Tesla Model S Now On Sale In Mexico

DEC 24 2015 BY MARK KANE 21

Tesla expanded its business to Mexico by launching its first gallery in Mexico City – Centro Santa Fe Pop Up.

  • El Centro Comercial Santa Fe
    Av. Vasco de Quiroga
    Cuajimalpa, Antigua Mina La Totolapa
    Mexico City, D.F., 5109

We don’t see a service center in Mexico yet, but that’s probably the next step, along with the first Supercharging station to connect Mexico to the U.S. network.ย  (insert Donald Trump joke here)

According to Zacks Investment Research:

“Tesla’s decision to begin operations in Mexico was based on the interest of the countryโ€™s government and sustainable transport. In addition, Mexico City is one of the major luxury markets. Mexico’s automotive industry is a mature, dynamic market, which has been witnessing continuous growth.”

Source: Zacks

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When I was on a trip to Mexico a few weeks ago our Taxi Cab Driver showed us at the local gas station that gasoline is $5.00 a gallon. Also the due to these high gas prices all of the streets in Cozumel Mexico are free of cars. But there are lots of mopeds and cars in the streets.

I think a electric van or taxi would do really well in Cozumel Mexico.

“The streets are free of cars, but there are lots of cars in the street?”

Er …. what?

No offense but I’ve yet to see a hispanic guy driving a Tesla.

Only seen white guy and a few black and asian guys

If you live in the US, you probably have no idea how the upper class and wealthy look in Mexico and rest of Latin America. If you saw one of them behind a steering wheel I doubt you could tell them apart from a white American as the Latin American wealthy are mostly descendents of Europeans.

You would be correct if talking about Brazil,Argentina, Uruguay and a few others.

Most Mexican upper class is Mestizo or a mix of European and Indigenous people. True more European than Indigenous but still a mix. And yes maybe 20% are all or mostly of European descent.

Mexico’s richest man, Carlos Slim, is descended from Lebanese immigrants. Like Salma Hayek’s father.

I am a Hispanic guy that drives a Tesla.

You recognise hispanic guys on sight? That’s kind of a neat trick since it’s not a racial group.
It took like two seconds to find EV advocacy groups in Mexico. Here is one: https://www.facebook.com/AVESoficial
Try not to get your information from Donald Trump next time.

Mexican Druglords can now rejoice…

Mexico is an important economic partner for the United States. Mexico needs combat air pollution and climate change just like the US. The Mexican drug wars have crippled the Mexican economy and prevented zero emission vehicle adoption to the extent seen in the US. Mexico remains a dangerous place to travel and to live and the violence often spills over to the US. Still it’s encouraging to see brave individuals embracing social responsibility down there.

Sigh. The comments on this thread.

As a stockholder, Iam glad that all that drug money will now go to a useful purpose, saving our planet. Let’s hope electric transport really catches on among the druglords.

It is sad that ppl think that mexico only generate wealth from ilegal drugg trade.
It is much more likly that a guys in mexico that buy teslas have gotten their money from the textile/mettal/ or food industry.

See page 17 in this paper http://www.gov.harvard.edu/files/Rios2008_MexicanDrugMarket.pdf

I don’t believe the majority of Mexicans have anything to do with drug trafficking or illegal activities. I’ve driven extensive in Mexico but that was decades ago. I found the people to be friendly and just trying to get on with their lives. But I found the poverty to be overwhelming. I thought NAFTA would eliviate some of poverty but then the drug wars hit. Mexico is a beautiful country and I would love to be able to drive in Mexico again, I would love to drive an electric car to Mexico City. I would love to drive an electric car the length of the Pan-American Highway. With the lack of charging infrastructure and with the violence I don’t see that happening in my life time. But there is still hope that as electrification develops in the United States it will catch on in Mexico, Latin American and South America.

Aaaaand in a few months, we’ll be seeing pictures of a California bound Tesla in the news, crammed full of drugs, stopped at the border.

Frunk full of crack.

Would that be called fracking?

Strange. Elon had stated that there will be no more expansion into new countries in 2014. Guess the Q4 delivery goal was too high to push Tesla across the border way too soon, even before setting up service centers there.

I guess such a gallery is not too expensive… Sadly that guy cannot use the supercharger network as a sales argument. SC will be needed ASAP to gain high sales numbers. Electricity network in Mexico is let’s say: really bad! Maybe V2H would be a nice sales argument there too.

Well I think it’s a nice thing that TESLA starts the Mexico business. There is money to milk (and no, it’s not all coming from drugs, there is also oil (the drug for cars ๐Ÿ˜‰ and regular legal business over there)

Viva Mexico!

Adios PEMEX ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of the smoggiest cities on the planet can now breathe a little better

Drugs can now be transported quietly ๐Ÿ˜€

For you to consume.

I wonder if there was such article when SparkEV went on sale in Mexico long ago.