Tesla Model S Gets Opti Coat Pro Treatment – Videos


Opti Coat Pro is a ceramic clear coat that protects your vehicle’s paint from things like scratches or marring, as well as the sun’s rays. It is not a sealant or a coat of wax. In a nutshell, it’s a second clear coat that does not come off and has to be professionally applied to the paint. If applied incorrectly, Opti Coat may not perform as advertised.

Typically, with Opti Coat, many customers opt for paint correction as well as having the entire vehicle cleaned and detailed from top to bottom. The price ranges from $400-700 dollars depending on size of vehicle. The process takes 12 hours or more for a vehicle to be detailed from start to finish.

We are lost for words on how the final results look after everything is done. It’s hard to believe the comparisons with before and after. Above and below are many videos of Tesla Model S sedans that have been cleaned with multiple steps including having opti coat pro applied to them.

Each of the videos are from different detailers and each have applied them slightly differently or to the customers’ requests. Above is one by Serge Langendoen, R & S Custom Detailing.

Through each video, you will find links to the detailer’s YouTube Channels, as well as the name of the company who did the detailing work.

Sidenote: The videos show detailing of the Tesla Model S, but Opti Coat can be applied to any plug-in vehicle automobile.

Multicoat Red, Garry Dean, Premium Custom Detailing:

Metallic Blue, Garry Dean, Premium Custom Detailing:

Metallic Grey, Advanced Mobile Detailing:

Solid Black, Advanced Mobile Detailing:

Metallic Green, Orinda Auto Detail:

White, Ultimate Mobile Detailing:

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They all look really sweet. No devil in the details here.

Where can I get this done? I have trouble finding places that will perform Opti Coat work but would gladly pay to have my car touched up and this finish applied.

How does this compare to having a vinyl wrap done?

I just had Opti Coat done on my Model S and am bringing in my Roadster for the same treatment tomorrow. Never have to wax again! I’m in Phoenix and if anyone locally is looking to get it done, I’m very happy with the work done at Pit Stop Auto Detailing in Scottsdale (just Google it). Tell them the guy with the orange Roadster and sliver Model S sent you!

For the record, I have no affiliation with the company. I was just very happy with the recent work done.

They should make that a factory option….

It would be better if they save the money and effort and spend it on making MORE cars! The cars they make are already in a very good shape.