Tesla Model S Jumps Over Bushes & Car Before Smashing Into Dealership – Video


Perhaps this will result in another one of those bogus unintended acceleration claims?

What you see here is the aftermath of a crash involving a Tesla Model S, a parked Mercedes-Benz and an unsuspecting dealership.

According to the video (which can be found below), the Model S jumped the curb, flew over the nearby hedges, slammed into the top of the Mercedes-Benz, then proceeded on until the car came to a stop at the exterior wall of the Smart/Mercedes dealership.

“It went over the bushes, it flew…it actually jumped over the bushes. They can fly, you didn’t know that? …that’s (expletive deleted) epic!”

From the looks of it, nobody was injured, but we’re certain the Model S driver suffered a brief moment of shock when the car went airborne for a second or two.

UPDATE (via Twitter BCH):

Editor’s note:Β *Video contains some NSFW language

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Would be interesting to see how the titanium shielded battery held up to the road debris (Merc) Lol.

LOL! Nice.

There was a tweet from the police. Driver was at 5x over the drink drive limit.. explains all.

“They can fly… you didn’t know that”

best part of the video. I sure hope nobody was hurt.

There’s a message in there somewhere….


Hidden feature of autopilot: if the driver is drunk then smash some ICE cars and dealerships, whatever comes first. Fewer ICE on the steets make more room for EVs. The driver is guilty anyway.

It’s not enough that Tesla is destroying luxury Mercedes in sales, but now they’re physically destroying the cars AND the building!

Just another good reason not to buy cars at dealerships it’s just not safe

I’m gonna generalize here, but probably an older test driver than doesn’t get what 100% torque, right now, does to acceleration…A


Old people or Distracted Driver + Instant Torque = Flying Car/Car inside building.

Looks like someone bought more car than they can handle.

Oh? I thought this was the “James Bond Autopilot”, which leaps through fences and over cars (kinda)..

This one didn’t make it ’till the end of the movie.

Even car crashes are way awesomer when they are done with a Tesla πŸ˜€

Tesla does have a much higher rate of Unintended Acceleration (UA) complaints than any other manufacturer (check the NHTSA database and even eliminating the suspicious entries the rate is 4x more than the Camry, which has the highest rate after Tesla).

I’ll be quick to say I also think these are cases of “pedal misapplication” and not an uncommanded event. But even David Noland (die-hard Tesla enthusiast) points to very tight pedal spacing on the Model S. I am guessing a lot of Tesla owners who may have had luxury autos or even luxury sports sedans (think BMW M3) are not developing the muscle memory for this pedal arrangement and thus getting themselves in trouble. It would be interesting to see the auto ownership/operation history of Tesla UA “victims”. I’d bet a substantial sum they never developed “heel-and-toe” dexterity from a sporty manual trans car.

Tesla appears to have solved the simultaneous pedal application response some time ago, but they need to alter the pedal placement and geometry for future production.

Yes. I can’t believe Tesla is still getting a pass on this. Imagine if Corvettes were doing this. The outcry from my liberal friends (I wanted Bernie for prez) would be deafening.

You’re arguing that unintended acceleration claims involving Corvettes would generate some liberal outrage?

That makes zero sense to me. Why do you think that?

Dunno. Maybe because over-preoccupation with safety, “liberates” attitudes about changing rules. Sports cars test rules?

Anyone remember the Corvette club member who claimed an unintended acceleration with a Prius, a few years ago? It goes both ways.


The Prius has bad ECU software.

I’m still not sure why you’d think there’d be liberal outrage over unintended corvette acceleration? Seems a strange assertion.

Don’t you think there would be just as much “conservative outrage” to such a story? (ie very little or none).

Because a car with a 6.2L V8 would tend to get more criticism from a more environmentally conscious group than a zero emission vehicle…?

Bingo! Someone has had his coffee.

More criticism about emissions? Sure.

Undeserved criticism about safety issues? That doesn’t make sense.

