Tesla Model S Hoisted Up For Display In Australia – Video

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Now That's a Curious Camera Angle

Now That’s a Curious Camera Angle

Not gonna beat around the bush this time.  There’s nothing newsworthy here, but this video is so well executed that we must share:

“Tesla’s Model S makes its way into Sydney’s Westfield shopping center.”

The Tesla Model S officially launched in Australia nearly 5 months ago.  A Supercharger network has been confirmed for Australia.

End babbling…Check out that video…like now!!!

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14 responses to "Tesla Model S Hoisted Up For Display In Australia – Video"

  1. Foo says:

    Wait… since this is Australia, wouldn’t that be “hoisted down”?

    1. Priusmaniac says:

      Yes, or through a trans core tunnel right through the planet in a 20 minutes drop down. The supreme roller coaster.
      It would have to flip in the middle though.

      1. Priusmaniac says:

        …and wait another 20 minutes to rise again up to Australia!

      2. Priusmaniac says:

        It is exactly 32,6 minutes whole trip according to this interesting site:

      3. Rob says:

        DUDE, if I was free falling THAT FAR, I’d be ‘flipping’ continuously! 🙂

  2. jmac says:

    ? Anyone know how many Model S are on order, or have been delivered in Australia ?


    Some one posted this on Inside Evs back in June, ’14”

    “There have been rumors at Tesla Motors Club forum that Australia has more Model S orders on the books than any other RHD market. I was very surprised to read that because pricing has been available for much longer in the UK and Hong Kong. People must have made reservations purely on faith that the Australia pricing would be fair.”

    My sources say that about 50 Model S a week are being delivered in the U.K. to fulfill the backlog of orders for the RHD Model S.

    In Hong Kong I have reports of appx. 300 Model S that have been back ordered in anticipation of the release of RH Drive units in the former British Colony.

    Not long ago, a Tesla spokesman stated that there was about a four month backlog of U.K. Model S orders. With Model S deliveries at 50 cars per week, that works out to a four month backlog of about 800 vehicles.


    Tesla plans to build a Super Charging network down under so there must be some real demand and actual orders from Aussie-Land to justify that.

    1. See Through says:

      You are drawing very wrong conclusions here.

      1. Tesla delivered the car after 3 months. So, there must have been a really long waiting list. – WRONG!
      2. Tesla opened super charger. There must be a really strong demand. – WRONG again!

      Check the UK delivery thread. After June, the thread is completely dead. 50 deliveries/week in UK is pipe dream. May be only in June. They can hardly sell 50 in a month in bigger car markets like Germany.


      As for Australia, only 15 model X orders listed in the model x tally. You can guess the model s number from this.

  3. Rob says:

    Not what I expected from the headline.
    I thought it was a car being displayed up in the air so you could see the smooth underside…

  4. Mark Sydney says:

    The car featured in this video is one if 4 Demonstrators, 2 in Sydney and 2 in Melbourne doing the rounds of the shopping centres and test drive events.
    We have not had our Launch Event yet and no customer cars have been delivered. This is likely to happen in early December. I am number 26 regular production and Tesla have said they hope to deliver mine by Xmas.
    From what I can tell there are in excess of 200 outstanding orders which is not bad considering there are not yet any stores here.
    The first Store and service centre is currently being built in the suburb of St Leonard’s in Sydney and should result in an uptick in orders when people see that there is support on the ground here.

    1. jmac says:

      Thanks for information on Aussie orders for Model S

      Thanks for Aussie Model S information of possible 200 orders.

      Not much registrations information has come in yet from RHD countries.

    2. jmac says:

      Electric Vehicle Registrations U.K. through Q2 2014:

      Leaf – 4660
      Plug in Prius – 1100
      Ampera/Volt – 1010
      Imiev/czero/ion – 830
      I3 – 770 (of which 433 are Rex)
      Zoe – 570
      Tesla S – 192
      e-Up – 59 (!)

      Through the end of June (end of Quarter 2) there were 192 Model S registrations.

      That was at the end of June. Below is an eyewitness account of Tesla deliveries in mid August. From the account below, it sounds to me like Tesla delivered 27 in one day in August.

      2014-08-16, 03:36 AM
      (Tesla motor club archives)

      “I was at West Drayton on Thursday, which is now fully finished. It’s already running over-capacity – the whole place is just abuzz with activity. There were 5 (yes, five) car transporters parked around the building, each unloading cars that had come across from Tilburg. There are so many cars there there’s no room to park. I was told that 27 cars were being handed over to owners that day alone.

      There’s a BMW/Mini dealership just across the road from the Tesla building. I felt quite sorry for them having to watch all the activity at the Tesla site while they stand around waiting for a potential customer to come through the door…

      They’ve just taken possession of the next Service Centre site, and will be fitting it out and getting it up and running ASAP. Don’t know the location.

      They are having real trouble providing owners with Model S courtesy cars while they’re having work done, because as soon as they get a loaner car in someone immediately asks to buy it!”

      1. See Through says:

        jmac, Mark,
        Thanks for the info. Is there any tally at end of Q3 for UK? I thikn SMMT only releases total EV registration, not a model by model brekadown. Who released this tally at end of Q2 2014?

        Since Tesla deliveries are not evenly spread out, it is erroneous to read too much into one day’s delivery.

  5. jmac says:

    @ See Through

    Figures for cumulative EV sales in U.K. can be found at:


    EV Blogspot shows 150 model S sales in September and a YTDate total of 371.

    End of Q2 U.K. sales of Tesla can be found at


    1. See Through says:

      Thanks! ev-sales.blogsopt.com numbers for UK are estimates. They could be incorrect.