Tesla Model S Morphs Into Model 3 – GIF

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This GIF shows a Tesla Model S morphing into a Tesla Model 3.

Tesla says the Model 3 is ~20% smaller than the S, but as this GIF shows us, much of the reduced size is limited to just the front and rear overhangs it seems.

The cabin size appears very similar between the 3 and the S.

Here are two images captured from the GIF above.

Tesla Model S:

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model 3:

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The GIF was created by Reddit user Qeng-Ho.

Source: Tech Insider

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It’s like watching an erection. 😉

Get Real

You can always try Viagra sven if the GIF isn’t working for you!


A Teslarection. And no, it’s not like that.


Isn’t that what the Tesla snake does?


Erectus Teslaruso

George Bower

How do we know this is dimensionally accurate?

George Bower

assuming it is accurate and we scale the Model S wheelbase by the ratio of the lengths in the 2 Gifs we get the following:

Model S wheelbase=116.5″

Model 3 wheelbase= 113.5″

Chevy BoltEV wheelbase= 100″


I thought the Model 3 was smaller than it apparently is. Too bad the outline of one wasn’t visible when the other profile is shown?


Here’s an actual link to the gif

Warren M

Well we would need to see the girth also for a full evaluation of the size difference.


He should add the X after the 3 then it would really be car porn.

St John

There is something inherently wrong with people who need a cold shower after talking about a car

St John

Forgot. ??

MTN Ranger

On a serious note, it makes sense for Tesla to use a large a wheelbase as possible to contain a battery pack similar in size to the S. The front and rear overhangs are the easiest areas to reduce size.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

THere should be some kind of prize for managing to link this to sex.


Area = length X width X height

A side view doesn’t account for any change in width, which is a key value for calculating “20% smaller”

And the ladies like width too, not just length.

*ouch* I can’t believe I just posted that….

George Bower

“Area = length X width X height”

Math challenged?

Maybe u mean volume.


Ah yes, sorry. That was actually just a setup for the bad joke at the bottom of my post. I didn’t actually put much thought into it. My bad.


I was going for Scott Franco’s prize….


I like so much about their thinking. I like the similar shape, and the cab forward proportioning. It’s brilliant in the interior space for 5 which surely will be tops in class.

A great platform for Tesla to preach even more benefits of going electric. With the S he described the advantages in designing the impact and crush zones for impacts, and with the 3 he can literally show all how he created a comfortable cabin in a compact/midsize footprint.


One nig I do have with Model S is size. Size matters ( sorry to even placate the dorks above – the thread got off to a weird start ).

Every day, even in suburbia I am confronted with parking garages and super tight parking spaces by real estate people who set out to maximize revenue by shrinking each space in which a vehicle is to park.

Smaller and narrower is so valuable where space is at a premium ( like everywhere but long road trips ). Hopefully the 3 has a sharp turning radius also. Those features reduce daily fatigue and stress – make each car easier to deal with on a daily basis for all members of a family.

Musk has to keep up the sexy message, as this is what is selling his cars. Over time, he needs to maintain the quality message and these newfound benefits of owning a smartly proportioned and engineered vehicle. This will insure repeat buyers for generations to come.


Hey, who you callin’ a dork? 😉

Fat Bloke on Tour

20% smaller is just another example of Tesla being bad at comms. It is just data and as such no use to anyone.

20% smaller = Interior space?
20% smaller = Raw Cuboid volume / L x W x H?

One question on the door apertures — Model S to Model 3?

From what I have seen they appear to be remarkably similar — looking at some of the analysis showing both vehicles side by side seems to suggest that the reduction in the W/Base is limited to the distance between the rear of the front wheel arch and the leading edge of the front door.

Plus the position of the rear seats seems very far forward in relation to the rear door arrangement.

If anyone has any info on this could they please share the love?


So what do we say if somehow the Model 3 interior comes out rated as an intermediate instead of a compact? Does that make it more truly a BMW 525 competitor than a 325? Or a competitor to the low-roofed German “4-door coupes” 428i, Audi S7 and Mercedes CLS?

Fat Bloke on Tour

A4 / 3 Series / C Class = CD segment vehicles.
No real US equivalent.

Golf / 1 Series / Focus = C segment / Compact

A6 / 5 Series / E class = D segment / Intermediate

A8 / 7 Series / S class = E segment / Full size

The Model S has ambitions of being a full on E segment luxury vehicle but I think as it stands regarding and the lack of an extended wheelbase model means that it is a bit of the pace to be the complete competitor at this level.

Plus it is a bit cheap.

Consequently the Model 3 might fall between two stools.
Priced to compete with the 3 Series starting at $35K — sticker shock this way comes — while potentially offering an interior space more in keeping with the 5 Series.

Looking like Tesla will not be able to put in another model into the range between the Model 3 and the Model S given the size difference they currently have.

To be a true S Class competitor I think that the Model S will need to get a big brother or it needs a more formal body shape complete with a boot.

All-Purpose Guru

“To be a true S Class competitor I think that the Model S will need to get a big brother or it needs a more formal body shape complete with a boot.”

Having driven a Model S and an S-Class, I’m not sure I *want* a car that big. The Tesla *feels* positively huge because of its width and I certainly didn’t feel the S-Class felt larger.
I’m also not sure the existence of a formal roofline and/or a separated rear storage area vs. a hatchback really puts a car at a higher plateau for me. Remember, the Model S actually *has* a “boot”, it’s just on the front of the car instead of the rear.
(I always get the british terminology vs. US terminology messed up because the terms apparently aren’t exactly interchangeable)– it was probably smart of Tesla to come up with the “frunk” term in any case, even though front storage areas have been around for years.


There was some rumors of an Model S “L” (limo) for the Chinese market, that would have the extended wheelbase and more rear seat space. More like an S.

I haven’t heard anything about that recently, and I never heard anything about it being anything except a China-only car.

Frankly, I hope Tesla doesn’t do something like that in the US. It would just be used against them by politically motivated haters to try and slander Tesla as a play toy for the wealthy, while in reality Tesla has been executing a plan to make EV’s more and more accessible to the general public.


Has anyone noticed how similar the model 3 looks like a Mazda 3 hatch ?

David S.

Agreed. That was my first thought when the Model 3 was revealed last month.