Tesla Model S Outselling Nissan LEAF In Northern Europe

SEP 21 2014 BY MARK KANE 16

Tesla Motors Brings Revolutionary Supercharger to Europe With Launch Across Norway

Tesla Motors at Supercharger

According to International Business Times, Tesla Model S is outselling the Nissan LEAF in the northern European markets.

For both cars, the number one market is Norway. And it seems that Tesla is ahead of LEAF there.  However, this is only because in March Tesla delivered a record number of Model S (1,493). Nissan LEAF probably will catch Model S later this year as the difference is really small (3,431 versus 3,378 after the first eight months).

Sales in Germany are almost identical (520 Teslas this year versus 496 LEAFs).  However, in the Netherlands Tesla has the advantage.

Rather interesting is that Tesla is selling more cars in the Netherlands then in the much larger Germany.

“So far this year, Tesla Motors Inc. is selling about 638 cars a month in six key Northern European countries, ahead of Nissan’s 588 Leafs a month.”

International Business Times

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hopefully the statistics for sweden will improv a bitt for next year 🙂
it is moving in the right direction at least http://teslaclubsweden.se/information/antal-salda-bilar/

Hi Mark

Just looking at Tesla vs Leaf is meaningless. The EV market is no mature and there are several other vehicles you should also consider if you want this analysis to be useful.

It is sad that I have to point this out to you. Twice.

typo, sorry … “EV market is now mature”

Comparing two top selling models is never meaningless, even if those two don’t dominate the sales chart.

Don’t like the topic? Find it meaningless?

Simple, don’t click.

“Comparing two top selling models is never meaningless”

Really?? Never?? I happen to think context is important.

While comparisons without context are possible, they do not enlighten the reader. in short they are meaningless.

But if you feel differently, feel free to compare top selling products like iPhone to Pepsi, or express the national debt as a stack of dollar bills …. http://cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/gregory-gwyn-williams-jr/national-debt-stacked-dollar-bills-would-stretch-earth-moon-five

Well… best selling is a loose term. Globally those two number 1 and 3. In Europe they are number 2 and 4.

In the Netherlands they are number 4 and 6.
In Germany they are number 6 and 7.
And in Sweden they are number 2 and 8.

But in Denmark and Norway they are number 1 and 2 at least. 🙂

And Finland doesn’t really count for anything since they are hopeless when it comes to EV’s so far.

With Tesla scaling up to 1000 units per week it should pull away from the LEAF in the 4Q 2014.

And by the end of 2015, Tesla’s production rate should be 1000+1000 S/X cars per year and therefore further taking distance from Nissan Leaf.

Nissan needs to be dead serious with Infiniti LE if it is going to challenge Tesla’s production volumes.

The Leaf is already well over 1000 units per week. Rather somewhere around 1300 per week.

So Tesla will be playing catch up in Q4 just like they do in every quarter. Unless you just find some specific market to look at.

Nissan will always outsell Tesla at least until the Model 3 gets out and gets sales in big numbers.

Oil money buying Teslas. Gotta love it.

Musk Industries is eating the Big Oil for luch 🙂

Je ne sais pas d’ou sortent ces chiffres, ni quelle période ils couvrent, mais de janvier a juillet 2014 il c’est vendu en Europe 8.145 leaf pour seulement 5.838 Tesla.
et l’écart se creuse de plus en plus, on a pas encore encore les chiffres d’août mais ceux de la Norvège donnent déjà une bonne indication de la tendance, 400 leaf pour 183 Model-S

la réalité c’est que les ventes de Tesla s’effondre un peu partout dans le monde, il n’y a qu’a voir les statistiques des USA pas un seul mois positif par rapport a 2013.
La question c’est: est ce que la Chine compensera, si non il me parait peu probable que l’objectif des 35 000 immatriculations de Model-S se réalise en 2014.

I do not know from where these numbers come out, or what period they cover, but from January to July 2014 it is sold in Europe for only 5.838 8.145 leaf Tesla.
and the gap is widening more and more, it was not even the August figures but those of Norway already give a good indication of the trend, leaf 400 for Model 183-S

the reality is that sales of Tesla collapses around the world, there has to seen the statistics of USA not one positive month compared to 2013.
The question is: is that China will compensate, otherwise it seems to me unlikely that the target of 35,000 registrations Model-S is realized in 2014.

How do BMW i3 sales compare to LEAF and Model S for same countres & time period?

The i3 is doing about the same as the Leaf and the Tesla in those markets. And in the EU as a whole.

And considering that it’s a new model and that it’s been ramping up numbers it’s even more impressive.

If you just look at the last months sales then it’s beating or at least keeping the same pace as the Tesla and the Leaf in those markets.
Except the Leaf in Norway where the numbers are way higher (but the i3 is still beating the Tesla at least).

But then it’s still very hard to compare numbers in the EV world because they differ so much from month to month and when comparing new models to older more “mature” models.

But you can definitely say that the i3 is selling at the same levels as the Leaf and Tesla in the EU and will be looking to overtake the Leaf as it already has done with the Tesla.

Greg said: “The question is: is that China will compensate, otherwise it seems to me unlikely that the target of 35,000 registrations Model-S is realized in 2014.” You are not the only person wondering if Tesla will make their goal. At the end of 2013 Tesla sold 25,000 cars. Actually 24,914 according to figures from Inside EVs. EV Sales Blog spot and Good Car-Bad Car. For Tesla to sell and deliver 35,000 Model S in 2014 would mean that cumulative serial production of model S must reach or exceed a total of 60,000 vehicles by the end of 2014. Tesla Motors Club has at least 2 (two) different threads discussing VIN numbers. VIN numbers issued by Tesla for pre-sold Model S have reached nearly 58,000 with a little over 3 months remaining in 2014. This would leave about 2,000 cars yet to be sold, manufactured and delivered in 2014, in order to meet Tesla’s stated goal. It sounds quite possible to me. We won’t know for sure until 2015 when Tesla files its Q4 report. That’s why I follow VIN numbers rather than fragmentary, incomplete sales reports from around the world. Sales reports on Model S in the U.S. amount… Read more »