Tesla Model S New Generation Rear Seats Offer Much Improved Headroom – Video


New Tesla Model S Rear Seats

New Tesla Model S Rear Seats

Either the rear seat bench is now thinner or its mounted lower in the vehicle.  Either way, the end results is much-improved rear headroom in the Tesla Model S.

This is a needed change, as we’ve heard several complaints of head-hitting-the-roof in the back seats of the Model S.

Here’s the video description:

“I tried to capture the new standard back seats in the Model S for you. The ergonomics of the seats changed completely. While i wasn’t able to sit upright in the old seats without touching the roof it is now easily possible (6ft / 181cm). I was also able to rest my head on the new higher head rests which are a little softer too.”

There’s nothing worse than banging one’s head on the roof while cruising down the road, so we’re glad to hear that Tesla has fixed this issue.

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Good change. I literally can’t sit in the back seat of a Model S. My head gets bent forward. Super uncomfortable.

The sun roof actually improves things a bit but not nearly enough.

For a sedan, especially a luxury sedan, this was a much needed improvement although I am sure the number of times four adults traveling long distances had to be minimal.

If you can’t sit comfortably even a short distance trip like half an hour or an hour feels bad. So a much needed improvement.

What about leg room? The seat is pretty close to the floor, lifting the passenger’s legs and knees up. Has that any possibility of changing?

Being the poster of the video i’ll try to answear this q.
While it is true that you’ll be sitting a little lower in the new seats the huge legroom lets you place your legs (stretch) in a way that they’re getting supported by the seat. I found it a huuge improvement event though its not even close to sitting in the back of an S class or panamera.

Yet the Panamera seats only four. Sad, for such a large car.

Just think of all those hundreds of frictional, spinning moving, oily, dirty mechanical parts just waiting to wear out, go wrong and cost you tons of European parts and service money in the Panamera and S Class.

Now think of one moving part needing no oil and gas and all the above to glide smoothly, near-silently and drama-free quicker than those cars. All Made In USA by an American manufacturing force. Hmmm…American manufacturing, two words that bring nostalgia to that time when we made things here in the USA that were the finest available.

I don’t have all the numbers, but some of the parts are foreign sourced. There is no doubt however, that the car is “built in the US”.

Love how Tesla keeps evolving their products… 🙂

Tesla is new model of a car company, one that responds to customer complaints, as opposed to old model which simply ignored them or denied the problems existed.

this is a characteristic that you really have to like about Tesla. if i were able to spend $100,000 for a second car, i would buy a Model S.

What about thigh support? The original seats were horrible from the profile views I saw with respect to supporting the rear occupant thighs. Any improvement on this, or are we happy not to bang out heads, but emerge from the Model S with shaky legs?

Didn’t notice any change there worth noting. But in the P85D you get completely different seats with way better support front and back anyway.

This was my sole complaint about the S. Bravo to Tesla for fixing stuff on the fly instead of waiting 4 years.

In my opinion, thigh support is far worse in new seats. I pointed out this change to my DS but he said there was no change in seating height …

New seats will fit taller people (max back length), but for people up to 5’8 seating comfort is reduced due to steeper thigh angle.

Standard or next generation. Looks like standard. The title should be fixed.

For those that don’t know – they changed the standard seat and there is also a “next generation” option currently only available for the P85D. Title refers to “New Generation” but video title refers to “standard” as does text.

I had a loaner with the new seats and they were clearly more comfortable for me (6’6″ tall); but I was somewhat concerned about the new rear headrests blocking much more of the rear view for the driver.