Tesla Model S Owner Shows Off AWD Capability In The Snow – Video


Tesla Model S In the Snow

Tesla Model S In the Snow

With AWD, the Tesla Model S handles driving in the snow with ease.

In this video from Switzerland, driving in the snow is actually described as fun, though if you’re familiar with snow driving, it’s often anything but fun due to extremely slow travel and the constant fear of being hit be other cars.

Video description:

“Electric AWD makes snow driving fun for these Swiss Model S owners. Thanks David Oreiro and Tesla Club Schweiz for the video!”

We highly recommend the fitting of proper snow tires on any vehicle (AWD vehicles too) that often travels upon snow-covered roads.

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THIS GUY HAS MORE PATIENCE THAN JOBE!!!I am Shocked & Appalled at all the Issues, I CAN’T BELIEVE MY EARS! WTH!.W0W. A Russian LADA had minor Issues Compared to These & LADA’s WERE JUNK!!!..My 18 Yr 0ld C 230K never had any of those problems in 18 yrs & 300,000+ Kl, 0nly Normal Wear Items….Never anything major…IT NEVER LEFT ME STRANDED & Never a Water Leak!..these guys Have “Major Growing pains” “WHAT A NIGHTMARE” I Love Tesla But., N0W??? I need to do some “MAJOR” Re Evaluation before I make my Move Here .. BTW..My C230K DOES Not Rattle, after 300,000..kl.The more I look at New Cars & The More I Like My, “Like New”, 0ld 1998 C 230K Mercedes Benze…This S is a Lemon! GIVE Him his Money Back!…to say the very Least..I hope this is only a one 0ff FLUKE ??? how can a car Company make money?, When they have to build a car Twice…We both will lose..

…and thereby hangs a tale.

I’d like to see a little more “evcar” and a little less “nut”

Got Meds?


You really should not take those drugs.


EVs do so well in the snow/rain. Being able to detect and correct slippage quickly is wonderful. My i-MiEV was undriveable in the snow without the traction control on. With it, the tiny rear-wheel drive car was on rails. Today, my LEAF got caught in a small sprinkling of rain. Two tiny chirps on the lines at an intersection was the only thing I noticed about accelerating. No ABS hit, no engine throttling, just a minor correction and I was on my way.