Tesla Model S Is #1 In Worldwide Plug-In Electric Car Sales For June 2015

AUG 1 2015 BY MARK KANE 33

Tesla Model S Gets #3 Spot

Tesla Model S

In June, the Tesla Model S was the best selling plug-in electric car in the world.

With sales estimated at 4,994, Tesla Model S exceeded the 4,711 Nissan LEAFs sold, while the BYD Qin in third was able to cross the 4,000 mark at 4,015.

If we check 2015 sales results through the end of June, we will see that Nissan LEAF has struggled a bit to maintain its lead with only 3,500 more sales than Tesla.  Although we do expect Nissan to pull away again in the second half once the expected 2016 LEAF, with longer range options (30 kWh, ~110 miles) arrives.

In July, the BYD Qin probably overtook Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, so we have a Chinese car in the TOP 3 for the first time, and despite the fact that this model isn’t even offered in Europe or US.

Volkswagen Golf (BEV and PHEV) sales are getting stronger, while Chevrolet Volt falls down to 9th place as it waits on the 2nd generation model to arrive in September.  Also the Toyota Prius Plug-In continues to fall, and is outside the top 15 .

Everything is changing quickly, and at the same time expanding to over 40,000 sales a month (for May/June) and 200,000 in 6 months.

Among brands, BYD already secured third place, while Volkswagen jumped ahead of BMW, Renault and Ford.

This is a race and on the global scale it’s just getting started.

World’s Top 10 Plug-In Car Manufacturers – January-June 2015

World’s Top 10 Plug-In Car Manufacturers – January-June 2015

(1) – Also includes Holden Volt, Opel and Vauxhall Ampera for sales;

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I can already see the beginings of a Smartphone like stampede.

Umm. Lets stops comparing cell phones with high end evs. The comparison is so invalid as to be comical.

i did not compare the products. Just the market reaction to the products.

That too is incomparable. The life cycles and cost of the products are so different that you’ll never get even remotely similar market reaction.

Jeez guys- it’s only an observation- like it is his freedom of speech to make any comparison he likes- even apples to oranges if he wants! Why chastise and limit the guy? Talk is cheap and such idle speculation may lead to grander and more fitting observations.

Estimated Only:
In June, the Tesla Model S was estimated to be the best selling plug-in electric car in the world.

With sales estimated at 4,994

Was just up on Tesla Motors Forum following a thread called “tracking highest VINs”.

It’s interesting to note that VIN# 099429 is highest recorded VIN issued so far according to this site. This Model S P90D will be going to Toronto, Can. in mid-Sept.

While it’s true that some VINs may have been retired along the way for various reasons and therefore do not represent actual sales/deliveries, nevertheless, the 100,000 VIN mark is still a pretty nifty milestone that in all likely hood has already been reached and crossed even as you read Inside EVs this morning.

Tesla is also getting close to 500 Superchargers worldwide. (480 now with many in the works).

They passed 200 chargers in the US not long ago. Elon would always say 200 chargers was enough to cover the US.

VINs may differ from actual sales by 10-15K, between lost VINs and Tesla’s practice of issuing VINs out of sequence.

Regarding manufacturer’s numbers, shouldn’t it be “GM” not “Chevrolet” and also include the Cadillac ELR?


Well, then it’s a manufacturing group and not a single manufacturer.

You could do that if you wanted, but then Porsche, Audi, Renault etc. be under Renault-Nissan, VW group, Daimler etc.

Personally I would not find that very interesting, I’d prefer to see the sales from single manufacturers.

I think the GM divisions are more affiliated /tighter than the Renault/Nissan groups or the German groups.

Like I said.. meh

I think the most relevant way to group would be in groups relevant to carb or the eu emission rules. As it stands I just can’t see how fait/Chrysler or GM are going to avoid heavy taxation in 2020 in the eu. They will also face out right bans of all of their products in a lot of city centres in the eu. Conversely byd could potentially come into the eu with a number of plugin options. If we can see this 5 years out maybe we should be saying something now so the tax payer isn’t left on the hook due to short term ism in the extreme from very well paid execs.

