Tesla Model S Gets Gunmetal Gray Wrap – Video


Customizing a Tesla Model S is proving to be extremely popular these days.

Tesla Model S Gunmetal Wrap

Tesla Model S Gunmetal Wrap

The are tuners out there who focus solely on the Model S and we swear that the Model S must get wrapped more so than any other vehicle today.

We’ve seen all sorts of vinyl wraps on the Model S and now there’s this Gunmetal matte gray example:

“Tesla Model S is all done and were out here at Super Car Sunday In Woodland Hills of Topanga Canyon. The car is the best looking vinyl wrap car out here using the new Avery Dennison supreme wrapping film. The gun metal grey matte with mat black window trim and accents finished with a touch of carbon fiber and red make the Tesla truly one of a kind.”

Wraps aren’t cheap, but they do preserve the paint job and lend a customized, changeable look.

Do you have a wrap?  Is this gunmetal matte gray flattering on the Model S?

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The mono color really emphasizes how ugly the front end is on a Tesla. They really need to do something with the grill.

nosecone = yuck

and i mean the wrapped grey, it should never be altered and always stay black.

I’ve always thought that those dark, metallic matte finishes look filthy. It looks as though, if you sent it through a carwash three or four times, it would come out a crisp, bright, clear silver.

I have seen this car a few times. I wonder how long the wrap lasts.