Tesla Model S Owner Drives All 50 U.S. States (Tests Offroading in Utah)


Via the Tesla Motors blog, we learned that Michael Fritts, ex-long-haul trucker, driver without wallet, and owner of a Model S bought sight-unseen about 40,000 miles ago with proceeds from Tesla stock sales, was joined by his friend, Lita Elbertson, to travel to all 50 states in the US, continental and otherwise.

The plan was to “…eventually complete a 48-state route in 32 days before Fritts dropped off Elbertson in Washington and continued on to Alaska alone. In the next few weeks, he’ll ship the car to Hawaii and cross the 50th state off the list.” from the blog post dated Nov 25.

We have found no other supporting information on the trip – no blog or twitter feed, so there’s not much more to report, other than an interesting story in the Durango (CO) Herald, from when they swung through that berg in mid-September.  Apparently, in Utah, there was a bit of excitement as well as some terrain-testing of the Model S:

“While in Blanding, Utah, on Wednesday, Fritts took the vehicle off-roading, which led to getting stranded in the Utah desert, he said. Luckily, four men arrived to help push the car out. Before the ordeal was even over, a picture of the incident was apparently circulating social media. A 9-year-old boy there told Fritts and Elbertson he recognized the two from the photo on the Internet.”

No, no trace of that photo that we could find, either.  If any group of enthusiasts can find it, we trust our readers here at InsideEVs can…  anyone?

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13 responses to "Tesla Model S Owner Drives All 50 U.S. States (Tests Offroading in Utah)"
  1. Mark says:

    Ship the car to Hawaii? Some people have too much money and don’t know what to do with it.

    1. Ted Dillard says:

      Oh, so much judgement. Where’s your sense of adventure and romance?

      Lita Elbertson is from Hawaii. Maybe, they met, fell in love, and the man has to reconcile owning the Car of his Dreams on one continent, and wanting to live with the Woman of his Dreams on a tiny island in Paradise.

      Right? You gotta believe. 😀

      1. Phr3d says:

        +1 and re-iterate that he bought the car with T-stock proceeds, I just love that story.

  2. Leptoquark says:

    One of the comments from the Tesla blog pointed out a picture archive at Litalovestotravel.tumblr.com

  3. Spec9 says:

    A truck driver that can buy an 85KWH Tesla? I need a better job.

    1. Huffster says:

      Says he bought car through Tesla stock sale, not trucking salary. Good for him!

  4. Michael Fritts says:

    This was our twitter feed during the trip. https://twitter.com/TheLITA2014 It has 14 followers. As expected, no one was particularly interested in the trip until it was (nearly) done. As leptoquark noted above, that tubmlr account has the bulk of photos from the adventure. We made a point to take a pic at every state line where possible, otherwise at a recognizable state landmark like a post office. I made up an acronym for the trip based on Lita’s name: Long-range, Interstate, Tesla Adventure. L.I.T.A.

    1. Phr3d says:

      good to hear from you, good luck in Hawaii!

    2. Ted Dillard says:

      Ah, great to hear from you Michael, and congrats!

      So, tell us about your off-road adventures in Utah!

  5. Michael Fritts says:

    You’ll have to wait for the book Ted. Let’s just say that I don’t recommend dirt roads in the desert after it rains.

    1. Ted Dillard says:


  6. Guy Hall says:

    Congrats. How did you get to Alaska, and what part of Alaska did you drive to? Did you take the ferry, or just hit the lower part of Alaska? I was the first to drive a tesla from the lower US through Canada to get to Fairbanks.


    1. Michaelfritts says:

      Hi Guy, fellow pioneer and trailblazer. I just went to Hyder Alaska, the southernmost town. I drove. How many miles is the drive to Fairbanks?