Tesla Model S Hits Truck While Automatically Parallel Parking – Video + Image

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Trusting a car to parallel park itself can apparently be a risky decision.

Such is the case here with this Tesla Model S that attempts to park itself in a spot with ample space.

It appears as though the S didn’t recognize the white truck (white does seem to cause detection issues more often than other colors) and when trying to park itself, it gave the truck a gentle nudge.

Damage seems minor, but still…

Video description:

“For some reason, the left ultrasonic did not catch the truck’s rear bed and though the end of the tire was the end of the obstacle… It started it’s straightening maneuver way too soon.”

“I parked behind the white truck right away in one shot, this was not a “too tight spot.”

“Bad Tesla. Even still! Remember that until these things are perfect, the person in the driver’s seat should watch out for such things.”

Source: Jalopnik

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45 responses to "Tesla Model S Hits Truck While Automatically Parallel Parking – Video + Image"

  1. Four Electrics says:

    Is AutoPark in “beta?” I would have thought not. I never use this feature, as when it does work, it is too slow. The front and back sensors are more than sufficient for manual parallel parking.

    1. Anon says:

      Life in the Universe, is in ‘Beta’. Therefore, anything we create, also is.

    2. gary says:

      how do you know the car was using auto pilot anyway? i dont see no hands off the wheel! it could be crappy driver fault!

  2. Avishay says:

    Don’t think this has anything to do with the truck’s color, as the sensors are sonic. White color against bright background may confuse the Mobileye cameras when driving.

    1. Anon says:

      Correct. The Tesla is pre-programed to “nudge” any GMC Vehicle that’s parked. 😉

      1. georgeS says:

        Yes it is part of a package that was an OTA update about 1 year ago. The car has special “GM truck hunting” software in addition to “semi-trailer” hunting software. 🙂

        1. Anon says:

          There just haven’t been enough trucks pulling out, making a left right in front of oncoming Model S’s to use that feature, very much. 🙁

      2. bogdan says:

        That’s not entirely correct.
        The Tesla is pre-programed to “nudge” any ICE Vehicle that’s parked.

  3. Someone out there says:

    Fully autonomous cars in 5 years? Not a chance.

    1. Anon says:

      I agree. More likely 2-3.

      1. Orv says:

        We just have to ban all white trucks from the road, right? 😉

        1. Anon says:

          Why just white? How about anything with a gasoline engine?

      2. mr. M says:

        in city enviroment? more like 10-15 years…

        1. Anon says:

          Which City?

          New York, or Shanghai ?

  4. DL says:

    What would we do for enjoyment without these tech narcissistic tech nerds?

  5. Tesla should outsource all these automatic systemes from other reliables car manufacturers and concentrate on their perpetual loss of money, making heavy batteries and thick protection plate on wheels.

    1. Zay says:

      Why care about money losses and debt when you’ve got $16 Billion in reservations ?
      And probably $40 Billion per year by 2020 ?
      Shooting for $80 Billion by 2025 ?
      Elon said they’re going to be the 1st Trillion $$ company. I think he’s right.

  6. pjwood1 says:

    Looks like the sensor is below the bumper, maybe. I’m waiting for Elon’s AP blog, today, and here we are reminded of “beta” status. They’ll perhaps “goodwill” the guy with an NDA, but the price and needlessness of banging up quarters and hoods puts into question going down the beta road, in the first place.

    1. Anon says:

      What’s a few hundred quarter panels in the name of Science???

      1. Mykel "O". says:

        Conclusions=high end street Iconoclaste parking derby.
        “My auto pk TinCan crashes better pkine than yous.”

  7. Priusmaniac says:

    Having gone through the effort of owning 100000 € Euro and then scratching the car just bought by not making the effort of properly parking, that’s a bit beyond believe. Quiet amazing. I don’t even think about it when I park, it has become just an automatic routine and I never scratch without any camera. I wonder what is next a small crane to lift the hand to push on the start button? That’s all driving up cost for nothing in return when it could buy still more batteries. We really need a stripped down electric car that just keep the essentials but comes with 150 KWh and a 500 KW charge power. Ok, I know the mantra we need those stuff to make it a luxury car that can pay for the cheaper models development, but it is a real chore that we have to go through this instead of being able to concentrate directly on the no-frills ev for everybody.

    1. Another Euro point of view says:

      I a fully with you on that one. I am probably part of a minority, I consider most of those features like park assist an generally all those equipment that makes a car heavy and are prone to cause problem as thoroughly unnecessary as per my point of view.

      It started long ago with electric windows, then people complain they don’t exercise enough…I love to drive and do about 20K miles per year, many of them on twisting mountain roads nearby Switzerland. I love good handling, nimble steering and a strong engine full of torque, quietness and good seating takes cares of the comfort part, all the rest, if not involved with safety, is in my view just heavy garbage that I wish could be taken out of my car. Car testing vids I now see is on youtube is often 60% of time spent on those useless gadgets and often almost nothing said on handling. For that at least I miss those silly guys on topgear, as they would take a car to its limits and see how good it manages.