Because of that Chevrolet closed all shops in Germany and probaly Europe last year.

What about Opel and vauxhall? It would be pretty insane if those 2 brands had to leave the eu. They are already struggling. If GM goes bust in the eu because they fail to transfer the volt drive train to more than 1 platform it will be an absolute scandel.

Looks like Warren Buffett’s bet on BYD is paying off. Already number three in the world means number one in China, I assume. And BYD’s numbers pale in comparison to the LEV, and NEV sales there. The future of transportaion is electric, and Chinese.

In what sense? Do you mean paying off in the sense that it is making money? Hardly.

Don’t ask me about financial stuff, but I do see that the stock was at $1.75 when Warren Buffet invested in 2008. It went up to $10/share in 2010 then dropped, but is still at almost $5/share now.

Two words to watch … Electric Bus.

BYD is demo’ing various models with ~190 mile real-world range (240+ in ideal conditions). A couple of recent orders include $25M (US) & $30M (EU). E-Buses are where E-cars were in late 2010, so should be interesting in next 3-5 years as operating costs are below diesel buses already.

It will be very interesting to see if Nissan can hold on to the two titles best selling manufacturer and best selling model.

The Model S might take one of the titles and if the Tang comes in numbers BYD might take the manufacturer title.

Model s is much expensive than all other Ev

Compare sales number between model s and other is a joke

Explain yourself.


The market for a $35k car is 5X that for a $70k car.

To get equal market share in its class the LEAF needs to sell 5X the Model S number.

Premium vehicles also deliver much higher percentage profit.

I am interested in comparing model s and s-class

Then why don’t you do that? 😛

I would take the claim with a grain of salt. A difference of just 283 units in June between the Leaf and the Model S based on EV Sales is not enough to be sure which model sold more units globally that month.

If you check the EV Sales report by country, you will see that Jose Pontes makes his personal estimates for some countries, inlcuding China and Japan, which are big markets, providing a big margin for error. US estimates on the other hand, are based on Inside EVs dashboard, which indeed does a serious job of estimating Model S sales.

Nevertheless, the Model S is number 2 for the first half of 2015, quite an accomplishment for Tesla Motors, and closing in the Leaf. Who knows, if the Model S gets the crown for 2015.

PS: Since Tesla is now reporting sales after the end of each quarter, there is a point of reference to evaluate and adjust sales estimates by the end of each quarter, but definitely not for monthly sales.

The Leaf is also sold in many more countries he did never report detailed numbers from.

Both InsideEVs and Jose Pontes do an increadible job and their estimates are very seriously done and always very close to the real numbers.
A grain of salt is always needed when not having exact numbers but the grain is very small in this case and the room for error is pretty small.
There are pretty good numbers coming from all the major markets and especially for the top sellers like the Tesla and the Leaf.

Let the underdog have the title for this month. Soon enough the Qin will probably take it anyway for potentially a long time to come.

He is still usimg an estimate of 150 for June in Canada. I bet everything on over. 250+ is more reasonable.

The overall EV sales volume is still so small that or that manufacturer or model taking the lead for a month isn’t significant — all it probably means is that this month the shipload of cars went to one market while the next month the shipload go to another market… Those numbers will mean something once we gain another order of magnitude.

What does count and is encouraging is the overall global rise of the numbers, even if it’s still slow.

I agree that it is too close to call first place. IMO the winner is not that important what is most exciting is that we now have a race! 2010 was all leaf vs volt in one market which really didn’t make any sense now we have a number of markets where there is actual models that might be cross shopped i8 vs Porsche vs tesla, we have leaf vs i3 vs golf, we have volt vs energi twins vs golf gte and an ever increasing pool of new models. We are finally reaching critical mass I can’t see the market doing anything but growing from here. I don’t think there will be too much of a step in the next 12 to 18 months but hopefully we’ll see things build in that time until there are offerings strong enough to sell completely unaided.

I really like the way you put it:
“IMO the winner is not that important what is most exciting is that we now have a race!”