Tesla Model S To Go On Sale In Indonesia This Month


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Model S

Model S

The Tesla Model S will go on sale in Indonesia sometime this month.

Per Tech In Asia:

Elon Musk, perhaps the closest thing to a real-life Tony Stark, is set to bring Tesla Motors’ Model S to Indonesia in January 2015, local media portal Detik reports.

Detik reports that Tesla’s Model S will be sold by a handful of local luxury car suppliers in Indonesia, one of which is the high-end Prestige Image Motorcars.

There’s been no pricing announcement yet for the Model S in Indonesia.

As for infrastructure, Tech In Asia reports:

“Regarding the necessary infrastructure for electric cars, Indonesia is not ideal. Tesla cars require electric charging points, which Jakarta is not well-known for, although a few were built back in 2012. In Indonesia, Tesla vehicle owners would primarily need to charge their cars at home or at their office.”

The Indonesian government does support the local development and manufacturing of electric cars, but there exists few manufacturers and a very limited number of electric cars on the roads there today.

Source: Tech In Asia

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Tesla does not use dealers anywhere in the world.

Prestige Image Motorcars is importing the Model S privately(probably from left hand drive import duty free Australia) and appears will be servicing the cars themselves.

That makes more sense. I would expect that Indonesia is quite a bit further down the list of countries that Tesla will officially start selling in.

I doubt they can service the cars themselves unless Tesla gives them the codes to access the car’s telemetry and computer systems. I can’t see that happening with a chain of dealers who decide to import the car privately, without Tesla’s approval.

Musk has stated that in principle he is open to a hybrid sales system with dealers. Maybe Indonesia is where he will try it out first.

They’d also want supercharging