Tesla Model S Jumps Curb, Climbs On Top Of Toyota Camry


According to the Sun Sentinel, a Tesla Model S driver momentarily fell asleep behind the wheel. His car then veered off the roadway, jumped over a curb and climbed its way on top of a parked Toyota Camry.

During the incident, the Camry was pushed into two other presumably parked cars, a Nissan Sentra and a Ford Focus. No occupants were in any of the parked cars.

The passenger in the Model S attempted to prevent the crash upon noticing that the driver had dozed off, but the passenger reacted too late.

Nobody was injured, but the Camry sustained heavy damage and the Model S appears to have at least some minor front end damage.

Plantation Fire Department Battalion Chief Joel Gordon stated:

“The car apparently jerked, went up over the curb and rode up over the parked car.”


Plantation Fire Rescue Puts Out Tweet With A Hint Of Humore

Plantation Fire Rescue Puts Out Tweet With A Hint Of Humor

The crash occurred around 1 PM on May 28 in theΒ 800 block of South University Drive in Plantation, Florida. There’s a Tesla Supercharger in the immediate vicinity of the wreck.

Tesla Model S On Top Of Toyota Camry

Tesla Model S On Top Of Toyota Camry – Image Credit: Joel Gordon

Source: Sun Sentinel

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Driver distraction has happened many times in the past, on many kinds of vehicles.

Is this extra special, just because this time it happened on an EV? I think not.


Hard to get distracted when your’e asleep ?


Hard to stomp on the accelerator after you fall asleep at 1:00 pm in the afternoon while driving your Tesla? Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―


It’s easy with “Autopilot” apparently !


Video has emerged of this Tesla driving along the road prior to the accident.

View post on imgur.com


The colors have been changed to protect the innocent??


And driven from some death valley looking area to south Florida.


No wonder he fell asleep. Long drive.

Jim Whitehead

The car was right at the Plantation Florida Supercharger. The driver is lucky he wasn’t plugged in when he went “sleep driving.” Was he in summon mode? Did autopilot somehow come on? Tesla should investigate.

Will Davis

Was he in summon mode? What? He was behind the wheel. How could he have been in summon mode? Seriously! He fell asleep at the wheel; what else could it be?

Norman Hirsch

if plugged in, the car will not move.


Summon mode?

The car crawls in Summon mode. No way would it have even hopped the curb, let alone rode up over another car. In fact, I’ve read a complaint from one Model S owner that it won’t even ride up over the bottom lip of a ramp inside a garage in Summon mode.

Perhaps you were joking?

Jim Whitehead

Thanks zzz for the newspaper link, which I didn’t see earlier. When the passenger grabbed the wheel, the passenger overrode any automatic braking that would have kicked in before hitting another car.

Ironically, not grabbing the wheel would have been safer!


So if I understand correctly: Tesla now requires your hands to be on the wheel for Autopilot, but grabbing the wheel disables automatic braking?

Sounds pretty fishy.


A sudden movement of the steering wheel overrides the auto pilot. That only makes sense if you want to override in an emergency situation. But yes, the autopilot feature does require a hand to be touching the wheel at all times.


Automatic Braking is not the same thing as Autopilot.

The car should be able to avoid front collision regardless of the status of the wheel. MANY cars have this feature now.


Circumstances behind it are “meh”, but it makes for cool picture.


EV’s are too quiet and naturally lure all drivers to fall asleep. Glad the batteries didn’t rupture and inflame the parking lot.

-Big Oil

Will Davis

If you’ve ever driven an EV at highway speeds you’ll know there’s plenty of wind/road noise to stay occupied.


This is Animal Dominance Display.
Camry is Tesla’s bitch.


It’s true, it looks just like my Gerbils Bubble & Squeak !


The Tesla’s parents would be so proud.


What! It’s a run of the mill Florida Camry… The parents will always compare her to Aston the Ex…

Azar Hadi

Tesla like Toyota has Sudden Unintended Acceleration issue..