Now Tesla should get a pass even on keeping the name “AutoPilot”! It’s a flying car:-)

That’s pretty funny, because Mustangs are chronically wrecking burning rubber out of the parking lot at Cars and Coffee events, and yet it was the first Tesla that caught on fire that actually made it onto national news broadcasts.

Where is the outrage that the Mustang doesn’t stop idiots driving Mustangs from getting into wrecks?

The funny thing is that the situation is exactly the opposite of what you claim. ICE cars get into wrecks every single minute of every single hour, and NOBODY is blaming the cars for failing to stop stupid people from wrecking their cars.

But the double standard for Tesla is that somehow the car is supposed to stop stupid drunken idiots from wrecking their car. ONLY with the Tesla does ANYBODY suggest that the car is at fault for a drunken driver wrecking it.

Get a life.

Realist said:
“I am guessing a lot of Tesla owners . . . are not developing the muscle memory for this pedal arrangement and thus getting themselves in trouble.”

I wonder if these Tesla owners became accustomed to “one-pedal driving” and started to lose the muscle memory for moving their foot to the left to slam on the brake pedal to bring the car to sudden stop.

maybe younger drivers

But if they became accustomed to one pedal driving then their instinct would be to let off the accelerator, not stomp it to the floor.

I think this is indicative of someone who isn’t used to one pedal driving and driving a car with 800 lb-ft of torque.

Only someone who is used to driving a conventional car would stomp down trying to stop the acceleration. In this case they panicked and missed the brake or got confused. It happens a lot with student drivers even at low speed. They panic for a split second and push down on the wrong pedal.

That is the major flaw I hate about the BMW i3 is that I think these cars should have two peddles one for breaking and one for going faster. I know they are trying to be clever but to me it’s a pain to drive something like that making stopping a care more complex is a pain when you are living with vdot’s stoplight fetish.

I’ve never accidentally pressed the wrong pedal in my EV in my near four years of ownership. Regardless of one-pedal driving, the natural reaction for stopping is to lift, move foot over, and then plant the brake pedal.

Granted, Teslas respond instantly to throttle input, where my EV has throttle smoothing programmed in (I can flutter on the throttle pedal with my foot and hardly change power output, but it responds when I want it to). I’ve chirped the tires on a Tesla Roadster and hardly moved the car, they are that responsive. But, because of the smooth power delivery, they tend not to break traction and spin out like ICE high-performance cars, but rather rocket straight forward. EVs give much more performance for your money (the Model S can out-accelerate just about anything else on the road. Even my 66 HP-rated i-MiEV can hold out muscle cars up to about 45 MPH), so caution must be exercised. Don’t panic, and pay attention to which pedal your foot is on. Between the standard brakes and regen, EVs tend to have shorter stopping distances to go with the instant torque (with electric motors, that torque goes both ways).

There might be some residual muscle memory from years or decades two-pedal ICE driving. Another possibility is that the driver might regularly drive a second car that is an ICE vehicle, so that he is accustomed to both one-pedal and two-pedal driving. Years ago when I had two ICE vehicles, one with a manual transmission and one with an automatic transmission, I would sometimes try stepping on the non-existent clutch with my left foot as my right foot stepped on the brake when coming to a complete stop in my ICE car with the automatic transmission.

I think its what’s under the pedal that matters. Even if I deliberately stamped the accelerator pedal in my Leaf it wouldn’t take off. I think if I owned a MS I might keep it in “valet” mode πŸ™‚

I knew Tesla hated dealerships and all but this seems a bit much…

Indeed. We can suspect that there were hidden Autopilot subroutines involved with this accident!

Exactly my thought when I saw this:
“Aha, so that’s some of the hiddne functionality in the Autopilot 8.0 update”, Not just active driving — active competitive marketing action by the cars themselves.

(hope nobody was injured, and that the article gets updated wit hmore details about the background)

Dang, stole my thunder! πŸ˜€

But I guess this joke was too obvious.

Unfortunately Autopilot 2.0 has become self-aware.

