Tesla Model S Leads To Model X For This Family


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla shared the story of Craig and Crystalyn Huegen, who bought their first Model S in 2012. It was a Signature edition and of the first 1,200 in North America. Since then, they have become advocates for the company and likely lifelong Tesla owners.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

At the time, there was no Tesla service center in the St. Louis area. The car had to be delivered from Chicago directly to the Huegen home by a semi! A delivery specialist was sent to assist in the process. The family named the car “Tessie.”

The car attracted much attention right away. Many people would take photos of the car and ask the family questions. In January 2013, the Huegen’s were invited to the St. Louis Auto Show to show off their car and answer questions.

Over time, Superchargers began to open up throughout the country, so the family could begin to travel in the vehicle. They were able to put all 4 boys in the car due to the rear-facing jump seats. Their boys quickly became Tesla aficionados as well. The family took the Model S on 2 trips to Florida.

Craig and family are very impressed with Tesla’s customer service.  He shared:

“Tesla continues to amaze and delight us with the combination of ever-improving technology and top-notch service. The technology is amazing, yet simple at the same time. When something has gone wrong, we’ve never experienced a level of service from another manufacturer or dealer compared to what the team in the St. Louis service center is able to provide us. The staff puts pride in their customer service.”

Tesla prides itself on customers to be its number one marketing strength. The Heugens are a huge testament to this belief. They were involved with the St. Louis Auto Show four years in a row. The St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts group was co-founded by the family. They also took a rally group and 14 Teslas to the Missouri Capitol to assure that a bill restricting Tesla sales would not progress.

In 2013, the Heugens put a down payment on the new Model X. They just received their vehicle on February 5, 2016. A signature red Model X with autonomous capabilities, among many other advancements! The boys named the car “Eva-ah!”

Would it be safe to assume that most Tesla owners are lifers? The Model S is indeed the highest rated car in customer satisfaction and that typically leads to repeat buyers, so perhaps this story of the Huegens is more or less the norm, rather than a one-off tale.

Check out the full story details at Tesla Motors

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“jump” seats? Why “jump”?

So this couple has dropped around $250k+ for two vehicles?

The vast majority of people just can’t relate to this.

Don’t bring this up, pls.

These vehicles have tremendous value to the 1% ….. LOL …. Yes the strange world were people proudly announce paying for cars which most spent on houses.

I find these informacial articles really hilarious. Basically, start working harder tomorrow, would you, you lazy bum?

Of course the first one retained its very high resale value and with the second one their equity will be retained instead of flushing their money down the drain in paying for gasoline and destroying the atmosphere on the side. They also helped pay for the development of the Model 3

The Model 3 wouldn’t be possible without investments in Tesla’s stock and the customers who supported them with Model S and Model X purchases.

I did some figures on Model S a number of years back. A $90,000 Model S will save roughly $25-30k in fuel over 150,000 miles, and about $5k in other maintenance expenses over that time frame. He received a $7,500 tax credit, and perhaps some state incentives – let’s just say $2,500. So $90k – 25k – 5k – 7.5k – 2.5k = $50,000 for the car. Same likely applies to the Model X. So while it’s not going to be reflective of the average person, it’s not as far away as someone might think. Sure, he had to have the ~$200k cash outlay, but he’ll recoup a good chunk of it while driving it.

…and something tells me a person who bought 2 Tesla cars is likely also a stockholder, the stock’s run-up likely paid for one of them anyway. 🙂

The cars name “Eva-ah”.

The chargers name at home “Wall-E”

People with too much money.

Given the historic sales of Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, etc., these people are far from being unusual – other than, perhaps, putting that kind of money down on a startup rather than one of the above established marquees.

Again, you are trying to make Tesla purchase look like the sensible and affordable choice available to many.

It’s far from the truth, as you well know.

I saw my first Model X in the wild, late last week, in Alexandria, VA.