Tesla Model S Gets T Sportline Gold Edition Mods


Two Shades of "Gold"

Two Shades of “Gold”

We love it when tuners transform electric vehicles.

Sure, the finished product may not improve upon the original, but seeing tuners take to EVs shows us that there is wider interest in the mainstream marketplace.

Here we present the work of T Sportline.

As the images show, T Sportline has limited its Tesla Model S mods to two colors of wheels (yellow – Ghostgold or rose – UbeRose) and some badging.  The forged 21-inch wheels are claimed to be 20% lighter than Tesla’s 21-inch wheel offering.

We’re certain Saleen will do more to its Tesla Model S, but still we’re thrilled to see the aftermarket tuners now focusing on the Model S, BMW i8 and even the BMW i3.

Source: GT Spirit

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8 Comments on "Tesla Model S Gets T Sportline Gold Edition Mods"

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The nose cone is not helping as so ugly, I hope model X gets a new one.

Surprised how good the nosecone looks being the same body color! It works much better than the Soul EV with the body colored charge port door, IMHO.

you must have vision problems because it looks hideous

bunch of tacky mods that ruined a good looking car.

I can see what Anon is saying… in general, a body-colored nosecone looks promising. You might not like this particular version, but here it just looks like some kind of “bumper” — and actually not so bad.

But those wheels… blech. Maybe for Donald Trump’s Model S… but not for me. Why does everyone think gold says “class”? To me, it usually comes off as just the opposite.

Agreed. The wheels look tacky.

I guess I’m one if the few that think a nosecone is a good idea in this age of integrated bumpers. It can be more easily replaced than the entire front of the vehicle. When you live in a city like LA, it’s clear people pretty much suck when the try to parallel park. The only person who cares if a car gets dented / scraped– is the owner. 🙁

thats a NOPEcone

Those are two of the ugliest cars I have ever seen — and I’ve seen millions of cars!

One dealer who handles this stuff is the shadiest dealer on the planet, beware. They must not screen them.