Tesla Model S Grabs 1% Market Share In The Netherlands In September

NOV 3 2014 BY MARK KANE 16

Tesla Motors noted a high 1% market share in the Netherlands in September as 289 units were registered.

We believe that such result was inflated by a fleet of 167 taxis for Amsterdam-Schiphol airport.

YTD, Tesla sold almost 1,000 Model S in the Netherlands (956 registrations and 0.3% average market share), while in the much larger country of Germany, Tesla sold just 576 YTD.

The 289 Tesla Model S EVs sold in September is more than all other all-electric cars that month (Nissan LEAF 117, BMW i3 41 including REx, and Renault ZOE 9).

Tesla Motors Europe Tweets of Model S Taxi Arrivals

Tesla Motors Europe Tweets of Model S Taxi Arrivals

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Tesla tends to do better in small countries without a native brand.

Does better in Netherlands vs Germany.

Does better in Belgium vs France.

Does better in Switzerland vs Italy.

Does better in Norway vs Sweden.

Austria seems an exception to the norm where consumers seem to have a strong preference for German brands.

The EU doesn’t care since the American boys are the ones who get killed for the oil.

No one here said you have to go there for oil reasons. I would prefer rising oil prices much more than to have US soldiers suffer!

Yeah, those battlefields in Canada, North Dakota and Mexico…

If Americans cared for American boys getting killed for oil then the F-150 wouldn’t be the most popular model.

If the US were anywhere close to the oil efficiency (driving less, having more efficient and lighter cars etc.) of Europe then the need for oil would be a lot less.

Wrong, I’m french and I do care and I keep my promise I made decades ago to my grand mother : I’ll never forget these men who fight, died for us

And in October 27 out of total car sales of 35.424. That equals to 0,07%..

The Leaf is at 36 this month. A rather slow one compared to last month

Tesla always pulls these tricks to make records in one month, only to fall flat the next.
BTW, the September record is probably because 100 Model S were bought by Amsterdam airport for taxi services.

Not 100, but 167.

Optimizing logistics is common sense not tricks.

Nobody cares about these spikes in deliveries from a tiny auto manufacture except a few BEV nerds.

I wonder how much percentage of “money spent on cars”, might be much higher than 1%.

Just playing with the numbers quickly, 956 * 80,000 = 76,8M

I wonder how much it is in market share.

Next month the Leaf will come out ahead, I think… the island of Terschelling took delivery of over a hunderd Leafs for carsharing by the local inhabitants this week. Furthermore payment of road taxes will be delayed for another year for BEVs, possibly even longer. And the tax credits for business use will remain in place: fully in favor of BEVs (4% as opposed to 15% yearly surcharge on income for PHEVs and up to 25% for the rest). Plus: massive amounts of rapid chargers are opening up along our highways all at once. So knowing this, an increase in sales is likely for more than one reason in the foreseeable future.

Indeed, it’s the tax benefits that are doing the trick right now. The under secretary of state dealing over this had his job at risk actually today. The whole thing got out of control. It is way to successful!
As being environmental manager of a factory using as much energy as a 100.000 inhabitants town, this makes me laugh a bit. A lot of Dutch entrepreneurs and sales reps, are now having one of these ugly wall plugs bolted on their house to get the brown coal generated electricity in.

So, now, all we have to do is replacing this type of electricity generation!

One good step would be to cut the cords coming from Germany.

Of course a quick internet search reveals that exactly 0% of electricity in the Netherlands is generated using brown coal, so why suggest it?

I know, you are an EV advocate trying to obfuscate the horrible truth that 90% of Dutch energy is generated by burning baby seals!