Tesla Model S Goes “Back To The Future” – Video


It’s only fitting that a Tesla Model S goes “Back To The Future” on this most appropriate day.

You do know it’s officially “Back To The Future Day,” right?

Back To The Future

Back To The Future

(Video via Youtuber Herr X Larrson)

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It all went black at the end. What happened? Did some ISIS guy blow up the planet with the money they got from all the oil they sell in black market that ended up in gas car gas tanks?



I guess it’s all up to us to make the future…whatever that will be 😉

Did anyone see a DMC DeLoreon today with pipes on its back window?

I just saw one near Trinity College. Two coils of white flexile piping on top was all it needed?

No, he crashed from giving too much attention to the display and not enough to driving.

Okay. That was cute. It made me smile. Well done.

Back to the Future day is now my favorite day.
A) Because it was one of my favorite childhood movies.
B) Because it’s the day I picked up my used Tesla Model S P60.


Too bad the day only happens once in a lifetime. At least until Elon invents the flux capacitor.