Tesla Model S Now On Sale In Australia


It’s official: the Tesla Model S is now available to order in Australia.

When opening the ordering books, Tesla Motors laid out pricing for the various Australia territories:

Tesla Model S Pricing Australia via Value Walk

Tesla Model S Pricing Australia via Value Walk

First Model S deliveries in Australia are expected to begin this September.

Value Walk adds:

“Tesla Motors Incs aid all the Model S cars in Australia with be covered by a 4-year or 80,000km warranty. But batteries in the car will have a warranty for the first 8 years or 200,000km. In Australia, the entry-level iteration Model S 60 has been priced at $91,400. The 80 model costs $103,400, while the top-shelf โ€œperformanceโ€ P85 price begins at $119,900.”

For more on Tesla Model S pricing and ordering info in Australia, follow this link to the Australia-specific Tesla Motors site.

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Anyone know if there is any kind of demand in Australia for a Model S?
As far as I know most EV’s have been DoA in Australia, let’s see if the Tesla will be any different there.

There have been rumors at Tesla Motors Club forum that Australia has more Model S orders on the books than any other RHD market. I was very surprised to read that because pricing has been available for much longer in the UK and Hong Kong. People must have made reservations purely on faith that the Australia pricing would be fair.

I can’t see Australia getting anywhere close to sales in Japan, or the UK either to be honest.

But hopefully this will a start for Australia to get into the rEVolution.

In other news today, Nissan Leaf now on sale in Mexico.


D.F. (Mexico City) really needs some cleaner air so that is great news.

It will probably take some time for Mexico to affect the total North American sales numbers though ๐Ÿ˜›

Oi! ๐Ÿ™‚

Good news for EVs from Mexico.

Glad to see that Nissan is now actually selling the Leaf to the general public there in Mexico, after the EV taxi test program.

I think there are enough Mexicans with money to pay a small premium to drive electric.

South America is a huge market. Brazil, Argentina, Chile are good candidates for Electric vehicles.

We should soon start to see some EV sales numbers coming in from Central and South America..

Tesla = my dream car that I can’t afford. ๐Ÿ™ *cry*

Taxi fleets of ev’s are just so obvious.
With taxis it’s all about time and money, and it is easier and cheaper to keep an ev on the road, especially in the city, where the common complaint of range is virtually eliminated as there are plenty of charging options. Since some taxis spend a lot of time idling, less pollution, in the form of noise and air, just the gentle hum of the cleaner electric engine, down the roads of the overcrowded noisy polluted cities.

Drug-lords in Mexico, will love the Model S…

So much trunk and frunk space to fill ๐Ÿ˜‰

But then again sales are going great in one of the most drug infested and gun crazy countries of the world already.

“The 80 model costs $103,400”

Yeah, pretty sure they meant 85. They made the mistake twice in that valuewalk article.

I am surprised wa gets such a higher price then say tasmania for exemple. Perth is a larger market then Hobart. The distance is longer but more then 2000 A$ extra doesn’t seem to be fair.

thats because of state tax