Tesla Model S Hearse Gets Full Reveal


Recently, we shared an article about a Tesla Model S hearse that was to premier at the Funeral Exhibition in Gorinchem, Netherlands. It was commissioned by a Netherlands-based funeral home, and stretch limousine experts, RemetzCar, took on the task.

Tesla Model S Hearse, Image Credit: RemetzCar

Tesla Model S Hearse, Image Credit: RemetzCar

It is officially finished and ready for use. We added a video to the previous post, showing RemetzCar in the process of constructing the stretched vehicle.

Now, like all of RemetzCar’s other accomplishments, the Model S is shown on the company’s website. There are several excellent pictures of the car, inside and out.

As it’s getting closer to Halloween, and this “supposed” creepy clown epidemic is upon us, we thought it might be fun to get another round of everyone’s ghoulish comments. In response to the first round of comments … yes, they did cut it in half, and yes they did remove the battery first! Check out that video.

Maybe next, we will see a Tesla Model X limousine. It won’t bury the competition quite like the Model S hearse. Check out the brief video for a slideshow of the hearse, complete with some pretty exceptional music.

Source: Electrek

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14 Comments on "Tesla Model S Hearse Gets Full Reveal"

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It’d to die for.

They should’ve put a Corvette 6.2 L V8 ICE in the back.


What do I have to do to Elon Musk for him to put me in one of these?

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Nice touch with the glass roof, so the passenger can enjoy the sunlight.

They should drive this thing around with a internal cpmbustion engine on display in the back.

LOL!!!!! Oh my god that is a great idea!!!!

The next Model S conversion will be the pope-mobile, mark my words 😉

Just get rid of the rear roof and it’s a bad ass Tesla El Camino! Who needs the truck!

+1, I saw that too (complete with “Hot Wheels” tonneau cover an surfboards.

El Camine-S (dangerous walkways, errrrpt, guess not)

Yes good idea

How about a long limousine!!!!

mmm.. take off the top in the back so it leaves just the bed and you have one sexy looking Tesla Camino