Tesla Model S Hits the Stage in Geneva


Outside of the US, the Tesla Model S has not been a common sight at the auto shows, but with the Geneva Motor Show being the biggest, baddest auto show in the world, you knew Tesla Motors would be there.Tesla Model s Geneva 4

Unfortunately, Tesla had no reveals to show off.  Not that we expected the American automaker to debut say the Model X overseas, but we’re always hopeful that something unexpected will appear on Tesla’s stand.

The Model S is now widely available in most of Europe (minus the right-hand drive UK), but few of us on these shores have seen how the Model S plugs in over in Europe, so here’s an up close look at the Mennekes connector (standard on Model S EVs in Europe):

Tesla Model S Geneva

Tesla Model S Geneva

Tesla Model S Geneva

Tesla Model S Geneva

As for the highly anticipated Model X, that will debut in the US shortly.  We hear it’ll make is grand debut somewhere in California at a small-scale event.  Til then, we must try to patiently wait.

Tesla Stand Geneva

Tesla Stand Geneva


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That EU connector is huge! Looks like a tight fit in there…

but it does plug in to type 2 charging stations without an adapter 🙂

But they haven’t shown the Chademo adapter?

Not outside of Asia…