Tesla Model S Outsold Mercedes-Benz S Class In Europe In 2015

APR 6 2016 BY MARK KANE 44

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla’s Model S outsold Mercedes S-Class in Europe last year (source: EagleAID)

Tesla’s Model S outsold Mercedes S-Class in Europe last year (source: EagleAID)

The Tesla Model S beat Mercedes-Benz S Class in Western Europe last year according to a recent EagleAID report.

It was close race if you will check the report from five months ago, and the final numbers are in:

  • 15,787 Tesla Model S
  • 14,990 Mercedes S-Class

Also of note, the Tesla Model S outsold the Mercedes S-Class in the U.S. as well, so it’s double win.

Even EagleAID spoke with a human voice (favorably) about EVs:

“A first sign of what the future holds in store has emerged from AID’s model sales figures from last year’s fast recovering West European new car market

Sending a strong signal to auto industry heads, Mercedes’ flagship S-Class, for long the most popular luxury chariot in Western Europe, was last year outsold in Western Europe by Tesla’s comparatively recent all-electric Models S, according to AID compiled data.

Last year, Tesla Models S sales in Western Europe edged up to 15,787 units, according to AID’s exclusively compiled data, while Mercedes sold 14,990 of its top-notch S-Class model.”

Source: EagleAID

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And it will out sell the E class this year.

Benz’s answer to this is a S-Class PHEV with 12 miles EPA range.

There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Actually, Daimler’s answer to that is plowing more cash into the diesel furnace.


Good luck with that Dieter! Sigh…

Why? The diesel engine has been around for 100 years. Why pour another $3 billion into them? I’m sure the engines you have now won’t be improved upon by much. Bad resource allocation.

Germans just love their Diesels. They think they’re the solution to everything.

They won’t invade Poland without them.

You are not completely wrong, there is something of a collective Tiger Tank proud remaining in the subconscience (although it was using a gasoline engine made by Mayback not a diesel). The Tiger tank was the über weapon of Germany in WW2. To them it is a symbol like the cowboy and his horse is in the US. That’s part of why the Mustang had a horse on it and was so successful.
But I think the upcoming part time scientist electric rover, Audi lunar Quattro, bound for the Moon could finally change things for the good in German psyche.

So has the electric car

The EV went into hibernation for the last 90 years. There is plenty of innovation to be done with EVs with modern electronics, batteries, and materials.

I don’t know why a company would even bother with something like that.

12 miles…LOLLL!

The plug-in Prius of luxury cars. LOL.

S-Class looks generic side by side Model S

Excellent result, and very impressive too.

How many Tesla Model S cars will be delivered in 2016 (annual global total)? More than 50,000 or less than 50,000?

About 85k cars. They are production constrained.

If they miss their Annual Global Target of 80,000 – 90,000 as bad as they missed thir first quarters guidelines, (about 1,280 short), they might only deliver about 75,000 cars this year! That would be only a 50% growth rate over last year, instead of their target of a 60% – 80%!

However, I suspect by the end of the second quarter this year, they will have met Q2 Guidelines, And caught up Q1 shortfall!

Seems likely.

If we are saying only about Model S sales I saw that q1 2015 sales was 10045 and q1 2016 was 12420, so 24% increase. I think we will see a significant increase in US, but maybe a flat sales in Europe (Denmark will not be here to push the overall European sales, and Norway seems go under to, only some other market, particularly in East and South Europe (with more superchargers coming there) will attract more consumers. I see a steady grow in Asia. So a bet in 20% increase for this year, so something like 60000 cars, with something like 26000 Model X to arrived to a total of 86000 Tesla sales for 2016.

Yes, Tesla fans like to compare to numbers of their own choosing. Exclude the phony sales in Denmark, and we see that Model S couldn’t even outsell a single class of Mercedes vehicles.

Short-selling EV bashers like to pretend that EV sales “don’t count” because of one excuse or another.

Dude: A sale is a sale.

Now go back to peddling your papers on Seeking Alpha. This is an EV website, not a stock investor website.

LOL, Dr. FUD Spreader is now going to try and deny reality (which is getting harder every day btw)!

More excellent news and further validation that Tesla’s plan is working well and in full swing.

Add this to the fact that the Models S outsold the Mercedes S class in its own backyard as well as being the best selling large luxury car in the US.

And BTW, a fantastic side-effect of all this validation that Tesla’s plan is working is the large reduction in the whining of the cynics/critics/haters and shorters who used to come here to carpet bomb all the Tesla threads to spread their anti-Tesla FUD.

Watch what the X does. It’s a new world

Last yr Tesla S grew 61% while all the Euro cars in it’s class lost production.
The CEO’s must be p-ssed that this EV upstart is taking their most profitable market!!
Now the 3 is set to take a good part of the rest of their best markets.
Well they could have had it but they didn’t and now they pay. ;^))

Yep! Tesla may be tiny compared to the big auto companies already out there . . . But Tesla is eating up their most profitable market segment so that has hot to seriously hurt.

Now if only GM would get off their dumb asses and start putting their excellent Voltec system in to SUVs and mid size cars they could likewise dominate very profitable segments.

GM, hello–are you listening???

No, they are not listening as they to much occupied to met with NADA and some “friendly” states lawmakers to try to deny right to Tesla to sales Americans in some US States!

Agreed with both of you. GM’s lack of vision and drive to put series plug-in hybrid technology into their big vehicles (like VIA is trying to do) has been a real frustration for me, whenever I think about it.

I’ve realized that GM wants to maximize their juicy ICE SUV profits so they won’t build a SUV PHEV until competitors force them to do so. 🙁


No, they are not listening as they to much busy meting with some NADA dealers and some “friendly” States lawmakers to try to deny the right to Tesla to sell American made cars in some US Sates!
(sorry for writing to fast in a language that is not my first one, by far.)

In europe? IN EUROPE? Wow. Well done, Tesla.

Hear, hear!

Only the Germans resist an American car but and the end Tesla will succeed.

Yep. Even if they wanted to jump into the EV market with both feet, the Germans are too late. It will be years before they have good car designs and battery manufacturing capability to even compete with Tesla.

Not really, what is most irritating about the German automaker efforts (in particular MB) is they have all the pieces they just refuse to finish the puzzle.


It drives me spare, why can’t they just do it. As someone said above why spend $3 billion on diesel to only have another, only slightly better diesel. I hope London and Paris ban diesels just to show these idiots what risk is. How can they not have a serious pure electric offering?

sorry hit send early

… even if it was sold in small numbers at least they could ramp it up quickly if they needed to.


Sorry, but you are totally wrong. The SLS electric costs more than $440000 (and has a tiny 60kWh battery). This is quite a good indicator of how far away MB are from producing a well priced electric car.

The Germans should be able to close the gap in manufacturing and design side. That is their bread and butter.

I think the real challenge is to catch up on the software side of the business. Software is not the where the depth of engineering knowledge lies.

Tesla’s UI, cloud platform, app, software security and fully digitized controls are not easily replicated. And this isn’t even mentioning all of the high speed digital control of the drivetrain and BMS systems.

True – battery design and production are paramount, but it’s not just about batteries.