Tesla Model S Grabs 2 Spots In Top 10 Quickest Cars, Rimac In 4th


Tesla Model S, Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla Model S, Image Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Model S made Autocar’s top ten speed list … TWICE! Yes this is correct. The only family sedan on the list takes the number eight and number three spots. Looking at the list, it’s obviously the only “real” car.  And by real, we mean with some level of normalcy, practicality, and traditional street cred.

Inside the Tesla Model S, Image Credit: Tesla

Inside the Tesla Model S, Image Credit: Tesla

There are a myriad of fast cars out there. Some have a single seat and are built purely for speed, while others are passenger vehicles built for enthusiasts.

When we talk primarily about speed, the 0-60 spec is generally the most common indicator. People will argue that a car isn’t “fast” unless it can maneuver around a closed track at high speeds for miles and miles, but  no matter how you look at it, cars boasting  a 0-60 dash in under three seconds is fast!

Autocar’s published list of the ten quickest cars in the world is based on manufacturers’ reported 0-60 (or 62) times. There is a disclaimer that the hypercars like the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder, are not included due to the fact that those cars are sold out, and have been for some time. Upcoming cars, while reporting times that should make the list, are not included either. Basically, if you can’t get the car, it doesn’t count.

All the cars (13 to be precise, because of some ties) fall under the three second mark, with number 10 being a three way tie between the Ferrari F12tdf, Lamborghini Aventador, and Porsche 911 Turbo S. All advertise 0-62 in 2.9 seconds, just barely making the list.

Another all-electric finishes in the top ten (in 4th) - the Rimac Concept_One

Another all-electric finishes in the top ten (in 4th) – the Rimac Concept_One

The Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous Mode takes the eighth spot with a 2.8 second 0-60 sprint. Now, the Tesla Model S P100D is available and can hit the mark in 2.5 seconds, mere tenths of a second from topping the entire list – but finishing 3rd.

The P100 beats both of the other electrified vehicles on the list: the hybrid Koenigsegg Regera at 2.7 seconds and the all-electric Rimac Concept One (check it out racing a Model S P90D here) at 2.6.  First place went to the Ultima Evolution Coupé, with a 0-60ph time of 2.3 seconds.

Check out the link below for the full list.

Source: Autocar

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Hmm.. So Autocar calls the Model S an “eco-mobile”, and also says “barely a trace of having done so on the environment”.

Why do they continue to push this image for EVs, especially when they are destroying supercars off the line.

If you look at the list, you’ll see a common theme… electric motors. Electric cars should be associated with “fast”, not “tree-hugger”.

I should say, not *just* “tree-hugger”.

Going all wind-sun-nuclear/electric is the future.

Electric is both Fast and ECO just not at the same time. You can drive it either way and it’s much more efficient and GREEN than any other car.
Solar and Wind and GEO-THERMAL but not Nuke that boils water and makes deadly waste. Hydro helps too just look at Canada and Washington State.

Your concept of nukes is based on 1960s technology, i.e. repurposed reactors from weapons manufacturers. Modern (21st century) nuclear designs are safer, cannot be used to make nuclear weapons, more efficient and much less nuclear waste (in fact can use nuclear waste as fuel). The problem is NRC is so slow to approve them that countries like China are ahead of the US in building modern reactors.

Well, that’s what we’re trying to make. It’s not quite there. Terrapower still says it’s travelling wave reactor is the main focus, but for some reason they have begun talking of two alternative molten-salt reactors lately. They were also looking at thorium.

And safer need not mean safe, in every context. What happens when a 21st century nuclear power plant is hit by a missile? How is it as a potential terrorist target (what damage could an attack cause)? For me at least there’s still unanswered questions.

Finally there’s high cost. The new reactor designs aren’t really any better in this respect than the old ones.

I certainly agree nuclear shouldn’t be ruled out though. I’m merely not convinced either way about whether it’s a good idea to use it.

From the comments:
>>The only car i think is out of place in that list is the Tesla, not because it can’t do the times, it can ..
It’s a saloon car ad I’m willing to bet it can’t go round a racing track faster than anything below it in he top 10. What I’m getting at is that for a saloon car 5-7 secs is fast enough ( probably too fast). It;s ony a matter of time for the day to hear when some driver of a tesla S kills are injures someone because they can’t handle the power and lose control..perhaps also to do with th weight and non sport setup of the car. I’m sure speed safety advocates are shocked about the way tesla promotes speed and accesleration blatantly<<

So…how is that any different from any of the others?
Any yahoo with money but minimal driving skill, could buy any car on this list and cause a colossal accident, straight from the forecourt.

Should also point out that the Tesla is the easiest to control the power. And it has more safety features than any other car on that list.

People really stretching to find “faults”.

Spot on Ian!?

Among the top 10, it seems like Tesla is the ONLY car that you can actually afford and taking your entire family of 4 to local grocery store run…

I guess that sums up everything you need to know.

I do love those other fast cars. But the fact that Tesla is the ONLY affordable and practical one speaks loudly..

Anyone that still doubt Tesla and performance capabilities of EVs should just shut up now…

(Of course, this is only about straight line performance, Tesla wouldn’t be able to keep up at all in the corners. But that isn’t part of the discussion here).

Hey look! A Tesla fanboy.. 😉

You flip flopper.

You just called me a Tesla hater before.

Maybe you should stick to facts instead of calling people names.

Tesla is an electric version of American “Muscle Car”. Very quick in straight line but can’t corner very well. Those are facts.

Now, are you going to down grade me to Tesla hater again?

The Model S corners well for a full-sized four door sedan. Car and Driver measured the P90D pulling .9 g in lateral acceleration. That is solid. Far more grip around corners than most people will ever use.

Sure it’s not as good as a comparable Audi S7 which weighs less, but most reviews are very complimentary of the Model S’s handling.

Sure, for a heavy sedan, it does fine.

But will it be able to compete against out sports sedan or any other car on this list? No.

The point is that it is easier to make a drag car than a car that is sporty overall.

A CTS-V would have left the Tesla Model S in the dust on the track.

Yeah, and here in NL the slowest cars on the streets are those Teslas. Especially on freeways you seem them crawling. What could be the reason?

Maybe the drivers aren’t pressing the accelerator pedal down far enough?

“What could be the reason?”

Hmmm.. Driver behavior don’t match the capabilities of vehicle?

I saw a McLaren the other day on the hwy and it was going at exactly 55mph. So, I am sure that the car is more than capable than that speed.

If you get a speeding ticket in a McLaren, car insurance goes from insane mode to ludicrous mode faster than a Tesla.

Nicely put 🙂

BINGO. If you are law enforcement would you give a ticket to a McLaren doing 80+ or a Camry?

I’d assume it’s people optimizing for range rather than speed. And that’s a fair point to make: on long road trips not only do you have to stop and wait for the recharge, but you may also tend to drive slower than you would in an ICE-mobile. Tesla has put together credible long-range capability between their big batteries and the Supercharger system, but the cars are still somewhat limited in that environment.

Where are all quick-fast-rapid trolls?

Your article didn’t mention the Rimac Concept S that also goes 0-60 in 2.5 seconds but would smoke the Tesla P100.

The article only includes in production cars available to be purchased/on the road today..no out of production cars, no “upcoming” cars