Tesla Model S Orders in Hong Kong Enough to Double Electric Vehicle Population There


Model S Orders Are in the "Hundreds" in Hong Kong

Model S Orders Are in the “Hundreds” in Hong Kong

As Tesla Motors begins to eye other markets for its hotter-than-hot Model S, Hong Kong is already going crazy.

Looks Like Hundreds in Hong Kong Want Consumer Reports' Highest Rated Vehicle of All Time

Looks Like Hundreds in Hong Kong Want Consumer Reports’ Highest Rated Vehicle of All Time

Crazy for the Model S, that is.

Tesla has received “hundreds of orders for its new Model S sedan” in Hong Kong, according to an Automotive News report.

What does “hundreds” mean?  Well, Tesla added that its Model S orders in Hong Kong are more than enough to double Hong Kong’s electric vehicle population, which sat at an estimated 303 at the end of April.

Kenneth Lui, Hong Kong sales manager for Tesla, had this to say:

“Our number is over all electric cars in Hong Kong combined.”

So, let’s say Tesla has logged roughly 400 Model S orders in Hong Kong.

But before the Model S heads to Hong Kong, Tesla will have to work feverishly to fulfill its outstanding orders in Europe.  That’s the current focus at Tesla and it will be for some months now.

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Things are looking good for Tesla in Hong Kong!

Hey Jay…..there may be something off about the Tesla S sales numbers for the US. AutoBlogGreen show 1,633 units sold for June.


…oh to be so carefree at month end reporting time, heeh Someone did the “400 per week” quote from Tesla x 49 production weeks / 12 months to get 1,633. Wonder what they pegged it at for last month? lol Although by doing it that way they are still coming to about the right number of sales in general overall for the first half in America because all the sales are still contained in the US, readers would have no clue how they got there or what is happening behind the scenes vis-à-vis Europe. And they likely don’t suspect Tesla is only going to sell about 4,000 more Model S sedans in the US in the rest of the year because of the re-allocation of production that happened in June. Tesla is still going to sell more cars in the second half (~11,000ish) but it just isn’t going to be in the US. So just to be clear, we aren’t forecasting/reporting a decrease in demand or sales for Tesla, we are just saying in our understanding of their operation they are ringing the bell less in the US today than they were 2 months ago. Reporting sales like that (straight… Read more »

isn’t Canada the really big state at the top, I don’t know its all so confusing for a British soccer fan like me 🙂

great explanation of how hard it is to give an accurate US monthly sales number on Model S

I am looking forward to the Tesla monthly sales report that ends in 99, because we know for sure one Model S was sold to some guy north of the boarder…

Hong Kong is a peculiar market, where big cars like BMW’s 5-Series (#7), Lexus RX (#4) and Merc’s ML-Class (#5) are much appreciated and on top of that, it’s a small territory, with small trips being the norm.

So, which car does “big plug-in car” better? You’ve guessed it…Tesla.

On top of that, Hong Kong is warming up to plug-ins, 2013 is counting 99 units sold, with a 0,52% EV share, roughly the same share as the US and more than double as in ’12 (0,21%).

Tesla will be popular there and also in other small but rich territory…Monaco.

For more info, go here: http://bestsellingcarsblog.com/2013/06/14/hong-kong-china-may-2013-toyota-hiace-and-vw-golf-on-top/#more-31772, here: http://www.ev-sales.blogspot.com/search/label/Monaco and here: http://www.ev-sales.blogspot.com/search/label/Hong%20Kong

Sorry about the tie up on the moderation Kimmi – our site coding really gets antsy around that third link. I need to get our IT guy on it…but hours in the day and all that, (=

you forgot singapore!!
monaco is too small to count it

Yep, Singapore is another small state where high end BMW’s and Mercs are popular, i wouldn’t be surprised if sometime in the future Insideevs.com would publish this kind of article regarding Singapore. 🙂