Maybe Tesla used some SpaceX-Software to update their cars. Must be a “go for the Stars” command somwhere in there…

How did it get THAT airborne?!

It would be interesting to see what is on the other side of that hedge. Even more interesting to hear just what happened, as if 5he driver blanked out, was racing or was intoxicated…etc..

There’s a whole lot of assumption here that this is a case of unintended acceleration. Think of the speed necessary for a heavy Tesla to get that high in the air!

Didn’t you watch The Dukes of Hazard growing up? There’s almost always a ramp every hedge or bush. And if you watched CHiPs, you’d know that half the cars driving on California highways are towing ramps behind them. πŸ˜‰

I always loved how the car would ramp up over the trunk of the car and flip to the side while the car that got rear-ended would continue driving unscratched. Or if it was parallel parked it wouldn’t even move and inch from the impact.

Right. To facilitate runoff parkway strips are often tilted slightly towards the street , plus you jump up the curb…etc..No great flight of fancy to figure that one out.

The other key thing to remember is that no car’s acceleration can overcome fully applied brakes.

So all these cases of UA are aided by drivers not hitting the brakes firmly, if at all.

Where do you get that idea from? I’ve had it happen when a throttle spring broke. Fortunately I was quick enough to turn off the ignition.

It looks like Model S also has the same “Destroy the Competition” code deeply embedded, like the Model X doors, lol.

The leap is pretty impressive considering it is a 70D coming through a roundabout. A P100DL would have landed squarely (and ironically) on the showroom floor of the Mercedes dealership.

Autopilot 3.0.

Still without Automatic Emergency Braking.

*sigh*….when is Tesla going to do something about this?

How hard is it to put some space between the pedals and give the car a proper AEB? The latter could even be done remotely by a software upgrade.

Or do they consider all publicity to be good publicity, even silly crashes?

Wasn’t there a scene in the “The Love Bug” where Kirby took out his frustrations on the Dealership owners car?

Just saying….

Is this the new Launch Control?

“Turbo Boost!”

I hope it comes standard equipment in model 3. GO SPEED RACER GO..LOL

He’s too cool for a seat-belt.

I hope the bush is okay… #ThinkGreen

AADA American Automobile Dealers Association

“You have now been warned. Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid”

Strange, where is the driver

After a drive like that I would imagine the driver is in the dealerships restroom trying to clean up a bit.

The author reveals his bias by assuming that unintended acceleration is bogus and cannot possibly happen with a Tesla. WAIT FOR THE POLICE REPORT.

What’s the police report going to determine about the operational parameters of the car?!?

UA is always bogus since no car can overcome fully applied brakes.

Unintended acceleration is never bogus. Bogus may be claim that accelerator wasn’t pressed. But anyway, acceleration isn’t what driver intends. What is the reason of it, too close gas and brake pedals like in Audi 5000, allowing by automaker both accelerator and brake pedal to work at the same time to make it easier to park in San Francisco hills like in Tesla, sticky pedal like in Toyota, drive-by-wire failure, undesired current leakage pathway like in Jeep, it doesn’t make acceleration intended.

Pressing brake may be too late, especially in a car with high acceleration that may start flying in fraction of a second, or brake override feature may not be present at all, or brake fluid may start boiling and so go the brakes.

Fred Gibutr said:

“The author reveals his bias by assuming that unintended acceleration is bogus…”

When using the scientific method, that “bias” is called Occam’s Razor. Since you’re apparently unfamiliar with the concept, I’ll explain: Occam’s Razor is the concept that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. In this case, the simplest explanation is that the driver panicked and stomped on the accelerator while intending to hit the brakes.

While of course it’s not totally impossible there was some malfunction with the car, it’s rather unlikely. As noted in other comments, the accelerator and brake pedals on the Model S are slightly closer together than average, so unfortunately this sort of error is slightly more common in the Model S than in other cars.

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly
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If it was a Model X, it could have deployed its falcon wings, and glided to safety.

