Tesla Model S Launch Event UK – Videos Featuring Elon Musk


“Tesla UK Launch Event from David Rawcliffe on Vimeo.”

States the video description.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in London over the weekend to hand over the keys to the first Model S owners in the UK.

A few interview videos featuring Elon Musk were posted to the Internet shortly after the event, as well as the image below showing Musk plugging in a Model S to a Supercharger.  The video interviews are in-depth and rather revealing.  Enjoy!!!

Elon Musk Supercharges a Model S In The UK - Image Credit Deanslavnich

Elon Musk Supercharges a Model S In The UK – Image Credit Deanslavnich

Watch our full interview with entrepreneur Elon Musk, who discusses his plans to send a manned mission to Mars in just over a decade’s time.

The billionaire is hoping his investment will help boost commercial space travel — and eventually lead to the creation of a colony on the red planet.

Tom Cheshire went to meet him.

Hat tip to Brain Henderson!!!

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“The proceeds are going towards developing the low cost Gen 3”

There aren’t any proceeds!
The company loses ten thousand dollars on every car they sell.
And that’s AFTER the tax incentives.

Eloon the Magnificent
World class ILLUSIONIST!!

Thanks for opening my eyes Keef, where would I be without you…

Solar powered Superchargers in sunny England!

You should be some kind of advisor. Think about the poor 500 000 households in UK that have invested in solar power on the roof of their homes.
They could have saved some money by not investing in solar since the sun don’t shine in the UK. What did you say? Are they saving money?! Happy with their investments?!
Imposssible! 😉

How many would have installed solar if it was not for the very generous subsidies?


Date: 31/10/11
The subsidy for solar power is to be cut in half from 12 December of this year, the government has said. Solar panel makers and installers say the cut will cost thousands of jobs.

It also means consumers who register for the scheme after that date – even if they have already paid a deposit – will see their return halved.”

How can you make any money from solar power even with subsidies if the sun don’t shine and you don’t produce any power?

Wow, we got a new troll here. Oooh, citing a 2011 article from a climate denial group . . . how trustworthy!

England is pretty green right?

Naw, the UK is completely brown. You see it is cloudy there so plants are unable to grow. The entire set of islands are a desert wasteland.

What have you been smoking? They are earning a lot on every car made. Why the bottom line is not black and so with a big margin is a whole other story which basicly tells you that they are researching, developing and investing in factories and superchargers.
Basic economics. Or do you have another story to tell that would “open our eyers”? 😉

They have lost over a billion dollars so far.
They lost $50M in the last quarter alone.
Using Musk Arithmetic (non GAAP) they did make a slight GROSS profit.
Try telling that to your bank manager and see if he would keep extending your line of credit.

Hi Keef, you are certianly cherry picking your facts here. You very much know that there is a bigger picture here or are you just one of the shorters?

He is a shorter. Deliberately conflating GM with net profit.

Dan??? Dan is that you?? Under a new moniker??!! I wonder. Let’s accept that there are people who do and people who don’t do.. I guess you’re in the latter category – Musk in the former.

But nice to see you had time to get on both autocar and insideevs – what happend? World of Warcraft server is down today?? Do you trolling somewhere elsewhere or back your tripe up with hard facts pls. Your post on autocar was incomprehensible, let alone factual wrong

If that was Dan, he would have added how me alone could do it for half the cost.

They are making money on every car they sell (more than 25% acutally)
They are losing money because of heavy investment in superchargers, upcoming models and showrooms.

Get your facts straight.

Keef. Just simple common sense says that you are wrong. The companies financial filings also show that you are completely wrong. A relatively new company cannot lose money on their product since they have no assets to fall back on. They also don’t go out of their way to give discounts to their customers like they did for China. They also don’t spend money on unneeded items like Superchargers and free upgrades like the new titanium shield. Actions speak louder than words and Tesla’s actions are not that of a company hurting for money. You’d see that if you weren’t blinded by your bias and fear.

Musk revealed that the patents Tesla is considering sharing is the super-charger network technology. This would allow other companies to build said super-chargers to Tesla’s specs. He also said that the companies that did so could not charge for that electricity dispensed.
Having mulled this over I am just wondering what company, in their right mind, would do such a thing. Of course Musk did not go into specifics.
Also to Trolls I would point out that while you can naturally hold what ever opinion you want but bashing Tesla will not serve your purpose, as there seems to be Troll killers lurking.

In business one size does not fit all. In other words various metrics are applicable in different ways. If just P/E for instance, is considered, many of the growth companies have sky high P/E, so therefore are they worthless? Hardly. At $20 a share many pundits were saying that FB would continue to fall, since it had no income. 6 months later it was over $50 a share.
Tesla of course is the poster child for the sort meteoric stock price rise that can occur with newly listed growth/technology companies.
To be blunt the subject of whether or not a company is viable is probably far beyond most peoples financial conceptual capability, considering that many experts have been completely incorrect/wrong about Tesla, what makes a person think, that by reading a few negative articles and looking at quarterly reports they pontificate on Tesla’s future, or any other company for that matter? Simply hubris and an over-inflated idea of their abilities.

Count me among those who foolishly thought FB was grossly overvalued, and felt pretty smart when it dropped from $40 to $20.


Wow, calling a media company PROPAGANDA is a new level of stupidity.

Nice solar roof! That’s the way to do it. Even in the UK, they’ll generate a good amount of electricity . . . while also providing shelter.

I think for Tesla the image of solar is far more valuable than possibly getting cheaper electricity from the grid.

It’s a brilliant decision for Tesla. They’re building so many advantages that other carmakers will be hard pressed to match: 120kW+ charging, expansive charging coverage, clean image from solar, first mover advantage, factory owned stores…