Tesla Model S Owners Becomes 50,000th ChargePoint Member


Tesla Model S sedans Cross New Bay Bridge

Tesla Model S sedans Cross New Bay Bridge

ChargePoint has hit a milestone worthy of celebration: 50,000 members.

ChargePoint Gets 50,000th Member

ChargePoint Gets 50,000th Member

Dimitrios Papadogonas, ChargePoint’s Vice President of Marketing, stated:

“This is quite an accomplishment for ChargePoint, but more importantly, it is a testament to how rapidly EV adoption is happening across the nation.  We are seeing extraordinary growth within the EV market, and ChargePoint is proud to help lead the way.”

Since deploying its first charging station in the US in 2009, ChargePoint member have driven over 64 million electric miles.  ChargePoint claims that those miles driven electrically translate to a savings of 2.6 million gallons of gas and 20 million pounds of CO2.

Member #50,000 was a Tesla Model S owner in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is listed as the #1 spot on ChargePoint’s list of the Top 10 EV-friendly Metropolitan Areas.

ChargePoints says it has over 14,000 charging spots in the US, the vast majority of which are no doubt located in California.

50,000 strong and growing.  When will member #100,000 sign up?  Any guesses?


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Here around Seattle, ChargePoint is actually kinda weak as far as public chargers are going. It’s more blink (RIP) and aerovironment.
I was actually given a free Charge Point card at some event here, but so far couldn’t see on the map any chargers that would give me a reason to deposit $25 to activate it.

I think that accounting for member #100k will become difficult if “roaming” agreements (Collaboratev etc) take off.
If I use my Blink/CarCharging card at a Chargepoint EVSE, am I now a “member”? What if I do this every day?..

Wish there were more around DF/W. All we have are a bunch of Blinks that are “on the blink” most of the time.

My workplace now has Chargepoint chargers (two dual-head units) so I can finally charge at work. I’ll be using my card a lot more now. We’ll also be opening two more dual-head units at a local “green” attraction we run, so hopefully those will see high usage and more Chargepoint users.

Most likely the 100,000th member will happen in half the time that it took for the 50,000th member to sign up in EV sales started out this year in the hundreds but are now surging past 9,000 to 10,000 and those cars got to plug in some where on the road.