That Tesla’s got too much Torc…. lol


That’ll teach them not to ICE that space


LOL. Someone should GIMP in DCFC in front of the Camry. πŸ™‚


Wow, 3 incidents with Tesla in a week. I am not sure if this is good press for Tesla and autonomous cars πŸ™


Doesn’t look as though there was a lot of autonomy going on here. Plantation FL is not too far from where I am. Very large elderly population, so likely an older individual.

Nap time is best done when out of the car, or at least parked.?


Who falls asleep driving in a shopping mall parking lot …. In the middle of the day?

Looks more like somebody stomped on the wrong pedal.


Yeah, could have been a combination of the driver dozing momentarily, drifting towards parked cars, then the passenger yelling and attempting to grab the wheel.

The driver startled awake, then stomped the wrong pedal and away they went.

Will Davis

he wasn’t IN the mall car park. He was on the road outside. The article even states he jumped the curb and wall into the parking lot


Wrong. Check your source:

The Sun Sentinel states it was “IN A PLANTATION PARKING LOT…”

And if you don’t like that you can play with google maps satellite view and clearly see that firehouse subs and the building structures are deep inside a parking lot. This is a parking lot incident, .. NOT a road incident.

Top speed should have been no more than 15 mph. So it’s quite likely that car was experiencing “undesired acceleration” for some reason ,.. I would guess the most likely being the mashing of both pedals, or the wrong pedal.

If the driver actually “dozed off” in a mall parking lot, then they’ve got some kind of condition … probably shouldn’t be driving.


Apparently, the Model S is a Top.


Oops . . . . be careful lest you provoke “The Bear.”


Is this the Missionary position that I’ve been hearing so much about?


I don’t know, that Camry’s nose is mighty close to….well…?

Wheel jerk

When a teenager, I pretended to be sleeping on the freeway and my passenger freaked out, grabbed the wheel, and accidently yanked it enough for us to spin across 3 lanes off the freeway. Sounds like something similar may have happened here.

Will Davis

Read it again. The passenger attempted to prevent the crash but it was *already too late*

JP White

That’s what the passenger is saying. If the passenger had inadvertently made things worse there is a good change they’d come up with a ‘too late’ argument after the fact to avoid any liability.


The Tesla S seems to be a very solid car.


Driver was sleeping while autopilot did not know where to go :-).




Why don’t they get a room?


This story would have been 100x awesomer if it had been a Toyota Mirai instead of a Camry.




If the Model S banged a Mirai, what would their lovechild be? A plug-in hydrogen FCV with a big AER? Could it Supercharge? Would it get the Mirai’s looks or the Model 3’s looks, or a mixture of both? Would it have Tesla or Toyota reliability and build quality? Hmmmm…


The Toyota genes were contaminated with the Zika Virus, so the offspring was a Hydrogen Powered iRoad.


Rumor has it that Autopilot must be activated by the driver to avoid this kind of thing. Who knew?


Not in a parking or low speed area.


I don’t think I’d want high voltage/amperage charging and hydrogen to inhabit the same space!?



After dozens of too obvious and mostly failed attempts at humor in comments here, we have a solid winner!

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Now I know which car to use as a battering ram during the zombie apocalypse!?


You mean to say that the driver is supposed to stay alert and in control of the car even though it has autopilot!?

Robert Weekley

Same as with aircraft! Stay Awake!



Look at the Tesla not even a dent!

Toyota? Nose bleeding in the ground.

Ha! Time for adding 6th start to Euro safety certification!


So this is how they breed hybrids?


Yep! Tesla bulls.
This one seem confused though, he’s mounted the wrong end.?


Here we see the Model S in the wild performing one of its dominance postures against one of the lesser vehicles in the urban jungle.

Owners are advised to curb these instinctual manifestations by staying alert and keeping their hands on the wheel.


Historically: Consciousness is generally required for the proper operation of any motor vehicle: Urban Jungle or otherwise. πŸ˜‰



‘A man driving a black Tesla through the parking lot appeared to fall asleep; his passenger grabbed the wheel upon noticing, he said.

“The car apparently jerked, went up over the curb and rode up over the parked car,” Gordon said.’


Must have been the camry’s fault


Because Florida…


Why is anyone shocked? This is DAILY in Florida. I moved from NJ to FL and have been fascinated and dumbfounded by the way these people drive.