Tesla Model S-Like Changan Raeton CC Concept – Photos & Videos

APR 24 2015 BY MARK KANE 19

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

The Raeton CC Concept unveiled in Shanghai by Changan, one of the largest carmakers in China, reminds us of the Tesla Model S.

It’s a massive four-seater, with suicide doors, hiding handles, and red LEDs across the rear.

Changan boasts that acceleration from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) takes just 4.1 seconds.

We do wonder how the Raeton CC Concept can be so quick with only 123 kW peak power and 335 Nm of torque available from the permanent magnet synchronous motor (according to the press release). The concept is AWD. There must be some catch, like higher power, more motors or ICE back-up. The conventional, already-in-production Raeton has a 1.8 or 2.0-liter gas engine.

Designed to Change the world: Introducing the Raeton CC Concept

Expectations were high for Changan’s new concept car, the Raeton CC. This concept vehicle is built around a permanent magnet synchronous motor (with a maximum power output of 123kW, maximum torque is 335 Nm, and a 650v stable voltage supply). Acceleration runs from 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds, enough to meet any car enthusiast’s demand for power and speed. Its internal computing system with human behavior simulation data in line with driver behaviors enables it to have an intelligent driving.

For the Raeton CC’s wave and flow design language, concept designers looked to all the natural stages of water as inspiration. From the morning mist, to the flow a simple stream, to the powerful formations found within valley sized Artic glaciers, the organic lines from these natural forms were developed and interpreted into the striking new Raeton CC. The shape of the concept car’s delicately layered grille reflects the forms found in the traditional Chinese Cauldron Tripod (鼎, Dǐng). The concept’s overall wave and flow shape, matched with the details in the grille allows for the clever integration of existing forms into a unique corporate designing language.

With the release of the Raeton CC, Changan is signaling its new vehicle family design direction. This new direction will bring Changan into a new automobile age where Chinese vehicles are distinguished by attractive and vibrant global designs, with unique touches that reflect China’s rich past and future.”

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

Changan Raeton CC Concept

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Design looks nice, Chinese are moving forward,
Ofcourse clear “referance” to Tesla model S and X and BMW I8.

It’s Chinese with Chinese reliability.

I dont see any Tesla at all. VW and BMW styling cues maybe…

Looks nice.

Quiet clear model x with the build in door handles

Uhm. No. Just about every concept car these days has built-in or some sort of sleek, low profile handles. That’s not a Tesla thing.

exactly. I don’t see any Tesla styling cues… what I do see are lots of honda styling cues

Actually it looks more like the Saab Phoneix concept from three years ago, that was penned just before they went into bankrupcy.

Tesla should hire the designer, perhaps he/she can cange the ugly nose of Model S.

Could be nice with build in number plates in the front nose, like old citroen.

The Nosecone is not ugly, you may be though.

The nosecone apes an ICEv therefore incongruous if not ugly.

Exactly. Not ugly, but an anachronism that does look out of place, like they were afraid to look too distinctive. It is easily the worst styling feature of the car. It doesn’t ruin it by any means, but you do wonder if they could have come up with something better.

LOL the front end on this concept is hideous, you have really bad taste pal

I like the upside down Acura logo.

Well, as time goes on I don’t think American Car companies, Tesla or others, have much of a chance in China. China is the largest car market, and deFacto the world’s biggest economy. (Americans selling each other Insurance I don’t count). Since the world’s manufacturing hub has been transferred to China, and, wealth and knowhow is generated on the factory floor (If you don’t have a factory, then there is not much incentive for solving factory problems or making inventions used in a factory), its obvious to me just from all these car companies highlighted in InsideEvs that they will ultimately win the Chinese Market, and possibly the American market also, that is if we can afford them by then. Already, they are making somewhat more modern products than any American car company, apparently having perfected hubbed drive motors on some models. All these cars on display, copycat or not, have the looks of ‘finished’ products, and completed designs. As a for instance, these cars will not have the initial problems both the Roadster and S had with seizing/murmering gearboxes since they wont have any. No ‘limited slip differentials’ needed either. So they are eliminating a lot of weight and… Read more »

AS for the Chinese market, I was thinking the same thing after seeing the plethora of Chinese concepts this year. Mark/Eric/Jay, anybody get a count on how many?

As for the American/European market, there should remain a place for their manufacturers for some time at least.

Maybe 30?

For modern, read trendy and ready-to-be-dated-in-a-couple-of-years… look at that dash. And who parked the CRV on the stage at the end of the movie?

“There must be some catch, like higher power, more motors or ICE back-up”
Or, it was tested on a dyno, with no wind resistance… Or they’re lying, and that’s where they hope to get.
Talking performance numbers on a concept vehicle, when materials, weight, and production limitations aren’t yet known, is silly anyway.