UPDATE: Tesla Model S Now With Driver Assist Features


Model S with driver assist features.

Model S with driver assist features.

Possible driver assist feature.

Possible driver assist feature. It’s reported there are inactive sensors. Perhaps Tesla is readying Model S’ for an upcoming update which will incorporate these new driver assist features?

Now that Elon Musk has confirmed the arrival of 90% auto pilot for 2015, we figured we’d explore what Tesla Motors has been doing rather quietly behind the scenes.

The Model S is expected to add further driver assist features (above and beyond that nifty smart air suspension setup – more on that later) which include lane departure warning & speed assist (to warn you if you are over speed limit).

We believe that the new Driver’s Assist and Smart Air Suspension features are excellent additions to the Model S, but really both are just baby steps towards what Tesla has planned for 2015.  90% auto pilot is coming, so Tesla is getting ready bit by bit.

Supposedly, some brand new Model S sedans already have the various features listed above (lane departure warning & speed assist). However, this is not listed on Tesla Motors’ website just yet, which leads us to believe that some Model S buyers are beta testers of these new features.  We believe that soon these features will be added as official options on the Model S.

An owner has reported a front-view camera behind the windshield. (Check out the TeslaMotorsClub thread here).

UPDATE:  Tesla has released a statement on this matter:

“Starting recently, some Model S being delivered in North America come equipped with two new features. The features are lane drift detection, which will deliver a warning via vibration in the steering wheel if the driver starts to drift from the lane without signaling, and speed limit display, which will inform the driver of the speed limit and alert them when it is exceeded. These features are necessary to meet the latest standards in the European market, but we have decided to integrate them into Model S delivered worldwide.”

Tesla further adds that all new Model S sedans are being built with these features, but sadly “due to the extensive changes involved in this instance, however, a retrofit is not feasible.”

We are interested in commentary from new Model S owners that are lucky enough to have these new features.  Do they work as expected?

Some additional notes.

Some additional notes.

Source: Gas 2, Tesla Motors Club.

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“Supposedly, some brand new Model S sedans already have the various features listed above… However, this is not listed on Tesla Motors’ website just yet, which leads us to believe that some Model S buyers are beta testers of these new features.”

Nah, this is part of Musk’s “October 9th announcement Tweet”– he’s been withholding it from the web site until the press conference. In this company, stock promotion trumps factual clarity.

This surely feels like the “something else” that is going to be announced there next week with the P85D. Such hype = such a stock pump. Many stockholders are thinking next week, the Model 3 will be shown, that the D means double range and more. Lots of hype out there. But a tease is a tease – the value of a service alwasy drops after the service is rendered. Same for the hype of an announcement. Getting popcorn ready.

That’s why Elon Musk publicly acknowledges the stock is overrated? Get real.

“to warn you if you are over speed limit”

Don’t need it. That’s my wife’s job…….and she’s good. She’s REAL good.

In case that your wife is not around and the cop is hiding somewhere to wait for you.

Not a bad feature at all.

The button to enable is labelled ‘ wife’s not here ‘

Hmm, maybe instead of calling it “Speed assist” they should call it “Naggy Wife”. Or “Naggy Spouse” if you wanna be all PC.
That would do it all. Tells you if you are going to fast, getting out of your lane, not looking at the road (at something else…), door is ajar. Almost everything can be handled by the Naggy Spouse system. 😛

excellent, Thanks Nick..

The something else will apparently be a Model III prototype.

Model 3 prototype appearance is a dream. They didn’t show serial Model X yet. Doubt we’ll see Model 3 before X hits the streets.

Tesla playing catch up. I would prefer it if they don’t announce it (more than a notion here and there) when they are getting stuff that other manufacturers have had for years.

I don’t want Tesla to become an Apple where they make it sound like they invented the GPS or the digital camera even though they are years behind the competition and trying to promote inferior hardware.

I hope the real announcements and cow bells 😉 come out when they actually have caught up with the competition or even better have something that is ahead of the pack.

Hmm, add new features but tell nobody… doesn’t really sound like a winning strategy.

If you want to sell you need to get the word around, even if you are just catching up with the competition at this point.

The Tesla Model S by-itself is WAY ahead of the pack.

Apparently it’s easier for Tesla to add these features to its top rated Model S than for established manufacturers to make one of their existing cars with these features into a top rated EV.

When the 3rd gen Prius came out, I chatted with a new owner of the first one I saw on the road. She’d bought the tech package with the nice wheels and all the bells and whistles which included lane-keep. She said the steering wheel button that activated it was purely annoying and all the beeping at even the slightest move from the center of a lane was frustrating. This stuff is all hyperbole as far as I’m concerned, and retina scanners, accident-avoidance nannies and the sort are all things that can go wrong; things that drive up MSRP ( autodom loves THAT! ) and are ancillary to making a great car that can enable the average person to drive sans gasoline and petroleum products. I’m geeky and love gadgets like infotainment and the like. I also am on a budget and can slap myself with some cold water and look myself in the mirror , making my rational side buy a car that is affordable and has less to go wrong. My cellphone has a much better nav than any unremovable, expensive brick the manufacturer installed. Some say Model S comes in at a pricepoint wherein potential buyers expect… Read more »

check http://www.mobileye.com Tesla is doing an OEM implementation of existing and universally available technology from the leader of the pack. Anybody can add most features to any older car for less than $1k installed.

“Note: If your Model S is equipped with Lane Departure Warning you Must take your vehicle to Tesla service if a windshield replacement is needed.”

That could be an owie on a long trip through the netherworld of No Local Tesla Service Centers.. I forget, how many Tesla Service Centers are there now?