Tesla Model S Hauls 5 Adults & 2 Children While Supercharging Its Way From Amsterdam To Monaco


There’s only one electric car available today that can safely haul 7 people a distance of 879 miles.

That vehicle, the Tesla Model S, is really the only road-tripping electric car out there.  As an added bonus, the 879-mile trek can be made free of charge thanks to Tesla’s rapidly expanding Supercharger network.

As Model S owner Reshad states:

“I drove from Amsterdam to Monaco, with 5 adults and 2 kids using only Superchargers. Spent €0 on fuel.”

Once again proving that the Model S is not confined to cities, but rather just as road-trip capable as any car powered by a fossil fuel.

Approximate Route From Amsterdam To Monaco - Distance Is 1,414 Kilometers Or 879 Miles

Approximate Route From Amsterdam To Monaco – Distance Is 1,414 Kilometers Or 879 Miles

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EU here we go.

The EU like most of the world is metric, so the distance travelled was in Km’s.

2015 is shaping up to being a big year for Tesla in Europe. EV’s finally catching on in England and Germany along with the dense Supercharger network in a lot of mainland Europe should spur significantly increased demand outside of Norway.

What a beautiful drive to take, in a beautiful car. And all zero emissions. Done quickly, comfortably, and in style.

Tesla = Long Distance Touring

Zero local emissions that is. 🙂

Should we wait for power plants to become cleaner before developing cleaner cars? How would YOU coordinate the technology?

Cars first, the need of power will fuel the construction of Gas, solar, wind and nuclear power stations.

And ices ONLY have local emissions.
The fuel just APPEARS at the gas station, pumping it into the car costs NO energy of any kind!!!

Drilling, Extraction, crude transport, refining, refined transport, and pumping… yep, gasoline has a long terrible emissions trail before you even burn it.

And it is even worse now with fracking, tar sands, and deepwater oil.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Given how much of that trip went through France, I reckon a lot of the juice used in Superchargers came from clean, safe atomic energy.

A good portion of the trip was through France which has a high percentage of emissions free nuclear power sources. Will trip planning in the future consider traveling through, or to destinations that maintain cleaner grids?

It’s great that “grid emissions” are mentioned with EV travel, as Tesla vehicles are emission production free … but awareness of emissions produced by regional grids is increased. More so a great question, as it gets people asking if the other 99% of grid energy – not used by EVs – can be made cleaner?

The emissions question could get more interesting in a few years as solar canopies are added to supercharger stations. Arguably solar powered supercharges won’t make much difference for a Tesla owners emissions on a large scales as only 5-10% of a Tesla’s miles are supercharged. But again it will raise discussion about how clean regional grids are powered.

Most of France’s grid, is zero emissions: nuclear.

No angel tale here.
Anything has some drawback.
Exploring, mining, transporting, concentrating, uranium or other fissible does use energy and generate waste.
Beside the under the carpet obvious of nuclear waste that no one has answerded yet and probably never will.
Let alone catastrophee that has put once productive land for any usage into a wasteland. Chernobyl, Fukushima or else not publicly mention.
Not even touching the so close nuclear armement that goes with it has harsh political tension arise from country that wish to use it.
I don’t see any paradise in nuclear, far from it!

this is the kind of stuff i wanted to see top gear race…. nevermind. can somebody in UK please race again a train from bbc office to monoaco. it will be the best tribute to clarkson.

and to be fair. the race must also explain cost of train tickets for a family of four vs cost of owning a tesla and supercharging.

To be fair you have to compare the cost of the average car and fuel prices with the cost od an S and supercharging.

Should it include the cost of owning a train?

lol.. thats what the tickets are meant to cover. we can talk subsidized public transport but so are EVs.

Of course getting luggage for 7 people into the frunk will be challenge. But good packing, summer clothing, and some stuff inside the car could make it work.