Tesla Model S – Live at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show


The Tesla Model S is on display at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

Tesla Model S - Hmm...What's That Journalist Doing by the Tire?

Tesla Model S – Hmm…What’s That Journalist Doing by the Tire?

Need we say more?

Okay, we will.

We expected either the Tesla Model X or an AWD version of the Model S to be in Detroit too, but neither are there as of right now.

However, Tesla does have a press conference scheduled for tomorrow, so perhaps the automaker has something up its sleeve still.

Until then, enjoy these live images of the Model S.

Tesla Display At 2014 NAIAS

Tesla Display At 2014 NAIAS

Definitely Not AWD as There's No Electric Motor Here

Definitely Not AWD as There’s No Electric Motor Here

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Cool, I thought Tesla didn’t do auto shows. I’m glad they are finally doing it! I hope to see them at the Dallas auto show next month!

They’ve been at the Detroit Auto Show the last 3 times I went.

They were at the Miami International Auto Show a couple of months ago. However, they didn’t have a full display booth like they have in Detroit. They just had two Model S(es?) on the floor, and one guy standing around to answer questions. I, like you, didn’t expect them to be there at all since it was a dealer association sponsored event. I was pleasantly surprised to see them there, even if it wasn’t a full display.

Never saw them at the LA Auto Show. 🙁 Glad they’re making the rounds.

They are at the Brussels auto show right now.

+1 for the AWD Tesla Model S. TSLA stock is sort of low at opening today….hmmmm. 🙂

I wonder what the stock price will do when Elon starts/finishes his cross-country trip. I’m sure it will get a lot of press.

I bet you’re right. He’ll be tweeting about it I’m sure.

He should have drove to Detroit in an MS. Missed the ooportunity…

It’s ironic that the Model S can carry snowboards & skis on it’s roof, but the AWD Model X won’t be able to do the same.

I thought Tesla said they had some way to enable that. Something like a special mount that attaches to “roof” part of the doors, so the attached objects will move “with” the door when it opens. I’m sure it will have limitations, but sounds like there will some kind a solution.

I doubt it. One big limitation of this “special mount” would be that you wouldn’t be able to open both falcon doors at the same time. And forget about mounting kayaks, bicycles, or cargo boxes on top of the Model X. These asinine falcon doors take a lot of utility out of this SUV.

How many kayaks ya got?

Three kayaks. Why do you ask?

I also have three sailboards (windsurfers), four surfboards, one stand up paddle board, three bicycles, one snowboard, three pairs of skis, and one cargo box.

At What time do u use all that shit???

He’s only asking to be able to carry one at a time. Pretty reasonable expectation. My guess is you will be able to disable the use of one falcon door and carry items on one side. Elon gets a bug up his derrière about certain items and the falcon doors are one of those. The retracting handles on the S are another. I think the S are worth it to Tesla for the marketing and wow factor they have gotten from the. Personally, I would have opted for standard door handles for $500 less if that choice existed.

Perhaps a kind of sizor system that rise up the roof mount when the falcon doors open?

4WD Model S will be great!

Well there is a motor there. It just is for power steering, not propulsion!

lol! You beat me to it!

How’s this for some wild speculation? When he wrote about a Model X sighting in Culver City, CA ( http://insideevs.com/tesla-model-x-spotted-on-public-road-in-culver-city-california/ ), Eric didn’t know how accurate he was when he wrote “Our guess is that perhaps this Model X is getting ready for the trip to Detroit for the 2014 NAIAS.”, in that it was getting ready for Tesla to drive it from Cal toifornia cross country to the Detroit Auto Show!

Go figure, it was spotted a few miles away from a SC from where it could have gone on to Quartzsite, AZ and then on to Flagstaff, AZ and then Gallup, NM and so on ending in Detroit tomorrow! The only hole in this idea is that several of the SCs on the route weren’t officially in operation yet. All that would be needed to make sure that this was possible is a support truck with a mobile SC on board to make sure that no glitches mess up the trip. Anybody wanna bet? It would be a PR coupe to say the least!

Interesting speculation. Would be awesome, if true…
“This EV prototype *DROVE* from California to be in the Detroit Auto Show.”

That would be awesome!

I’d be willing to bet that you’re right. Everything fits so perfectly.

They did that with a Roadster, just not using Superchargers. Drove it right into the show with as much road grime as possible. Fantastic marketing. Exclamation for their range and “just do it” image.

But roadster sales are way down now. ;).

Tesla no longer produce the Roadster.

they should’ve brought the “Wrapped” Model S: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04xwk2SO7mk

best car there