    2. no comment says:

      these kinds of features always start out at the high end vehicles; as they become less expensive, they work their way into lower cost vehicles. i believe on the tesla model s, the autopark stuff is an option, so you don’t have to buy it.

  8. Just_Chris says:

    It was the trucks fault, that is clearly a crowded urban street the truck shouldn’t be there.

  9. Al S says:

    I think the hollowed out portion of the fender may have caused more confusion than the white body.

    1. speculawyer says:

      Meh. It shouldn’t get within 4 inches of the other car . . . that is pushing the error bars.

    2. mxs says:

      As long as you find something else to blame than the Tesla car, eh?

      Why not just admit that the Tesla system simply f-ed up??

  10. Bill Howland says:

    I stand corrected. After all the autopark ‘incidents’ (death and side swipes), I stated here I wouldn’t use the thing for anything more than parking the car since the actual driving function happens much too fast.

    I was wrong. This car must not be equiped with as much as a simple proximity detector.

    I now more fully see why “WOZ” values the BOLT higher, since he can afford anything.

  11. MDEV says:

    I had a Mercedes with auto parking and the same happened to me, it hit the car in front of me, the difference is nobody cares about Mercedes sensor failures.

    1. Rich says:

      Both the Tesla and Mercedes probably use the same sensor.

    2. no comment says:

      were you driving a b#@z-o?

  12. Ocean Railroader says:

    My question is if I’m out pushing shopping carts and I get hit by this thing parking. Who would be responsible if the driver didn’t have their hands on the steering wheel?

    I have seen people get hit by cars parking before. I guest think that as of now there hasn’t been a major court case yet in what happens if a self driving car or truck hits someone.

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      The warning screens in Tesla’s cars tell the driver quite clearly that he is responsible for the car’s movements, even when it’s engaged in such activities as automatic parking.

      In other words, “Use at your own risk”.

      1. Spider-Dan says:

        Yes, Tesla’s solution for every one of the failures of the features they have promised is “Caveat emptor.”

    2. no comment says:

      if you got hit, your attorney would probably sue both the driver and tesla. tesla would, in turn, probably also get sued in a cross claim by the driver. a disclaimer by tesla is no protection again being sued.

  13. Loboc says:

    I have parked my RAM 1500 in a spot smaller than that! On the first try.

  14. HIVLTG says:

    It looks like it thought the truck was shorter than it actually was, maybe the large rear wheel arch confused it.

  15. speculawyer says:

    Elon might have to say uncle and start installing LIDAR.

  16. mxs says:

    Nice job … or how about anyone who wants to drive needs to learn parallel park? Duh ….

    I can see the autonomous cars real “soon” … there will not have a driver to blame not to have hands on the steering wheel … will be interesting times, for some owners.

  17. Spider-Dan says:

    I now have a greater appreciation for the autopark system in the gen2 Volt.

    To recap: in the Volt, the car handles all steering, but the driver operates the gearshift and the accelerator/brakes. So the car tells you to shift into R, has an arrow pointing backward that fills up as you reverse (while the car steers), then the car tells you to shift into D and a forward-pointing arrow fills up as you move forward. You are always in direct control of the forward/backward motion of the car.

  18. Koenigsegg says:

    Because its so hard to parallel park yourself

    f*** the future of autonomy

  19. Bill Howland says:

    This is just another case of the current ‘trend’ in the industry to not do any real testing, and then send everything out for “Field Testing” (in other words, have customers pay full list for the option, and then see if it works).

    Its not only Tesla – I was looking on the Lowe’s Website at the GE 30 amp “DuraStation”; (the cheap $398 one, not the other 3 different products GE has also named the same thing, all of which are pricey and pricier, depending on the model).

    One of the commenters has said the thing cannot actually be programmed to tell the car to charge at a lower current, since if you try it, his VOLT won’t charge.

    So no one in the China factory could find a used Volt to be used as a test? Just get it so that it Kinda Works, and then start selling ’em.

    Equally as “ludicrous” as Tesla not being able to find any white paint to test.

    Like the VOLT, the Bolt has been tested, and tested, and then tested again. It gives one confidence that when they are finally offered for sale, the thing will work.

    1. Tim says:

      The CUE system on my 2014 ELR begs to differ with that analysis. I’d almost accept the ACC bumping into cars if it meant I could have a reliable functioning entertainment system in the car.

      1. Bill Howland says:

        Yeah, that’s true, I wasn’t trying to make a brief for GM, since all their cars have a bit of underlying arrogance in them that I just have to accept.

        1). The owner’s manual talks all day but says little.

        2). The car’s computer systems give me little choice as to how the car behaves.

        3). The CUE-Navigation system sucks, and I’m going to have to go back to a paper map since I can get no specificity out of it, and it even screws up the on-star directions; as far as the sound itself goes, even though it uses BOSE components there is no equalizer, nor other kind of tone controls.

        4). Music selection is dopey.

        5). Gesture controls for everything is unnerving.

        6). The car runs the engine when it wants to, even though it may be unneeded.

        But the basic car is very nice, and that makes up for all the nit-picks.