Tesla Model S Outsells VW Golf to Become Norway’s Top Selling Vehicle; Captures 6.9% of Market


Model S

Model S

The compiling of this data was done in a rather unconventional way, but when looked at from this perspective, the Tesla Model S is Norway’s #1 selling vehicle.

In August (debut month for the Model S in Norway), sales of the Model S in Norway hit 184 units.  That was a solid figure and place the Model S near the top of Norway’s charts.

But in the first two weeks of September, the Tesla Model S soared to the #1 spot with 322 units registered.

Model S at 6.9%!!!

Model S at 6.9%!!!

Yes, it’s an unconventional way of reporting sales (first two weeks of a single month), but if we examine sales in Norway from September 1 through September 16, then we see the Model S as the chart topper.

  • 1: Tesla Model S – 322
  • 2: Volkswagen Golf – 256
  • 3: Toyota Auris
  • 4: Mazda CX-5
  • 5: Volvo V40
  • 6: Skoda Octavia
  • 7: Toyota RAV4
  • 8: Nissan LEAF

*Chart rank determined by sales from Sept. 1 through Sept. 16

In the first two weeks of September, the Model S grabbed 6.9% of the Norwegian automotive market…6.9%!!!

Add in Nissan LEAF sales and electric vehicles accounted for 9.1% of Norway’s total automotive sales over that two-week period.

Source: Eagle Aid

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11 Comments on "Tesla Model S Outsells VW Golf to Become Norway’s Top Selling Vehicle; Captures 6.9% of Market"

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And they all drive with clean hydro power… and Norway can sell even more oil to other countries. Will the i3 be able to beat model S next year in sales in Norway? I’m curious.

Indeed. Model S + i3(+REx) + Leaf. Until Norway eases off on the incentives that combination is going to sell very, very well.

GM should sell the Spark EV there.

Now imagine what it would be if there was an attractive fast EV at a low price.
Once the automakers get their heads out of their behinds it looks like Norway could flip over very quickly.
There must be a lot of wealthy guilty consciences in Norway 🙂

Denmark, you should be ashamed of falling that far behind Norway.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

EVs in Norway are exempt from VAT and other taxes. That makes a pretty big difference in pricing, I can’t imagine a Tesla costing a whole lot more than the Golf after that’s factored in..


Respect to Norway

Tesla is the #1 selling car? nor-way! (sorry too much coffee)

Anyone have a price list of all the EV’s there?

Norway is a great market for Tesla . . . lots of rich people (from that oil money), lots of progressive people, an abundance of cheap hydroelectricity (and offshore wind is growing), and lots of EV incentives.

Over 99% of their grid is produced from renewables…. that’s a well positioned country…


BMW i3 is a killer for sure great car great price can’t see that go wrong. Maybe difficult for BMW to keep up with the damand could keep the nubers down.

I wouldn’t want to put a hold on the party here, but reality is that Norway with the resources it has could do way more energy production then what they are.
They can install much more wind turbines and store the energy into dams for regulation. They can then send that energy to energy hungry Europe by undersea lines of many GW power levels instead of the tiny power lines they have today.
Norway is actually a location that could easily provide a third of the European energy needs, so what they do today is almost peanuts.
They must wake up and become the Saudi Arabia of renewable electricity.