes in 2015. Wouldn’t take the other side of that bet.

With respect to developing those active safety features and infotainment, it’s a no-brainer!! Tesla does not need to go develop that tech when it can simply borrow or license it from its partner, Mercedes-Benz.

You are the driver, you are the safety feature, no need for stupid alerts and beeps. Absolutely useless.

Wow… apparently you are the world’s only perfect driver.

Without suggesting that anyone should not pay complete attention to their driving, we are all human. Automatic safety aids that look out for us are not “absolutely useless”. By your estimation, seat beats are “absolutely useless” too, because obviously perfect drivers never crash.

No matter how good a driver one fancies themselves, the stakes are actually very high when travelling at 80 mph in a tin box, with lots of other tin boxes around, all travelling at 80 mph, and all driven by imperfect drivers. I’ll take a “collision warning” bell or “lane keeping” beep any day if it helps keep me and my family safe(r).

Honestly, owners in real life would simply send a letter to Tesla. This AD is Tesla marketing.

Interesting assertion that it’s Tesla marketing. Proof, please.

I find it completely believable that Tesla owners would do something like this. Sports fans routinely take out ads, put messages on roadside billboards, etc. when they could much more easily and at far less cost send a letter.

Regarding the case in question, the point of such ads is to make sure the message is seen by not only Musk but other Tesla owners and would-be owners.

This is a rather runabout (and maybe expensive) way to get Tesla’s/Musk’ attention and provide feedback. I do not see it as a good sign.

Makes complete sense – very shrewd marketign indeed!

If you believe it, then it must be true. That’s how truth works. Someone says something, and if others believe it then it becomes fact.

As an owner of a Model S for 14 months now, I can safely predict that Elon’s promises may or may not happen.

Joking aside, Elon is notorious for promising things that never seem to emerge. Or giving dates that in hindsight look like outright fabrications. He’s been promising valet mode for a long time and it looks like the big firmware release coming up, version 6, will not have it. The chademo adapter is at least 6 months late. Plenty more examples where those came from. There’s a joke amongst Tesla owners: when Elon says “June”, we ask “which year?”.

As a start up company, I really liked that we got to hear what they were thinking about even if some of the features discussed never actually saw the light of day. And it is wonderful to see a leader wildly enthusiastic about his product line. However, it’s time to grow up. Please stop doing marketing via twitter. As a leading automaker and guiding light of the new American manufacturing economy, Elon and Tesla need to get a lot more buttoned down. Early adopters love it but the mainstream consumer wants certainty.

You don’t want the CHAdeMO adapter. Do you really want to mingle with the “lesser” crowd, wait in line, be accused of “Musking” the spot, and curse the world that the freaking charger is out again? 😉

Really hope Musk doesn’t get “buttoned down”. What did he call it, a case of “big corporatis”? We need more disruptors like him.

Tesla is the only car I owned that has improve with the time, no matter how long it takes it gets better, I can’t say the same for the other cars I owned.

BE careful, Dude! On this forum, you will be labeled as “Tesla hater”, “EV hater” and what not.

Maybe Inside EV’s should do the same thing, in regard to taking out an ad. After Tesla moves the cup holder we can say.
“Put ze cupholder back.”

+1 ffbj for the “Young Frankenstein” ref….

It may look cute but by asking Tesla to spend money in marketing, those 2 owners doesn’t understand very much about Tesla’s phylosophy; and reality.
And about the charging cap who close automatically, what a STUPID request. Have you ever seen that on a gas car?!

Sorry, I absolutely disagree.

Having left the cover cap open on my Leaf a couple of times I realized that moisture or dust intrusion into the charging socket could cause real problems in the long run.

My first thought was – “Dang it! Why doesn’t this thing auto close?”

Tesla don’t do marketing simply because they don’t have to. They already sell more cars than they are able to produce, increasing the demand even more is just pointless. I’m sure that when they have upgraded production enough and/or sales start slowing down they will begin advertising.

You know that you are just BSing, right? I’m getting a barrage of emails from Tesla to come test drive, and the many rebates provided by Fed and CARB. What do you call that?

Yeah, I guess you call it “love letters from Elon”. Not marketing.

No, I think you are BSing. If your claim is even true at all you’ve probably signed up for some newsletter of theirs. Unless you are completely trolling, which you have been doing for quite some time now.

Surprise, surprise.

See Through and TeslaHater 54 agree on a Tesla conspiracy theory!!!

If you disagree with an opinion, fine state your reasons; but your personal attacks have no place on this forum.

I ask the moderators to kindly address posts like Get Real’s to make it clear that it not appropriate.

But there is nothing offensive in his comment. Unless you are offended by your own stance as all he did was make note that you think there is conspiracy here.

You made a baseless accusation against Tesla. You didn’t even qualify it with words like “it might be”. I’d like the moderators to kindly address posts like these:P

Incorrect. I posted an opinion that a Tesla owner would not post an ad in a paper rather than send a letter with their names directly to Tesla.

Instead of addressing the opinion, and explaining why it couldn’t be true, the poster resorted to another round of childish name-calling.

Tasers are abused by police depts across the nation and have been know. To kill people.

I’d say his name for you is less nasty than the one you gave yourself.

Just sayin’

Did you really just claim someone is obligated to disprove your allegation (which is apparently baseless)? I encourage you to take an Intro to Logic course to understand how utterly ridiculous your assertion is.

That’s not personal. It’s just pointing out your logical fallacy. I Have no doubt you’re a terrific person.

Well Taser, its obvious that your excuses are not flying very well with the readers here.

Some thoughts on these requests:
Blind Spot Monitors: $2 fix = 2″ Convex Mirrors – stick them on current mirrors.
Cross-traffic Monitors = Two eyes and a head that turns left and right.
Wider Visors: Search internet for these, add them to your car, tall people still need to see the traffic.

Self Closing Charging Port Cover, will come with the self-driving and self-charging Future model!

Not all people should buy a car just because it’s the best car, most should buy one that fits them and they fit. That is the best safety feature, unlike some cars where the short diver looks out through the steering wheel spokes! Just saying here.

The biggest deficiency I have with our Model S is the lack of base map storage. Go a few miles outside of AT&T’s coverage and your maps are useless. Weak…

That and a lack of a roaming agreement in Canada makes it non-functional when you cross the border unless you provide the cell data yourself.

Why don’t you buy yourself a nice Garmin GPS for $100? Have you gone broke when buying the Model S?

A little green with envy, are we?

I would expect that the navigation experience would be on par with cars that cost 1/3 the Tesla that don’t get amnesia when it can’t phone home.