Tesla Model S P100D Sets Laguna Lap Record


Breaks the Jaguar I-Pace record that never really was.

Records, like rules, are made to be broken, and now it appears a Tesla Model S has done just that. The deed — a full lap in 1:43.06 — was apparently done at Laguna Seca (now officially known as WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca) just outside of Monterey, California over the weekend. Word of the feat comes to us from a tweet by Emile Bouret (embedded below), a professional driver who does testing and other wheel work for the California automaker. At the Roadster reveal, he was the man giving the catapult-like test rides.

The accomplishment has shed light on a previous claim of record-setting by the Randy Pobst in the Jaguar I-Pace, that wasn’t really a record at all. And that’s not even the oddest thing about this entire situation. Let’s look at the sequence of events.

In August, Jaguar partnered with Motor Trend, and with Pobst as pilot, recorded a time of 1:48.18 around the iconic circuit in the I-Pace. It was a great performance by the electric crossover and press releases were sent out. Problem is, a Tesla Model S put down a 01:47.621 lap on the 1st of July during this year’s edition of the annual Refuel event.

The kicker? The driver who achieved the July result was one David Lickfold who, according to his LinkedIn page, is an engineering manager at Lucid Motors involved with chassis and vehicle dynamics.  Wild, right? Here, it is appropriate to note that his employer set their own record of 1:41.67 earlier this month in a prototype of their Air model. Interestingly, the driver for that time is only given as “Lucid Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics engineer” in the official press release, but the accompanying photo seemingly confirms that it was also Lickfold.

In any case, it would seem that the production record is now held by what is said to be a “completely stock Model S P100D.” The only question remaining is how, exactly, it was achieved. While we recognize Bouret is a skilled driver, he is probably not the only factor that led to such a huge difference in lap times. Tesla continuously improves their vehicles instead of issuing distinct model years and they don’t always trumpet those changes, so we suspect more recent builds may have had some improvements to their software and/or hardware. We’ve asked the company for information that might shed light on this accomplishment and will update this post when we hear back.


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Out of curiosity, what’s the “overall” production car lap record (as opposed to production EV lap record), and what car holds it? I think the gap between the Tesla and the fastest ICE around there is more interesting than the gap to the i-Pace, although that is interesting, too.

“The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR holds the current production car lap record with 1:28.65.”


From the same:

“On 17th September 2018 Tesla Roadstar development driver Emile Bouret [13]shared in Twitter & Instagram [14]that he with the assistance of Development Engineering Team of Tesla, Inc. in a stock Tesla Model S P100D completed the lap in 1:43:06 [15] officially breaking the overall Fastest Production EV lap record & also an unofficial recent lap time of 1:46.8 by amateur driver Cameron Rodgers in a Tesla Model 3 on September 14 2018. ”

Unofficially, Model 3 appears to be 3 seconds behind. Not bad!

CTS-V was at 137.5 in 2016… jag recently broke that with their XE super sedan

Correction… 138.5 for caddy, 137.5 for the jag

And the Jag is a 600 unit limited edition that is highly modified. I’m not sure what the criteria is for a “production vehicle” but I assume as long as it’s street legal you can mod it out to your heart’s desire as long as it has a separate model designation.

Maybe Tesla should make a special one-off very low volume highly modded Model 3P with aero package, DOT compliant racing tires, custom software and gearing just for Laguna Seca and let Randy take it around the track. That’s basically what Jag did.

Even the BMW M4 is in the 1:37-1:39 range.

BMW M4 driven by Randy Pobst 1:39.89

BMW M4 GTS unknown driver 1:37.66, $175k car

And not the best handling car of BMW. I think the M5 Comp might even be faster. It just hit 10s in the quarter mile.

Keep in mind that Track mode isn’t out yet and it’s likely to include a tire upgrade. Curious how many seconds Randy is worth on his home track as well.

I bet if the NIO EP9 went there it would set a new record.

They should since they about to loose their Nuremburg record to VW. I don’t think VW will go to Laguna Seca since it’s a short track.

But the VW is not a production car. Comparing the VW to the Nio is like comparing a Ferrari with a LMP1 race car. The record VW shattered was set by a car which would still beat any road car today, it would probably even beat any Rally car today.

It had a 0-240 kmh of 7s, the Agrera 1:One, one of the most extreme production cars today, takes 8.5s. The Tesla Roadster is said to take 2.1s to 100 kmh, the Peugeot 206 T16 only took 1.7s.

So comparing road cars with race cars is meaningless.

If Neo only sold six EP9s for $1.2M, is it really a production car?

A 1:43 is certainly fast on that track; however, the term ‘Production Car’ is misleading in many respects as the car’s legal modifications and configuration depends on the club running the race and defining the rules…plus how close to meeting the rules the car is and if the competing car is running under the same rules.
“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” ― Dalai Lama

In this case, the car was stock, even down to its continental tires.

Is there a video?