Tesla Model S Getting Upgraded Driver’s Seat By End Of Year


Upgraded Model S Seats To Be Available By End Of Year (Above: New RHD Model S Shown)

Upgraded Model S Seats To Be Available By End Of Year (Above: New RHD Model S Shown)

/to be replaced

/to be replaced

Oftentimes there are a few minor complaints shared by the majority of owners of relatively new vehicles.

Such is the case with the Tesla Model S.

Most of the Model S complaints focus on the interior.  For example, the rear seating area lacks cupholders.  This omission has led to hundreds of complaints from Tesla owners.

A less glaring issue is has been the comfort of the front seats.  More specifically, lack of comfort and support of the driver’s seat has been a problem, even to Tesla Model S owner Elon Musk.

Musk says never fear, an upgraded driver’s seat is coming by the end of the year.  We presume the front passenger seat will get the upgrade as well, but Mustk didn’t specifically say so when he addressed this issue.

We’d like to know from the Model S owners out there whether or not the driver’s seat has been an issue for you.  If so, what’s not to love in regards to the seat?  What needs to be changed/upgraded/addressed?

Source: Detroit Free Press

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Is Musk replacing the poorly designed beta seats for free or will these seats be simply an optional upgrade from the beta seats, available for purchase?

Every manufacturer makes improvements to their models over time. Thanks for the troll attempt though.

TeslaHater#54 strikes again!

It’s a legitimate question, regardless of who it comes from.

In the past he has said available upgrade…so assume existing owners would need to purchase if desired.

Thanks. The ability to upgrade is more than other manufacturers offer; however, some of these upgrades should have never been necessary.

It’s the first own produced car by a brand new car company. You can’t get everything right at once.

Not trolling, Tesla owners clearly stated that the seats were not satisfactory.

No where near a majority of Model S owners say that the seats are not satisfactory.

At most it is somewhere in the 10%-%15 range.

These will be a “Sport Seat” optional upgrade.

You called it “beta” which is obvious trolling. Every car can use improvements between model years. Not every car is perfect, esp. in the first gen.

Using the term beta is not trolling, it’s a valid observation. Some may disagree, that is their perogative. I’ve always offered rationale for my opinion. I pointed to vampire draws, underbody battery protection, etc. and now seats to support my assertion.

Musk dared us to expect more from Tesla before the Model S was released. I am simply addressing that each time it is patched up. In another model year, perhaps the Model S will have reached to level that Musk told us to expect.

Feel free to disagree-with Musk- and yearn for less.

Great use of false equivalency that if I don’t agree with you, I don’t agree with Musk (/sarcasm). Musk simply said the seats needed improvements. This is not equivalent to saying the seats released is beta. Beta means the seat isn’t even ready for release, which is not true.

The general comment for the seats is that for people who are more “spirited” in driving (aka hard cornering), it needs more side bolstering. That hardly qualifies as “beta” or not satisfactory.

Taser54 – not all owners hate the seats… I love my seats, best seats ever for me (and I am not alone). Everybody has different requirements and just because it doesn’t fit some folks doesn’t mean they haven’t been properly designed. I am looking forward to test the new seats – maybe then I will be complaining.

I assume Model X is going to come with the better seats on release.

It will be an upgrade for I am willing to pay, same I did with folding mirrors, the beauty of Tesla is that allows owners to keep their cars fresh and updated.


rear middle seat needs a fold down armrest with 2 cup holders

*burr*… why would you ever want cup holders in the back of a car?

Anything above 2 cup holders in a car is just annoying and unnecessary. Drinks in a car should be kept to a minimum, epspecially in the back where kids normally are.

Why deny the public a readily accesible option in other vehicles?

Give the public what it wants. Make a great car even greater.

I’ve never had a problem with my seat. Works well.

I don’t have a problem with my seats though I could see some discomfort when driving 8-10 hrs in a day. I’ve done several 5-6 hour trips with no problem, though.

I doubt it’s a free upgrade. If it was <$1K, I might do it but history has shown that Tesla prices these upgrades super high to discourage them.

Cup holders in the back seat. Yes, we need them and not the goofy retrofit that Tesla has. I'm glad some people can prevent drinks from happening but what are you going to tell adult friends that sit in the back seat? NO? At least you will cure yourself of friends…

Friends don’t let friends drink in the back of a Model S. 😉

I don’t like the current seats. My test drive in a friends S wasn’t uncomfortable but the I felt the whole interior needs an upgrade compared to other luxury cars I’ve owned. The seats were my main complaint – nowhere near the fit and feel of Audi, MB and BMW. The seat bottoms are too flat for my liking with no thigh support. I’d also like some better lumbar support.

I would sure like a better seat, deeper side bolsters for certain. Cup holders in the back seem a glaring omission to me and those sunvisors are not as good as those on a Corolla, IMHO.

Ironic, considering that the Model S is made in the old Toyota Corolla factory. They should have least been as good as the Corolla. lol