Tesla Model S Limousine – Video + Images

APR 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 15

Big Limos - Tesla Model S Custom Limousine

Big Limos – Tesla Model S Custom Limousine

Big Limos shared has shared some photos and videos from a new project build of a Tesla Model S Limousine.

The first Tesla Limo is still in the early stages, having been dived into two pieces.

We are curious how well this project will end, and will closely follow the progress…and of course whether or not Tesla will have anything to say about lengthening the car, especially seeing how that Stretchla/Model S component project was shut down.

If successful, the next most logical question is whether there is chance to make a limo out of a Tesla Model X…and of course add two sets of Falcon Wing Doors.

As it turns out, Big Limos has already used similar type doors in other project (see bonus below).

Big Limos - Tesla Model S Custom Limousine

Big Limos – Tesla Model S Custom Limousine

Bonus: Big Limos experiment with Falcon Wing Doors:

Big Limos and falcon wing doors

Big Limos and falcon wing doors

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They should stretch to the point where they can drop in another battery pack……lol

Exactly! Imagine a Tesla Limo with 180+ kWh on board! 500+ miles EV Range anyone?

Maybe Tesla could build a Model L (Limosine) in house with a 180 – 200 kWh Pack, after the 3 and Y?

They may need another battery pack as they will lose efficiency w/the weight & aero.

Lateral friction drag will increase a bit and the higher weight will increase rolling resistance but overall the limo configuration is a winning configuration if you want to set an ev range record because the front area to battery ratio is minimized.

We actually talked about that right here some time ago.

what limos are driven 500 miles nonstop? That’s more than a 110 times the Las Vegas Strip. At 30 mph continous driving, that would be a 16h shift driving the Las Vegas strip up and down, up and down. How realistic is that?

San Diego – San Francisco = 500 miles
Kansas City – Chicago = 500 miles

Maybe they can do it to the Model X too!

It wouldn’t surprise me that, similar to the Stretchla project, Tesla requires the vehicle owner to have it inspected and OKed by Tesla as a reconstruction.

If Tesla inspectors don’t like what they see, they can and will “brick” the car.

Again… you _do not_ own it to do with it what you want.

I disagree. You own the car and can do anything you want to it.
You do not own the software that operates it. You only hold a license to use it in accordance with the EULA (end user license agreement), if you violate the EULA, then you can not (legally) use it.

The same thing is in just about every computer (and mobile phone) sold, the only difference is that Tesla has the ability to punish you if you violate the EULA.

Now, if you have the programming chops, you could replace the OEM software with your own. All perfectly legal. Then you could program it to do whatever it’s physically able to do.

They can do whatever they want with their car.

But Tesla might not sell them parts or allow them to Supercharge.

Stretchla guy was doing it on the cheap.

These people can buy several totaled Model S to salvage the parts they need.

What an abomination, seeing Falcon Wing doors on a GMC… 😛

Those look more like scissor doors?

They look more like Crap than anything else…I hope that P O S has rear wheel steering, if it wants to make rite hand turns!

Those are not falcon wing doors, they are gull wing doors. Falcon wings doors have two hinges.

Nissan Leaf Limo is pretty sweet.