Damn . . . if we had an edit feature I’d change it say “Spread my Falcon-wings and fly away”

Fly, fly, fly high against the sky,
so high I almost touch the sky.
Thank you, thank you, thank God for you,
the wind beneath my wings.

— “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Jeff Silbar and Larry Henley


Perfect metaphor.

Clark Griswold: “We’re here!!”

Perhaps it was a mash-up of these two Vacation movie clips:



“Clark Griswold: β€œWe’re here!!””


Autopilot was taking commands from Skynet….

Suggest someone was not 100% for the task at hand.

Next stop, ebay motors.

WTG Tesla! Knock down those stealerships, one by one!

Think how much higher it could’ve flown if it was a P100D instead of a 70D!

They need to try that with a Model X P100D with the falcon wing doors open and see if it glides farther too!

Model S is really the Mach 5…GO SPEED RACER GO

I wonder if the newly upgraded Tesla autopilot sensors can also see cars beneath it? πŸ˜‰

Don’t tell anybody, but it is secret testing of new product – flying car. Production starts in 2020, $10,000 deposits will be accepted starting next week.
Buy more shares! I love you my culties – Elon.

NADA there is no place to hide. we are coming for you!

Here is a clue from the police about what caused it


From the registration plate on the 70d it is 3 months old
The crushed Mercedes-Benz is 6 weeks.

Please post the contents of the tweet…

“Sorry, you’re not authorized to view these Tweets.”

try this link, to the Official Traffic Police for Beds, Cambs and Herts


dated 4am, with a picture taken at that time, so you can’t actually see much.

which says …
Assisted in Hertford with a male who lost control of his Tesla, got airborne & landed on top of another car. He was arrested for d/drive

and my guess as to where it happens is here …

Drinking and driving? Yeah, that tends to explain a lot.?

I’ve heard of jumping ahead of the competition, but this is getting ridiculous!

That is Ludicrous.

On a serious note, we recently saw a Tesla crash into a building because of supposedly hitting accelerator rather than brake. Now we have an epic crash with enough speed to jump a hedge. Where is safety features during all of this? How confident can you be with autopilot when the car cannot even figure out it is going to crash into something and not emergency stop? Like I’m doing 5mph, in a car park, turning towards a building, suddenly jam the pedal down and crash into a building. It looks like in this instance it is some sort of suburban area, at least there is a round about, so you would expect some speed limit, so why isn’t the car sensing it is coming to this feature at speed or going/will go way faster than the posted speed limit if the driver takes that action (accelerator), going this direction, then things are going to turn out pretty bad? Seriously, it should be able to do this as part of ACC type system, navigation plotting, etc. Nissan Leaf has ECO mode that damps the accelerator, does Tesla have something similar? From all the reporting, the impression I get is every… Read more »

Stepping on the wrong pedal in a Tesla has unfortunately already resulted in one death that I am aware of.


I see the problem! The steering wheel is on the wrong side.

Too much unknown.The driver was drunk. We don’t know if the car had AutoPilot, what version (somebody suggested 3.0). Was it engaged? Does AP 3.0 have emergency braking as default? If all safety features were off, then 100% driver fault.

“Tesla does have a much higher rate of Unintended Acceleration (UA) complaints than any other manufacturer (check the NHTSA database and even eliminating the suspicious entries the rate is 4x more than the Camry, which has the highest rate after Tesla).” Comparing a very pedestrian family car to the world’s fastest 0-60 sedan seems like a logical mistake to me. If you stomp your foot on the gas in a Camry, it will take it’s own sweet time to move, giving you plenty of time to react before hitting something. And they probably will have the time to realize it was THEIR mistake. The driver is much less likely to report that to the gov’t. The Model S on the other hand launches like a rocket unlike any car in existence, and just like every other high performance car, it takes driver skill to control that power. If the driver doesn’t have the quick reaction speeds required to avoid hitting something, that’s much more likely to generate a report to the gov’t. Especially since the very act of hitting something often knocks the driver off of the pedals, and disorients the driver, so they may not even know they hit… Read more »